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Texas State Board of Education Official Files Ethics Complaint Against Texas Mom

By Danette Clark

Texas mom and activist Alice Linahan responds, “Bring it On!!”.

From VoicesEmpower.com:

“I guess we are being successful at getting the word out about the Federal Take-Over of Education. Those involved are trying to shut down our voices. The voices of parents, teachers and the students they are harming.”

“You see those who are in the Education Establishment do not like parents actually saying…. #CanISee what and how you are teaching my child. I also don’t think he likes that we are asking our school districts #CanISee what you are spending our tax dollars on to train teachers, administrators and school boards members.”

“Parents have every right to question what is being taught to our children and if Thomas Ratliff believes that it is un-ethical for me to do that well all I have to say is….

Bring it on!!

Read the rest and hear audio at SBOE (State Board of Education) Thomas Ratliff Files an Ethics Complaint against A Texas Mom.

Crayola Common Core Lessons Promote Globalization and Interdependence

Go here for an important update to this post.

By Danette Clark

Crayola joins the list of big name education companies who have sold out our children and America to the United Nations’ global agenda.

Teaching children ‘to take action as global citizens’ in an ‘interdependent world’ and to ‘think about the world more holistically’ are the focus of Crayola lessons provided in partnership with the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO), one of the two main organizations responsible for the creation of the national Common Core State Standards.

Crayola, Lego Education, Apple, and Disney (among others), as members of P21 — Partnership for 21st Century Skills, entered into a ‘strategic partnership‘ with the Council of Chief State School Officers in 2010.

According to P21’s Executive Chair, Kathy Hurley, CCSSO and P21 work very closely on Common Core, as well as CSSO’s Next Generation Learner program, and the Elementary and Secondary Education Act re-authorization.

Hurley is also Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships for Pearson Education. Pearson, in partnership with CCSSO, has been instrumental in implementing Common Core in many states by providing resources and employing progressive educators, like Coalition of Essential Schools disciple Grant Wiggins, to provide professional development training.

The U.S. Department of Education hosted the launching of P21 and Crayola’s Champion Creatively Alive Children program in 2011.


Crayola lessons, like other Common Core material, are designed to create, in children’s minds, a specific and biased perspective of the world — globalization over national sovereignty, interdependence over self-reliance, and social and economic equity governed by a few over social and economic freedom governed by self.

Crayola-recommended resources promoting social justice, globalization, and the theory of global warming, are listed here along with writings by humanist Linda Darling-Hammond, CSCOPE’s Robert Marzano, and progressive Howard Gardner, also CES disciples.

Read more about CES (Coalition of Essential Schools) and Common Core at Unravelled! The 30 Year Agenda Behind Common Core and at the Common Core / CSCOPE / CES Connection page.

James Rubenstein’s anti-semitic book, The Cultural Landscape, is also listed as a Crayola Arts-Infused Education Resource.

Despite Arne Duncan’s denial that Common Core purposes a political agenda, the curriculum itself proves otherwise — that Common Core has everything to do with the political and global agenda of those who created it, and nothing to do with a sound education for the benefit of those being taught — our children.

Urgent — CSCOPE Call to Action

From Colleen Vera via Donna Garner:


Everyone fighting against CSCOPE in Texas schools needs to tell Gov. Perry to VETO HB 1675 or the Educational Service Centers – the people who sneaked CSCOPE into our schools by bypassing the SBOE-will NOT BE REVIEWED by the Sunset Committee in 2014 as scheduled. Instead they will get a reprieve until 2019.

You MUST CALL ASAP or all our hard work may go right down the drain.

Twitter:  @GovernorPerry

Opinion Hotline (512) 463-1782 – Open Tuesday at 8:00 am

Main Switchboard Governor’s Office: (512) 843-5789

Information: (800) 843-5789

All you need to do is give your name and where you live and simply say something like  “Please tell Gov. Perry to VETO House Bill 1675.” If you want to elaborate you can add a sentence or two abut WHY the Education Service Centers MUST be reviewed by the Sunset Commission NOW as scheduled.”

You may also email Gov Perry at:  http://governor.state.tx.us/contact/  – but phone calls are always best.”

From Peggy Venable @ Americans for Prosperity:

“Americans for Propserity-Texas are calling on our activists to ask Governor Rick Perry to veto House Bill 1675.

We believe the Regional Education Service Centers (ESCs) should be reviewed on schedule so that their activities can finally be subjected to public oversight. The Regional Education Service Centers were originally set for Sunset Review in 2015 and that schedule should be maintained.

Click Here to Take Action!

Education reform has been an enormous issue this session and some of that has revolved around the controversial CSCOPE curriculum created by the ESCs.  The ESCs created a non-profit 501c3 shell corporation (TESCCC – the Texas Education Service Center Curriculum Collaborative), which had no employees, address, phone number, or funding.  It appears the TESCCC filed no 990s. This shell corporation was used to shield ESCs from open meetings and open records. The lesson plans were provided with no opportunity for parental review, as is required by law.

While the ESCs have agreed to end the CSCOPE curriculum, they will continue CSCOPE management tools and other aspects, and perhaps even continue TESCCC. ESCs have betrayed the public trust and should be reviewed now, not in 2019.

We appreciate the leadership that the Governor has shown this session and trust that he will continue to demonstrate that common-sense leadership by vetoing H.B. 1675.

AFP-Texas fully supports the veto of HB 1675.

Please ask the Governor to veto HB 1675.

Click Here to Take Action!

With a Victory Over CSCOPE Under its Belt Texas Continues the Fight


By Danette Clark

Although Texas managed to defeat the pro-communist online CSCOPE program, leaders of the Anti-CSCOPE movement are digging their heels in and pressing forward — now against Common Core.

Knowing that the same progressives that created CSCOPE are also behind Common Core (see the connections here), Women on the Wall remains dedicated to taking back and protecting Texas schools from this dangerous nationwide education movement that seeks to water down curriculum and indoctrinate every child in every school.

Go to WomenontheWall.org for more information.

Update — Huge Victory for Texas: CSCOPE to be Eliminated!

By Danette Clark

Please call or email Senator Dan Patrick and thank him for preserving parental rights by demanding complete transparency in what children are being taught.

From Donna Garner:


In sudden turn of events the TESCCC Board decides to end CSCOPE lesson plans.

AUSTIN– A letter signed by all 20 members of the Board released this morning stated they will notify their 875 school district clients that all lesson plans will be removed from their website on August 31st, 2013 and that districts cannot use any lessons they currently have beyond that date. The August 31st date corresponds to the notice clause in their contracts with their districts. The letter goes on to say that the Regional Service Centers will not produce lesson plans in the future. The 20 Service Centers will return to their original business plan of providing a management tool for teachers to stay on schedule regarding the teaching of the required TEKS. The official vote will take place at an already scheduled Board meeting on Friday, May 24th.

“I’m pleased that the CSCOPE Board has made the decision to get out of the lesson plan business. This is a positive development for students, parents, teachers, and for the Regional Service Centers,” said Senator Patrick. “I want to thank the members of the Senate Education Committee for their months of work on this issue. I also want to thank Attorney General Abbott and his staff in providing valuable assistance in our review of CSCOPE,” added Patrick.

“We would like to thank Senator Patrick, Senator Duncan, and members of the Senate and House Education Committees. Their leadership has been invaluable and we look forward to a positive relationship in the future. We believe that this is the best decision moving forward; and allows us to continue to provide high quality services to the more than 1,000, school districts and charter schools in Texas,” said Kyle Wargo, Board Member Region 17 Board of Directors and Anne Poplin, Chair, TESCCC.

“We accept the concerns expressed by the leadership of our state regarding segments of the lessons that were perceived as contradictory to the values of our great state. We will therefore eliminate the model lessons offered as examples of what was interpreted as the intent of the standards and focus on moving forward in a positive manner,” said Mary Ann Whiteker, Superintendent, Hudson ISD.

“Once the TESCCC officially approves this measure Friday I will notify the SBOE that they do not need to review the 1600 CSCOPE lesson plans,” said Patrick. “The CSCOPE era is over. However, what the last several months has proven is that the state will have to create a plan to monitor all on line material in the future so that our schools and classroom remain completely transparent to parents and the legislature knows what is being taught in our classrooms across Texas,” added Patrick.”

Huge Victory for Texas – CSCOPE to be Eliminated!

By Danette Clark

The Texas Lesiglature has ruled that CSCOPE will be completely removed from all school districts.

The decision just came down today, so more information to come.

Congratulations Texas!!

Obama Ed Department Recommends Reform Organization Created by Domestic Terrorist Bill Ayers


By Danette Clark

Describing it as a “highly regarded organization”, Obama’s Education Department recommends the Bill Ayers-founded Small Schools Workshop for use in creating “learning environments that are supportive of perseverance”.

The Small Schools Workshop is currently led by Mike Klonsky, a fellow 60’s radical of Bill Ayers, who once vowed to the communist government of China that he would lead the struggle to topple the U.S. imperialist ruling class. Read more about Klonsky here.

The Department of Education document, Promoting Grit, Tenacity, and Perseverance: Critical Factors for Success in the 21st Century, also recommends the Coalition of Essential Schools, the progressive indoctrination movement behind CSCOPE and Common Core.

This is the same document that has drawn attention in recent months due to content outlining invasive data mining techniques for use on students.

Supposedly for the purpose of improving education, Promoting Grit, Tenacity, and Perseverance reveals that our government intends to turn children into human guinea pigs whose every expression, emotion, and physiological trait will be read, monitored and evaluated through devices designed to monitor facial expression, EEG brain wave patterns, skin conductance, heart rate variability, posture, and eyetracking.

For our president to have history with these organizations and terrorists is definitely a concern. For these organizations to furtively infiltrate our schools under the guise of raising test scores and graduation rates is another cause for concern. But far beyond disturbing is the fact that our government recommends giving maoist, communist, domestic terrorists control over the ‘structure and culture’ of our classrooms, while also suggesting that grossly instrusive methods be used to collect and store extremely personal information on every child.

Let’s not forget that there are several former Weathermen/Weather Underground Organization members involved with both the Coalition of Essential Schools and Small Schools Workshop, and that those same people were reported to have discussed and planned the rounding up, re-education, and extermination of American citizens.

To read more about the Coalition of Essential Schools, go to the Common Core/CSCOPE/CES Connection page.

To see the other communists and terrorists behind these organizations, go to Name Names.

Name Names — Radical of the Week



Mike Klonsky


In 1968, as national secretary of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), Mike Klonsky wrote an SDS resolution titled Toward a Revolutionary Youth Movement. In the resolution, Klonsky admiringly quoted mass murderer Chinese dictator Mao Zedong, and called for an organized youth movement to engage in a revolutionary struggle against capitalism, “the system… at the root of man’s oppression”.

In 1969, Klonsky started a Maoist organization called the October League, which later changed its name to the “Communist Party (Marxist Leninist)”.

A year after Chairman Mao’s death in 1976, Klonsky became one of the first Americans ever to be invited to China by its communist government. During his visit, Klonsky emphasized his organization’s commitment to “lead the struggle to topple the U.S. imperialist ruling class”.

Today Mike Klonsky is a professor of education at DePaul University and national director of the Small Schools Workshop, an organization founded by communist and domestic terrorist Bill Ayers. Klonsky has been with the organization since its founding in 1991.

As explained here, the Small Schools Workshop received grant money through the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (of which Barack Obama was chairman of the board) for the purpose of transforming existing schools into Coalition of Essential Schools member and affiliate schools.

Klonsky also currently serves on the national steering committee of Save Our Schools, an organization that works in partnership with the Coalition of Essential Schools (CES).

CES is the progressive reform movement behind both CSCOPE and Common Core.

In the video below, Mike Klonsky and Bill Ayers’ wife, Bernardine Dohrn, declare to the media:  “We’re going to be in the streets and in every institution in this country from now on.”  “We’re gonna replace capitalism with socialism.”


See the other faces behind the Coalition of Essential Schools at Name Names.

Common Core Partner Organization Employs Author of Anti-Semitic Book Used in Tennessee Schools


By Danette Clark

Pearson, the education service company widely known for publishing textbooks, partners with the Council of Chief State School Officers to provide training and other resources to states implementing the nationally proposed Common Core State Standards.

In addition to employing Grant Wiggins, a curriculum ‘expert’ who had a hand in the design of the pro-communist CSCOPE curriculum, Pearson also employs James Rubenstein, author of The Cultural Landscape: An Introduction to Human Geography.

The Blaze.com reported Wednesday that parents in Tennessee’s Williamson County School District are calling for the removal of Rubenstein’s book because of its anti-semitic content.

As reported by TheBlaze:

“…the book… contains the question, “If a Palestinian suicide bomber kills several dozen Israeli teenagers in a Jerusalem restaurant, is that an act of terrorism or wartime retaliation against Israeli government policies and army actions?”

The book also describes Hamas and Hezbollah as ‘political parties’ rather than terrorist groups.

Pearson’s website offers free virtual conferences for Social Studies teachers and live access to ‘experts’, including James Rubenstein, whom Pearson says “will help high school teachers understand best practices for teaching the economic geography component and cultural elements of a human geography course”.

Rubenstein’s book is used as a resource for Advanced Placement (AP) Human Geography courses. The Advanced Placement program is administered by College Board and was intended to provide a pathway for students to attend college.

College Board, which has leaned to the far left for many years, recently appointed the ‘architect’ of Common Core, David Coleman, to be its 9th president.

As an affiliate organization of the Coalition of Essential Schools (CES), the radical  indoctrination movement behind both CSCOPE and Common Core, College Board posted job announcements on CES’s website in search of teachers for several College Board Schools opened in New York City.

College Board Schools are social justice schools created in partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation.

When an organization or school posts a job announcement on the CES national job board, it means they are looking for progressive educators who abide by the principles and practices of the Coalition of Essential Schools.

Read about CES indoctrination practices at CSCOPE Curriculum Designer Employed by CCSSO Partner to Aid in Implementing Common Core and ‘Was George Washington Any Different From Palestinian Terrorists…?’.

As publisher of books authored by the likes of James Rubenstein and Grant Wiggins, Pearson knows exactly what kind of material they are endorsing and distributing.

Likewise, on the receiving end, Williamson County Schools Assistant Superintendent Tim Gaddis also knows exactly what content his district uses and what purpose will be served by students ‘critically thinking’ about questions like the one found in Rubenstein’s book.

Gaddis, who defended the text, formerly served as Chief Operating Officer of  Modern Red Schoolhouse in Nashville, Tennessee.

Modern Red Schoolhouse is one of seven organizations that make up the Coalition for Comprehensive School Improvement (CCSI). All seven  organizations closely partner with the Coalition of Essential Schools.

For example, CCSI member, ATLAS Communities, was created through a  partnership between progressive reformers, James Comer and Howard Gardner, and Coalition of Essential Schools founder, Theodore Sizer.

See the faces behind the Coalition of Essential Schools (thereby also behind CSCOPE and Common Core) at Name Names.

Action Plan for Parents and Teachers Fighting CSCOPE

By Donna Garner:


ACTION STEP #1: The House Public Education Committee will layout Rep. Steve Toth’s HB 760 on Tuesday, April 30, Texas Capitol E2.036, 2:00 P. M. 

Please contact your Texas Representatives and tell them that you support both HB 760 and SB 1406 because these bills would give the elected members of the Texas State Board of Education oversight and direction over curriculum products, including CSCOPE, generated by the Regional Education Service Centers.

Electronic registration has been implemented as a requirement for providing testimony at House committee hearings.  Please go to this website to learn how to register electronically to testify:  House Witness Registration

 PARKING NEAR THE CAPITOL [ Beware that the DPS both tickets and tows in Austin]

Please read and print this before you go to Austin so you will be on time.

The CSCOPE hearing will be held in Room E2.036 in the Capitol Extension.

It is suggested that you plan to arrive at the entry to the parking lot at least one hour before you want to arrive at Room E2.036. The lot could be full and you may have to seek alternate parking, as indicated below. Also, it takes a long time to get from the parking garage/s to Room E2.036 in the Capitol Extension.

Plan lots of time to park, to walk two (or maybe 4)  blocks to the Capitol, to go through security, and walk the long way to Room E2.036 in the Capitol Extension.

Note that the Capitol Visitors Parking Garage could be full and then you will have to drive several blocks to the underground parking garage at the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum, and then walk four blocks to the Capitol.

Note: Due to security, the only entrances to the Capitol are at the North, South, East, and West sides of main Capitol building. The Capitol Extension is all underground and there are doors at the street level. However, these doors are locked from the inside and you cannot enter the Capitol Extension through these doors. The CSCOPE hearing will be held in the Extension in Room E2.036. You must allow enough time to go through security at any of the Main Capitol entry doors and then walk a long ways to the Capitol Extension. There is an underground passageway from the main Capitol to the underground Extension, which has two levels, E1 and E2. Note that level E1 sits on top of level E2.

Note: All rooms with the capital letter “E” before the numerals are in the Capitol Extension. All rooms with the capitol letter “E” after the numerals are on the East Side of the main Capitol building.

Parking is available in the Capitol Visitors Parking Garage at 1201 San Jacinto located between Trinity and San Jacinto Streets (it’s a One Way street heading South)  at 12th and 13th streets. Parking is free for the first two hours and $1.00 for each half hour thereafter (maximum daily charge: $8.00); accessible parking is available with accessible routes to the Capitol.

If the Capitol Visitors Center Parking lot is full, go North on Trinity (it’s a One Way street heading North) to a left on 18thSt (it’s a One Way Street heading West).  When you get to Congress St., go across Congress and directly on your right is the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum. Continue up 18th St. for about 40 feet and turn right into the entrance to the museum’s underground parking garage. Cost to park is a flat rate of $8.00. You pay an attendant when you enter – they accept credit cards and cash only. For more information about museum parking please visit: http://www.thestoryoftexas.com/visit/parking_and_directions_general.html

When you walk out of the museum parking at street level, look to your right and you will see the Capitol four blocks south of you.

Note: The parking garages never close, so your car will never be locked in if you have to stay until late at night at the Capitol.

Parking meters:

It is suggested that you not use the parking meters on the street near the Capitol because you can only deposit enough money for three hours of parking at a time. Note that it costs 25 cents for 15 minutes, or $1.00 per hour. If the CSCOPE public hearing lasts longer than three hours, you may lose your turn if the clerk calls your name to testify and you have had to go feed your meter with more quarters.

 *This information has been provided to us by Merry Lynn Gerstenschlager, a long-time volunteer activist with Texas Eagle Forum.


ACTION STEP #2 Send this citizen action letter to your school superintendent and curriculum officials:

Dear Superintendent _______________:

In light of growing statewide criticism of CSCOPE, over issues of substandard instructional material, illegally plagiarized lessons, anti-American sentiments, and financial impropriety, I am respectfully requesting that teachers in the (insert the name of your school district) be released from the mandated use of this curriculum, effective immediately, until a full investigation is completed by state authorities.

Neighborhood meetings will be hosted to inform concerned parents and local taxpayers about the serious implication of lessons which have not undergone legitimate scrutiny.   We, the citizens of (insert the name of your town) have placed trust in our school board and administration to protect our children.   CSCOPE lacks academic integrity and has resulted in a serious breach of public trust.

I support a return to the use of textbooks and materials which are approved by the Texas State Board of Education.  Full transparency in the use of future Instructional Material Funds is warranted to assure the purchase of materials that have been thoroughly reviewed and given final approval  by parents, taxpayers and teachers.

Respectfully submitted,


______________________ (date)