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Brown University Erects Slave Memorial, Opens Center to Study Need for Reparations to African Americans


By Danette Clark:

“The Slavery Memorial”, a four and a half ton cast iron ball and chain sculpture, now sits on the front campus of Brown University. Next to it, a granite plaque with the following inscription:

This memorial recognizes Brown University’s connection to the trans-Atlantic slave trade …. In the eighteenth century slavery permeated every aspect of social and economic life in Rhode Island. Rhode Islanders dominated the North American share of the African slave trade, launching over a thousand slaving voyages in the century before the abolition of the trade in 1808, and scores of illegal voyages thereafter. Brown University was a beneficiary of this trade.

The memorial, Brown says, recognizes the university’s “connection to the trans-Atlantic slave trade and the work of Africans and African-Americans, enslaved and free, who helped build our university, Rhode Island, and the nation.”

The memorial was dedicated on September 27th of last year. One month later, Brown hosted an opening ceremony for the new permanent home of its Center for the Study of Slavery and Justice.

Planning for both the Center and The Slavery Memorial began in 2006 when the university released a report on slavery and reparations.

The 107 page Slavery and Justice report, the result of an initiative spearheaded by former Brown University President Ruth Simmons, made a series of recommendations “designed to acknowledge the school’s slavery-tainted past.”

According to The New York Times, in 2003, Simmons appointed a Committee on Slavery and Justice charged with spending two years “investigating Brown’s historic ties to slavery; arrange seminars, courses and research projects examining the moral, legal and economic complexities of reparations and other means of redressing wrongs; and recommend whether and how the university should take responsibility for its connection to slavery.”

According to the report, it was discovered that several of the university’s early supporters, including its founder, Rev. James Manning, and its first treasurer, John Brown, were slave owners. Nicholas Brown Jr., however, for whom the university was named, was a staunch abolitionist.

Brown’s Center for the Study of Slavery and Justice describes itself as “a scholarly research center with a public educational mission… that creates a space for the interdisciplinary study of the historical forms of slavery while also examining how the legacies of slavery shape our contemporary world.”

In 2012, I undertook a very extensive research project on the reparations movement in America, a movement that [likely not surprising to many] completely encircles President Obama. The information I gathered was so vast that it ultimately resulted in a six-part series instead of a single article.

In that Reparations Agenda series, I explained how reparation activists have admitted that they have learned, through failed lawsuits and other attempts to gain monetary reparation for African Americans, that their movement will never succeed unless they can establish — first through public perception, then through the courts — that there is a legacy of slavery that exists today. In other words, there must be a perception or belief among the majority that African Americans are still suffering under an oppressive system or society, or under, as some have referred to it, “The New Jim Crow.”

Brown University’s Slavery and Justice report contends just that. Specifically, the report states as follows:

… the nation also continues to be marked by profound racial disparities in most measures of human welfare, including education, employment, wealth, rates of incarceration, access to housing and health care, infant mortality, and life expectancy.

Surveying the state of racial politics in America today, the rancor and raw emotions that discussions of racial issues seem instantly to arouse, it is hard to resist the conclusion that the United States is such a society.

As explained in Part 5 – The Reparation Agenda: Obama’s Race Rhetoric Literally Scripted by Reparations Movement…, President Obama said it best — coincidentally or not, in such a way that would most benefit the movement — when he said this:

But we do need to remind ourselves that so many of the disparities that exist in the African-American community today can be directly traced to inequalities passed on from an earlier generation that suffered under the brutal legacy of slavery and Jim Crow.

Notice in the quote from the Brown report above that it considers a society steeped in ‘racial politics’ and ‘raw emotions aroused by discussions of racial issues’ to be evidence of a society scarred by the ‘legacy of slavery’. Again, according to reparation activists, this legacy must exist in order to succeed in proving that blacks in America are entitled to reparations.

The Brown report was written and released in 2006. Consider how more so our society has become one marred by racial tension and raw emotions since President Obama took office. How convenient for the movement.

Numerous universities have since followed Brown’s lead in researching their own ties to slavery. Yale, Harvard, Dartmouth, Emory, the University of Virginia, University of Alabama, and University of Maryland, to name a few, have completed their research and released their findings, some along with a formal apology for their historic ties to the slave trade.

Brown University is home to the Annenberg Institute for School Reform, the 22-year-old education reform movement pushed across the nation by Obama and Bill Ayers, starting with their previous work on the board of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge and continuing today.

The Annenberg-backed Coalition of Essential Schools and their affiliates are notorious for teaching Critical Race Theory, which says that white supremacy in America is the root cause of racial inequality. In other words, selling students on America’s ‘legacy of slavery.’

According to the Providence Journal, former Brown President Ruth Simmons spoke at the opening ceremony for the Center for the Study of Slavery and Justice last October, encouraging more universities to take on the task of “shining a light on racial tension, human trafficking, and inequality.”

In 2009, Simmons was appointed by Obama to the President’s Commission on White House Fellowships.

Go here to read more on the Reparation Agenda.


Students Role Play as Delegates in Model UN Sponsored by Luciferian Worshiper

By Danette Clark

Instead of learning about the constitutional rights and laws that established America as a free, sovereign, and secure nation, students in many U.S. public schools are learning how to delegate global issues before the United Nations.

The Model United Nations Program, which began over 60 years ago, only existed in ‘highly selective’ high schools and colleges until 2001, when the Annenberg Foundation awarded $5 million to the United Nations Association of the United States of America (UNA-USA) to create Global Classrooms, an initiative that expanded the Model UN program to urban middle and high schools across the country.

The Annenberg Foundation is the money behind the Annenberg Institute of School Reform, which works to expand the same secular education reform that President Obama supported through the Chicago Annenberg Challenge.

UNA-USA’s website says Global Classrooms teach students to be global citizens and describes the program as a “premiere international education program offering students valuable insight into the growing influence of globalization”.

Students, who participate as delegates from different countries, are instructed to research global issues, draft resolutions, and prepare to ‘represent’ at a Model UN conference.

Global Classrooms function in twenty-four major cities around the world and Model UN Conferences are held in nineteen different partner cities.

In addition to the Annenberg Foundation, UNA-USA’s Global Classrooms are sponsored by, among others, the U.S. Department of State, Newman’s Own Foundation, UPS, and top Common Core contributor, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

The Central Texas Model United Nations program was founded at the University of Texas at Austin in 1994. Today, over four hundred high school students from across Texas compete in Model UN every year.

The World Affairs Council of Dallas/Forth Worth promotes both the Model UN program for middle and high school students provided through UNA-USA and a Model UN program for elementary school students called GEMUN (Global Elementary Model United Nations).

GEMUN, as shown in the video above, is sponsored by The Robert Muller School. The late Robert Muller, a former Assistant-Secretary-General of the United Nations, was an esoteric luciferian worshiper, who created his own curriculum and started a small group of schools in Arlington, Texas.

Muller’s Curriculum Manual states:

“The underlying philosophy upon which the Robert Muller School is based will be found in the teachings set forth in the books of Alice A. Bailey, by the Tibetan teacher, Djwhal Khul (published by Lucis Publishing Company)…”

Alice Bailey, founder of Lucifer Publishing Company (now called Lucis Trust), wrote more than twenty books, which she claims are the Theosophy teachings of Djwhal Khul, a disembodied Tibetan spirit master whom she channeled telepathically.

Both Bailey and Muller believed that Lucifer was an angel who fell to Earth, not because of sin or disgrace, but as a willing sacrifice to bring us enlightenment and wisdom.

GEMUN conferences focus on the Millennium Development Goals (Agenda 21) as evidenced by the front cover of the GEMUN Delegation Handbook.

In recent years, students from Arkansas, Connecticut, Florida, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, Texas and Virginia have participated in Texas-based GEMUN conferences.

With the help of the Robert Muller Schools, Seattle schools started its own inner city Elementary Model UN in 2003.

The central focus of Robert Muller Schools is ‘spiritual education’, specifically, the new age, worship the earth philosophy shared by the United Nations and taught in many IBO World Schools. These teachings can also be found in many of the thousands of schools using the Annenberg/Coalition of Essential Schools reform model. ‘Experiential learning’ and ‘expeditionary learning’ schools, often partner or affiliate schools in the Annenberg/CES network, have become hotbeds for this kind of religious indoctrination.

Pearson Education, an official partner in the creation of resources and assessments for the Common Core State Standards, actively supports the Model UN program.

In one of Pearson’s recent Vision for the Future of Learning videos, students are shown participating in global learning activities that appear to be part of a Model UN lesson.

The late Robert Muller said he dreamed that one day, “all schools of this Earth will teach about the United Nations, which is the young people’s greatest hope and will be their instrument of global action when they are grown up”.

Perhaps Common Core, with its anti-American, pro-globalism curriculum resources, was created to take us there.

‘Radical Math’: Social Justice Indoctrination in Math Class Courtesy of Common Core Assessment Creators and Obama-Backed Ed Reform


By Danette Clark

Re-post with new information. Original posted January 12, 2013.

To ensure that not a single minute of precious indoctrination time is wasted in the school day, liberal educators have incorporated brainwashing into every course subject, including math.

Next month, the organization, Creating Balance in an Unjust World, will hold its annual conference on “math education and social justice”.

The conference is sponsored by Radical Math, an organization founded by Jonathan Osler, a math and community organizing teacher at a Coalition of Essential Schools high school in Brooklyn, NY.

The Coalition of Essential Schools (CES) is the progressive education reform movement expanded by President Obama and domestic terrorist William Ayers through their work with the Chicago Annenberg Challenge in the 90’s.

As I explained here, Common Core ‘architect’ David Coleman’s Grow Network also worked with Chicago Public Schools, Obama, and Ayers during that time.

Common Core assessment creator, Linda Darling-Hammond, who served as education advisor to Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, is a long-time advisory board member to the Bay Area Coalition of Essential Schools (BayCES/National Equity Project).

Radical Math and the Creating Balance Conference both provide training and resources for teachers to learn how to teach mathematics for social justice.  For example, participating trainers coach elementary school teachers to not use traditional math lessons when teaching children to calculate the cost of food. Rather, they recommend making it clear to students that in a truly just society, food would be as free as the air we breathe.

Radical Math’s website provides over 700 lesson plans and other resources covering a wide range of political and social issues (with extreme bias), including globalization, the redistribution of wealth, and various ways the poor are discriminated against and oppressed by whites, banks, corporations, the rich, and the government. One such resource, Rethinking Mathematics: Teaching Social Justice by the Numbers, contains chapters titled, “Sweatshop Accounting”, “Racism and Stop and Frisk”, “When Equal Isn’t Fair”, “The Square Root of a Fair Share”, and “Home Buying While Brown or Black”.

Rethinking Mathematics is a creation of Rethinking Schools, an organization that refers to William Ayers as “a long-time supporter”. In 2011, Ayers was keynote speaker at  Rethinking Schools’ 25th Anniversary Benefit.

Co-founder and co-organizer of the Creating Balance in an Unjust World/Radical Math Conference, Kari Kokka, works with Linda Darling-Hammond at the Standard Center for Assessment, Learning and Equity (SCALE), the very organization currently creating Smarter Balanced and PAARC assessments for the Common Core State Standards.

Common Core ‘Architect’ David Coleman’s History With the Ayers and Obama Led Chicago Annenberg Challenge

By Danette Clark

Re-post. Original posted June 17, 2013. Also found at EAGnews.org.

Referred to as ‘Common Core lead standards authors’ by the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO), David Coleman and Jason Zimba are just two in a long list of Common Core creators whose academic roots are with the education-for-a-revolution machine borne by Annenberg Institute, Carnegie Corporation, Bill Gates, et al.

Today, Coleman and Zimba are head of Student Achievement Partners, an organization that played a leading role in developing the standards and actively supports districts and states in implementing them.

Prior to Student Achiement Partners, Coleman and Zimba were co-founders of the Grow Network (now owned by McGraw-Hill Company). Grow Network began as a pilot program in New York in 2000. Less than a year later, the Chicago Public Education Fund began negotiating a contract with Grow Network on behalf of Chicago Public Schools.

The Chicago Public Education Fund (‘The Fund’) was created in 1998 by the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC) board of directors, which included Barack Obama as board chairman and communist Bill Ayers, as co-chair.

President Obama’s recently appointed Commerce Secretary, Penny Pritzker, was one of twelve founding board members appointed to The Fund.

Obama himself worked with The Fund for the next several years as a leadership council member, along side Bill Ayers’ father, Thomas Ayers, and brother, John Ayers.

From Catalyst Chicago, March 2000:

“The Chicago Annenberg Challenge will close up shop in June 2001, but its efforts to improve public education will live on through a new community foundation…the Chicago Public Education Fund…”

The Fund existed and still exists to carry on the work of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge — that work being the expansion of Theodore Sizer’s Coalition of Essential Schools, the reform movement that now (even absent Common Core) indoctrinates students in several states and districts nationwide with a Marxist-Communist political, moral and social ideology.

In 2001, shortly after Arne Duncan began his stint as CEO of Chicago Public Schools (CPS), David Coleman’s newly formed Grow Network solidified its $2.2 million contract with CPS to provide the district with data driven student performance reports for the 2002-2003 school year.

In CPS’s 2002 Education Plan, which introduced Grow Network as a new initiative, President Obama is listed as a member of the district’s planning and development advisory committee. The report also names John Ayers and Communist-Maoist Mike Klonsky of Bill Ayers’ Small Schools Workshop as participants in CPS’s education plan discussion groups.

In 2004, Coleman and Zimba sold Grow Network to McGraw Hill, which continues its lucrative partnership with CPS today. In fact, two former Grow Network members now work for the Chicago Public Education Fund — one of them as its managing director.

The fact that Grow Network has history with the Ayers/Obama/Annenberg led Chicago school system, and was recruited by the Ayers/Obama/Annenberg created Chicago Public Education Fund, doesn’t necessarily implicate David Coleman and Jason Zimba as supporters of Chicago’s radically progressive style of education. However, given Coleman’s progressive upbringing and the fact that CPS paid more than $2 million to bring his untested and unproven program to the district, it does seem likely that Coleman and Zimba had prior connections to the Chicago ed machine.

Fast forward to today and we see each of these players still working to expand the Annenberg/Coalition of Essential Schools (CES) reform model, a model whose teaching strategies, lesson plans, and curriculum resources are identical to those now being used with Common Core.

Communist, domestic terrorist, and creator of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, Bill Ayers, continues to speak on behalf of the Annenberg/CES reform effort and provides professional development to teachers and principals from CES schools and districts.

From the White House, Obama and Duncan promote, by name, Bill Ayers’ Small Schools Workshop and the Coalition of Essential Schools while funneling billions to states that have adopted Common Core.

Carnegie Corporation, which has continued to support Annenberg/CES reform over the years, now also provides heavy funding to the Council of Chief State School Officers for the creation and implementation of Common Core.

More Than a Just Creepy Vision — Pearson Student Data Systems Already in Use

By Danette Clark

As I wrote recently in Pearson’s Creepy Vision For the Future of Education…, Pearson Education, an official partner in the creation of resources and tests for the Common Core State Standards, recently released a video series revealing their vision for the future of education. In a nutshell, Pearson’s vision includes the intrusive collection of personal student data and monitoring of students both inside and outside of school.

This invasion of privacy is a concern to many parents across the country — and for good reason. Pearson Education has created school data systems that are already being used in several states and districts nationwide.

True to its vision, Pearson proudly boasts that its school data systems will increase the “open nature” of student data and create “more porous technology borders”.

So what does that mean, exactly? Due to President Obama’s recent changes to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), it likely means that the technology borders Pearson refers to can now more accurately be described as ‘non-existent’.

Pearson data systems also promise to “enable seamless data flow among stakeholders”, which brings us to another crucial question — who are the stakeholders? Who will have access to student data that will encompass everything from personally identifiable information to learning and behavioral weaknesses, religious and political affiliation, and extra curricular activities in and outside of school?

As shown in the screenshot below, a U.S. Department of Education document titled, Engaging Stakeholders, clearly defines education stakeholders as anyone and everyone — specifically, “students, parents, school staff, district staff, school board members, tax payers, the business community, and other community members”.


Although states and the fed will likely argue that all stakeholders are not allowed access to all student data, this brief prepared by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) discusses privacy risks that existed in managing personally identifiable student information even before the current administration further stripped protections provided by FERPA.

Apparently, simply allowing every Tom, Dick and Harry access to student data isn’t enough. According to Edweek.org, forty-nine states are literally reaching out to “non-educator stakeholders” to tell them that student data is now available to them. Twenty-nine states even provide training to non-educators to help them interpret and use student data to “make informed decisions”.

In many public schools, the local community and business organizations that currently participate as active education stakeholders include Planned Parenthood, interfaith organizations, and ‘anti-bullying’ organizations known for pushing homosexuality and transgenderism on students.

For example, thousands of Annenberg/CES schools and districts already partner with Planned Parenthood and GLSEN. The Annenberg Institute and the Coalition of Essential Schools (CES) are at the center of the progressive indoctrination movement that created Common Core. Read more about Pearson, Annenberg, and CES here.

Are organizations like these active education stakeholders in your state? And if so, once allowed access to your children’s student data without your knowledge, are they also allowed access to your children?

Name Names — Radical of the Week



Vartan Gregorian


Vartan Gregorian, president of Carnegie Corporation, formerly served as president of Brown University. In 1996, Gregorian briefly stepped in as acting director of the Annenberg Institute for School Reform, which was then housed at Brown.

In his role as acting director, Gregorian was instrumental in the creation of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC). Gregorian selected domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, who personally selected Barack Obama, to work on the board of the CAC. The mission of the CAC was to expand Theodore Sizer’s Coalition of Essential Schools throughout Chicago and surrounding areas.

The Coalition of Essential Schools (CES) is the progressive education reform movement currently indoctrinating children nationwide. CES is behind both the nationally proposed Common Core State Standards and CSCOPE in Texas. Find several articles explaining the connections at the Common Core / CSCOPE / CES Connection page.

In 2009, President Obama appointed Vartan Gregorian to the President’s Commission on White House Fellowships.

In addition to his post as president of Carnegie Corporation, an organization that has long funded progressive education initiatives, Gregorian currently sits on the board of the Qatar Foundation.

The Qatar Foundation was started by the founder of Al Jazeera and currently employs the grandson of Muslim Brotherhood founder, Hassan Al Banna. Despite this and other deep ties to Islamic terrorists, the State Department and the U.S. Department of Education have entered into an extensive partnership with the Qatar Foundation for the purpose of implementing several programs, including the ‘Connect All Schools’ Initiative. Read about the initiative at U.S. State Department and Department of Education Give Islamic Terrorists Access to Your Children.

In 1997, Fox Point Elementary School in Providence, Rhode Island entered into a collaborative learning partnership with Brown University, thereby dedicating the elementary school to the tenants and agenda set forth by the Coalition of Essential Schools. Fox Point Elementary then changed its name to Vartan Gregorian Elementary.

See other radicals behind CES schools at Name Names.

Utah K-12 Curriculum Material and Teacher Training Provided by Progressive Annenberg Foundation

“Enculturating the Young into a Social and Political Democracy”
Office of Alpine School District, Utah

By Danette Clark

There are some states that seem to have just completely thrown it all away.

It’s not surprising to find a liberal school on every corner in parts of California, Illinois, and New York; but what are Arkansas, Colorado, and Utah doing? Are the people in charge of education in these states just not paying attention, or are they closet progressives who know exactly what they’re doing?

Do our tax dollars not pay for someone to review lessons before they are approved for use in the classroom, or are our education leaders just that ignorant about the history of our country?

Whether ignorant or maniacal, these people have got to go. If conservative legislators in these states don’t get busy pursuing the truth and making the hard decisions that need to be made to reverse course, then they need to go as well.

As far back as 1999, the Coalition of Essential Schools began working in the State of Utah. The Utah Principals Academy trained 43 principals from 17 school districts on “the ten common principles” of CES schools.

CES is the progressive education reform movement behind both CSCOPE in Texas and the nationally proposed Common Core State Standards that President Obama is enticing every state to adopt.

Today, the Utah State Office of Education is in partnership with Utah Education Network (UEN) to provide professional development, lesson plans and curriculum resource material.

UEN’s website reveals that its professional development workshops and UEN-TV course materials are provided by the Annenberg Foundation and Annenberg Media. Curriculum resource material and lesson plans are provided by Annenberg Media and Annenberg learner.org.

Annenberg is the money, ‘political weight‘, and power force behind the Coalition of Essential Schools.

Annenberg’s learner.org provides pro-communist history lessons like those found in CSCOPE and the ones I wrote about in Discovery Channel Communications Company Partners with Radical Progressives to Bring Anti-American Curriculum to the Classroom and ‘Was George Washington Any Different From Palestinian Terrorists…?’.

In addition to the dangerous alliance with Annenberg through UEN, Utah State Office of Education partners with WestEd, Learning Forward, and ASCD in the  development of Utah measurement tools and the implementation of Common Core. All three organizations partner with the Coalition of Essential Schools to advance the radical CES school reform model.

Learning Forward (formerly named National Staff Development Council) recently teamed up with Linda Darling Hammond, one of several radical educators behind CSCOPE and Common Core, on a multi-year study titled, The Status of Professional Development in the United States.

WestEd’s work includes 10 ‘Equity Assistance Centers‘, all funded by the U.S. Department of Education, to provide “assistance and training in the areas of civil rights, equity, and school reform”.

The National Equity Project (formerly BayCES), a regional affiliate of the Coalition of Essential Schools, has partnered with WestEd on several  initiatives.  Linda Darling Hammond is an advisory board member to the National Equity Project.

It appears that parents in Utah, like many other states, are in for quite a battle in their fight against Common Core. Not only has Utah signed onto Common Core and, to date, shows no sign of turning back, the governors office and DOE even participated in the creation of the college and career readiness standards issued by the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) and the National Governors Association (NGA) (leaders in the creation of Common Core).

This Utah Department of Education document from 2009 boasts of the State’s involvement with CCSSO and NGA:

“Staff members of both the Governor’s office and the USOE were involved in the development, providing input, direction and feedback.”

“Members of our Institutions of Higher Education (IHE) partners also served on design committees.”

Please go to whatiscommoncore.wordpress.com and utahnsagainstcommoncore.com and do what you can to support their efforts.

We have to believe it can be done, even if it means completely cleaning house. We only have a year-and-a-half until mid-term elections!

For more on Utah, go here and here to read some of the shocking things currently taking place in their schools.

Where #OccupyWallStreet Really Began — Obama’s Hand in the Movement

By Danette Clark    May 3, 2012

“When an opponent declares, ‘I will not come over to your side,’ I say calmly,
‘Your child belongs to us already. What are you? You will pass on. Your
descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing but this new community.”
– Adolf Hitler

Since protesters first began setting up their drug dens, love shacks, and hippie huts in downtown Manhattan on September 17th, we began questioning whether Occupy Wall Street is really a grassroots movement, as it claims to be, or a movement manufactured and orchestrated by communist and socialist organizations.

We know now that OWS has received financial support from George Soros, Louis Farrakhan, and SEIU, among others. But where did it really begin? How do people living in a country with more freedoms and opportunity than any other place in the world develop a mindset of entitlement and come to believe that we are a racist, imperialist nation whose free market system is oppressive?

I believe Occupy Wall Street is both a grassroots movement and a movement manufactured by communists, socialists, and progressives — and most certainly with the help of Barack Obama.

This movement began decades ago. While we were busy building homes, pursuing careers, and planning for retirement, OWS was being incubated in classrooms across the country. There are thousands of social justice schools in America that have, for decades, brainwashed youth with a distorted view of history and reality, and a general hatred for America, its founders, and its capitalist economic system.

Although education reformers like John Dewey and G. Stanley Hall led the way in secularist indoctrination in America’s schools as far back as the 1800s, the most successful push came in the 1990s, with the help of our president.

When Obama worked with William Ayers through the Chicago Annenberg Challenge from 1995 to 1999, they funneled large sums of money to an education reform movement that Ayers had already worked with for some time, Theodore Sizer’s Coalition of Essential Schools.

In fact, the Chicago Annenberg Challenge was created by the Annenberg Institute, whose stated mission was to build upon the work of Sizer’s Coalition of Essential Schools and to support sustained focused efforts to expand education reform to youth across the country.

The work of Ayers and Obama through the CAC, combined with the work of Ayers’ Small Schools Workshop, literally parlayed a group of approximately 200 progressive schools into a network of over 1,000 in a little over a decade. When you consider that CES has dozens of partner organizations and affiliates working within various school districts across the country, the number of radical schools in America is actually much greater than 1,000 and almost impossible to count.

Although financial backing is crucial to the survival of a movement like OWS, the movement would not exist without the many years of groundwork. After all, to quote William Ayers, “education is the motor-force of revolution” and “Teaching . . . urges revolutions large and small”.

So, in all fairness, we should give credit where credit is due. As re-writers of history, developers of curriculum, designers of “smaller learning communities”, teachers, organizers, promoters, and guest speakers in these schools of social justice, these are some of the real people behind the OWS movement:

• Communist, domestic terrorist and former co-founder of the Weather Underground Organization, William Ayers

• Communist, domestic terrorist and former member of the Weather Underground Organization, Bernardine Dohrn

• Communist, Maoist, and former member of the Weather Underground Organization, Mike Klonsky

• Communist and former member of the Weather Underground Organization, Howard Machtinger

• Ex-prisoner, communist, and former member of the Black Panther Party, Angela Davis

• Communist, the late Howard Zinn

• Communist and former “green jobs czar”, Van Jones

• Socialist and developer of critical race theory, Derrick Bell

• Socialist and admirer of the Black Panther Party, Cornel West

• Champion of Black Liberation Theology, Rev. Jeremiah Wright

• Top education advisor to Obama’s presidential campaign, Linda Darling Hammond

• And last, but not least, President of the United States, Barack Obama

As president, Obama has continued to boost social justice education, specifically CES schools and its affiliates. During his first two weeks in office, he publicized a visit to CES’s Capital City Charter School in Washington, D.C., praising it as innovative and stating “this is how schools should be”.

The president has held several town hall meetings at CES schools, visited countless others, and awarded billions in grants to progressive schools and education initiatives.

Obama’s education plan calls for small schools and smaller learning communities and makes specific reference to TRIO and Upward Bound, which are federally-funded programs that were instituted for the benefit of underprivileged students but have since been overtaken by social justice educators and used for the indoctrination of children through after school and summer programs.

CES has partnered with both TRIO and Upward Bound in the creation of new schools.

President Obama’s education plan also specifically touts the North Carolina Teaching Fellows program which was, until recent years, directed by Howard Machtinger, former Weather Underground member and bomb-making buddy of William Ayers.

Other notable mentions for their “contributions” to social justice education and the birth of the OWS movement:

• Dolores Huerta (now head of the US Department of Labor) for her memorable speech at Tuscon High Magnet School wherein she told students the theme of the day is “Republicans hate Latinos…Republicans hate Latinos.”

• Poway Unified School District which allows an annual school sponsored National Day of Silence in conjunction with the Gay Lesbian and Straight Alliance (GLSEN – led by Obama’s ‘safe schools czar’, Kevin Jennings), but does not allow students to wear t-shirts with bible scripture on them expressing their opposition to homosexuality.

• St. Paul Public Schools for promoting the White Privilege Conference to students and Seattle Public Schools for going so far as to transport students to another state to attend the conference (on the tax payer’s dime).

• Methuen Public Schools and Marblehead Public Schools for transporting students in two public school buses to a GLSEN and Planned Parenthood sponsored conference about how to practice homosexual sex. At the conference, students were given “fisting kits” for use in oral sex.

And who can forget all those videos of children being led by their teachers to sing praises to Obama? The North Sore Tea Party provides an extensive list of indoctrination videos here.

Aaron Klein and Brenda J. Elliott’s latest book, Red Army: The Radical Network that Must be Defeated to Save America, devotes two chapters to social justice education and provides the names of several schools, organizations, and curriculums to keep an eye on.

Michelle Malkin also has some great articles on indoctrination. Look for those on the web.

Please find out where these schools are in your area and contact your local representatives, school board members, and even your governor. Look at your children’s history books and ask questions about what they are learning.