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Where #OccupyWallStreet Really Began — Obama’s Hand in the Movement

By Danette Clark    May 3, 2012

“When an opponent declares, ‘I will not come over to your side,’ I say calmly,
‘Your child belongs to us already. What are you? You will pass on. Your
descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing but this new community.”
– Adolf Hitler

Since protesters first began setting up their drug dens, love shacks, and hippie huts in downtown Manhattan on September 17th, we began questioning whether Occupy Wall Street is really a grassroots movement, as it claims to be, or a movement manufactured and orchestrated by communist and socialist organizations.

We know now that OWS has received financial support from George Soros, Louis Farrakhan, and SEIU, among others. But where did it really begin? How do people living in a country with more freedoms and opportunity than any other place in the world develop a mindset of entitlement and come to believe that we are a racist, imperialist nation whose free market system is oppressive?

I believe Occupy Wall Street is both a grassroots movement and a movement manufactured by communists, socialists, and progressives — and most certainly with the help of Barack Obama.

This movement began decades ago. While we were busy building homes, pursuing careers, and planning for retirement, OWS was being incubated in classrooms across the country. There are thousands of social justice schools in America that have, for decades, brainwashed youth with a distorted view of history and reality, and a general hatred for America, its founders, and its capitalist economic system.

Although education reformers like John Dewey and G. Stanley Hall led the way in secularist indoctrination in America’s schools as far back as the 1800s, the most successful push came in the 1990s, with the help of our president.

When Obama worked with William Ayers through the Chicago Annenberg Challenge from 1995 to 1999, they funneled large sums of money to an education reform movement that Ayers had already worked with for some time, Theodore Sizer’s Coalition of Essential Schools.

In fact, the Chicago Annenberg Challenge was created by the Annenberg Institute, whose stated mission was to build upon the work of Sizer’s Coalition of Essential Schools and to support sustained focused efforts to expand education reform to youth across the country.

The work of Ayers and Obama through the CAC, combined with the work of Ayers’ Small Schools Workshop, literally parlayed a group of approximately 200 progressive schools into a network of over 1,000 in a little over a decade. When you consider that CES has dozens of partner organizations and affiliates working within various school districts across the country, the number of radical schools in America is actually much greater than 1,000 and almost impossible to count.

Although financial backing is crucial to the survival of a movement like OWS, the movement would not exist without the many years of groundwork. After all, to quote William Ayers, “education is the motor-force of revolution” and “Teaching . . . urges revolutions large and small”.

So, in all fairness, we should give credit where credit is due. As re-writers of history, developers of curriculum, designers of “smaller learning communities”, teachers, organizers, promoters, and guest speakers in these schools of social justice, these are some of the real people behind the OWS movement:

• Communist, domestic terrorist and former co-founder of the Weather Underground Organization, William Ayers

• Communist, domestic terrorist and former member of the Weather Underground Organization, Bernardine Dohrn

• Communist, Maoist, and former member of the Weather Underground Organization, Mike Klonsky

• Communist and former member of the Weather Underground Organization, Howard Machtinger

• Ex-prisoner, communist, and former member of the Black Panther Party, Angela Davis

• Communist, the late Howard Zinn

• Communist and former “green jobs czar”, Van Jones

• Socialist and developer of critical race theory, Derrick Bell

• Socialist and admirer of the Black Panther Party, Cornel West

• Champion of Black Liberation Theology, Rev. Jeremiah Wright

• Top education advisor to Obama’s presidential campaign, Linda Darling Hammond

• And last, but not least, President of the United States, Barack Obama

As president, Obama has continued to boost social justice education, specifically CES schools and its affiliates. During his first two weeks in office, he publicized a visit to CES’s Capital City Charter School in Washington, D.C., praising it as innovative and stating “this is how schools should be”.

The president has held several town hall meetings at CES schools, visited countless others, and awarded billions in grants to progressive schools and education initiatives.

Obama’s education plan calls for small schools and smaller learning communities and makes specific reference to TRIO and Upward Bound, which are federally-funded programs that were instituted for the benefit of underprivileged students but have since been overtaken by social justice educators and used for the indoctrination of children through after school and summer programs.

CES has partnered with both TRIO and Upward Bound in the creation of new schools.

President Obama’s education plan also specifically touts the North Carolina Teaching Fellows program which was, until recent years, directed by Howard Machtinger, former Weather Underground member and bomb-making buddy of William Ayers.

Other notable mentions for their “contributions” to social justice education and the birth of the OWS movement:

• Dolores Huerta (now head of the US Department of Labor) for her memorable speech at Tuscon High Magnet School wherein she told students the theme of the day is “Republicans hate Latinos…Republicans hate Latinos.”

• Poway Unified School District which allows an annual school sponsored National Day of Silence in conjunction with the Gay Lesbian and Straight Alliance (GLSEN – led by Obama’s ‘safe schools czar’, Kevin Jennings), but does not allow students to wear t-shirts with bible scripture on them expressing their opposition to homosexuality.

• St. Paul Public Schools for promoting the White Privilege Conference to students and Seattle Public Schools for going so far as to transport students to another state to attend the conference (on the tax payer’s dime).

• Methuen Public Schools and Marblehead Public Schools for transporting students in two public school buses to a GLSEN and Planned Parenthood sponsored conference about how to practice homosexual sex. At the conference, students were given “fisting kits” for use in oral sex.

And who can forget all those videos of children being led by their teachers to sing praises to Obama? The North Sore Tea Party provides an extensive list of indoctrination videos here.

Aaron Klein and Brenda J. Elliott’s latest book, Red Army: The Radical Network that Must be Defeated to Save America, devotes two chapters to social justice education and provides the names of several schools, organizations, and curriculums to keep an eye on.

Michelle Malkin also has some great articles on indoctrination. Look for those on the web.

Please find out where these schools are in your area and contact your local representatives, school board members, and even your governor. Look at your children’s history books and ask questions about what they are learning.


Communist Bill Ayers Holds Teach-in at #OccupyChicago

By Danette Clark    October 27, 2011

Bill Ayers graced the un-bathed hippy wannabes with his presence at the Occupy Wall Street protests in Chicago last week.

Although Ayers spoke to protesters about non-violent direct action, he reminisced about his time meeting with the North Vietnamese to discuss fomenting revolution in America.

Ayers has a close relationship with David Fenton, founder of Fenton Communications, a firm helping to promote the Occupy Wall Street movement.

David Fenton served as a photographer for Bill Ayers’ domestic Weather Underground terror group.

As recently reported, Fenton Communications launched an 18-month campaign to delegitimize Israel and orchestrated the Gaza Flotilla raid wherein activists engaged in deadly clashes with Israeli commandos.

Ayers and wife, Bernardine Dohrn, also backed the Gaza Flotilla raid and have led several Free Gaza movement initiatives, along with their and Obama friend, Jodi Evans, of Code Pink.

Islamic connection to Wall Street protest: Firm tied to movement spearheaded campaign to end Gaza blockade

From    October 26, 2011

OCCUPY THIS! Islamic connection to Wall Street protest firm tied to movement spearheaded campaign to end Gaza blockade.

The communications firm tied to the Occupy Wall Street movement recently spearheaded a major campaign to end Israel’s naval blockade of the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip.

Islamic groups that are strong supporters of the so-called Free Gaza Movement recently joined in the Occupy Wall Street Movement, with the New York chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations even leading Friday prayers at the protest headquarters last week.

Scores of radical groups backing the anti-Wall Street movement also helped to spearhead activism in support of the Gaza Strip, including several attempts to send aid flotillas to the coastal territory’s Hamas rulers.

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Is #OccupyWallStreet a Muslim Brotherhood Pawn?

By Danette Clark    October 24, 2011

This year’s sudden eruption of protests across the Middle East and here at home have left many of us wondering who has been stirring the pot and why.

Thanks to the efforts of Aaron Klein and Brenda Elliott, we now know that George Soros is behind this year’s revolts in Egypt and Tunisia, riots in Morocco, protests at Israel’s borders, and even Occupy Wall Street protests here at home.

In recent days, the Muslim Brotherhood appears to be jumping on the bandwagon of Occupy Wall Street protests already in motion to promote their own platform.

But as more and more information makes it’s way to the surface, it is becoming apparent (at least to me) that this movement doesn’t just involve the Muslim Brotherhood, it may be all about them.

So far, Arab Spring revolutionaries have succeeded in overthrowing the leaders of Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya, and it is the Muslim Brotherhood that is ‘conveniently’ poised to step in and take over.  Despite its violent history and the fact that it was banned for many years in several countries, the Brotherhood is now widely considered the most organized political party in the middle east and most likely to win upcoming elections in all three countries.

Couple that with the fact that George Soros is forging an alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood, and it becomes apparent that we have a serious problem here.

While funding opposition groups in Egypt that succeeded in toppling President Mubarak, Soros’ International Crisis Group was also petitioning for the Egyptian government to normalize ties with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Just days ago, KleinOnline reported that Fenton Communications, a firm closely partnered with dozens of Soros organizations, represented and promoted the recent anti-Wall Street march past the homes of several millionaires in New York City.

According to Ken Timmerman of, Fenton Communications is a public relations firm that recently developed a communications action plan for an 18-month campaign, known as the Al Fakhoora Project.  The campaign aims to delegitimize Israel and manipulate public opinion to generate support for the Hamas-led government and the people of the Gaza strip.

Hamas is an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Al Fakhoora Project also orchestrated the Gaza flotilla raid that took place on May 31st of last year.

Director of the Al Fakhoora Project, Farooq Burney, participated in the Gaza flotilla raid on the Turskish ship, Mavi Marmara. Video footage released by Israeli Defense Forces shows the anti-Israel activists aboard the ship wearing bulletproof vests and assaulting Israeli commandos with metal bars and clubs as they tried to board the ship to prevent it from breaching Israel’s blockade.  Several activists were killed and Farooq Burney was arrested.

The founder of Fenton Communications, David Fenton, has close ties to William Ayers and President Obama. Read about their relationship here.

Fenton Communications is just one of the many organizations working within the Occupy Wall Street movement that has a close relationship with Muslim Brotherhood organizations. Code Pink, for example, often works closely with radical Islamist organizations and has even run banner ads on the Muslim Brotherhood’s English language website inviting them to “join us in cleansing our country.”

Even former World Bank vice president and chief economist, Joseph Stiglitz, who has held teach-ins for Occupy Wall Street protesters, affiliates himself with Muslim Brotherhood organizations and favors a Sharia-based economic system.

Stiglitz, who is funded by and closely associated with George Soros, frequently works with the Muslim Brotherhood-created Muslim Students Association (MSA) teaching the woes of capitalism and promoting a one world economy.

Aaron Klein recently reported that in 2010, Stiglitz “gave a lecture entitled “A New Economic World Order” in which his presentation called for the world to be “no longer dominated by one ‘superpower.’”  He believes the U.S. is failing to come to “terms with its standing in the New Global Order.”

Stiglitz is a member of the World Commission on the Social Dimension of Globalization, an independent body of the International Labour Organization.

The Commission’s goal has been to explore “innovative, sustainable ways of combining economic, social and environmental objectives to make globalization work for all.”

When asked by FrontPage Magazine whether Islamic finance contained any lessons for the Commission to apply in recommending the architecture for a new global economic order, Joseph Stiglitz praised the Sharia-based system for focusing on fundamentals and for its superior ethics in comparison to American lending practices.

Why stir the pot here in America?

In light of all this, it appears the Muslim Brotherhood, at the very least, is positioning itself with the Wall Street protests to push for a global economic system.  One Muslim Brotherhood organization, CAIR, has announced that because many of the demands of Occupy Wall Street parallel those of the New York Muslim Community, it will unite with protesters and begin holding prayer sessions at Occupy Wall Street.

Although many Wall Street occupiers still seem confused as to why they are even there, one main theme has resonated among the majority of protesters — end capitalism.

Wouldn’t that be ‘convenient’ for radical Islamists?

The often-stated dream of the Muslim Brotherhood has always been to establish a global Islamic state. Just this summer, Kamal Al-Helbawy, former Muslim Brotherhood spokesman in the West, called upon the Arab youth to launch a new revolution that would eliminate the borders drawn by imperialist nations and bring about the establishment of a global Islamic state called “The United States of Islam.”

The U.S. financial system has been the target of radical Islamists for decades and now it appears they are using the Occupy Wall Street protesters, the directionless and confused portion of our population, to help cripple our already limping economy.

If the goal is to align the Muslim Brotherhood in a position of power here in the U.S. by forcing us into a global economy, can they succeed?  You would think that America, of all countries, could never fall that way. But with the Obama administration already filled to the brim with Muslim Brotherhood associations and sympathizers, it makes you wonder.

Some believe it can and will happen.  Iranian leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, told supporters on October 13th that the Occupy Wall Street movement would bring down capitalism in America.

An October 9 Occupy Wall Street Report from the group, New York City Labor Against the War, quotes Mohammed Ezzeldin from Egypt:

“I am coming from there – from the Arab Spring From the Arab Spring to the fall of Wall Street From Liberation Square to Washington Square, to the fall of Wall Street and market domination, and capitalist domination.

The group goes on to say that Ezzeldin’s “passionate speech, which even included a reference to Karl Marx, made a startling comparison between what happened in Egypt earlier this year and what is now happening in the United States.”

When Adbusters, one of the first organizations known to have launched the Occupy Wall Street campaign, said they wanted to bring Tahrir Square home to the U.S., they weren’t kidding.

One last thought: I came across a quote several years ago that now springs to mind. It was on the website of an organization filled with radical leftists and anti-semetics who push for the downfall of Israel and America through the removal of borders and a global economy. The quote read, “The End of Capitalism – The Destruction of Everything to Start Something New.”

This article can also be found at

Islamic connection to Wall Street protest. Firm tied to movement spearheaded campaign to end Gaza blockade

From Kleinonline     November 17, 2011

The communications firm tied to the Occupy Wall Street movement recently spearheaded a major campaign to end Israel’s naval blockade of the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip.

Islamic groups that are strong supporters of the so-called Free Gaza Movement recently joined in the Occupy Wall Street Movement, with the New York chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations even leading Friday prayers at the protest headquarters last week.

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Hey, #OccupyWallStreet, Don’t Speak for Me!

By Danette Clark    December 11, 2011

We are the 99% quickly became the political slogan of Occupy protesters from the movement’s inception. The phrase reportedly originated with a tumblr blog in support of the Occupy movement. However, the motivation behind the slogan very well could have come from a Vanity Fair article written by George Soros-funded economist, Joseph Stiglitz, titled “Of the 1%, by the 1%, for the 1%.” In the article, Stiglitz writes that America’s top 1% will come to regret their wealth when they learn that “their fate is bound up with how the other 99% live.”

Sounds like a rallying cry for a movement, doesn’t it?

Stiglitz, who advocates for a “new economic world order no longer dominated by 1 superpower,” taught a course to Occupy Wall Street protesters in New York and has addressed protesters in Egypt, Tunisia, and Spain.

The 99% slogan has struck a nerve with many Americans who feel the Occupy movement shouldn’t and doesn’t speak for them. Thanks to founder, Erick Erickson, those Americans have a place to tell their story and represent themselves as part of the 53% of Americans who pay federal income tax; the 53% that pay for entitlement programs that many Occupiers collect but say isn’t enough.

Check out the We Are the 53% webpage here.

These are the people who keep this country going while the Occupy movement, with support from the Obama administration, tries to shut down Wall Street and the corporations that provide jobs to the 53%.

Livestream of Today’s ‘Global Revolution’ Provided by Van Jones-Affiliated Social Justice Media?

By Danette Clark    September 17, 2011’s Global Revolution channel will provide live feed of today’s “Occupy Wall Street” protests.,,, and other anti-capitalism organizations with hopes of creating “an American Tahrir Square” will descend on downtown Manhattan to show that they blame Wall Street for its “financial capture of the US political system”.

From’s global revolution channel:

This channel will feature live streams from global non violent revolution spreading across the globe”, with the first broadcasts from Wall Street Occupation in NYC. The channel will also feature live stream from solidarity protests and events in Spain, Greece, France, Belgium, Iceland and other places around the globe.

Leading up to the protests at Wall Street, which are scheduled to begin today at 3:00 pm, the global revolution channel is running video after video of far left propaganda (including questionable history lessons) and footage of recent protests in Spain, Greece, and the Gaza Strip.

The channel banner for the global revolution channel on depicts a logo that I recognize as the same logo used by Indymedia in Oakland, California.

Indymedia is funded by the Tides Foundation, which supports a slew of radical leftist organizations, and which has received millions in donations from George Soros’ Open Society Institute.

According to, Indymedia is an enormous news and events bulletin board with local pages in most of the world’s major cities, which provides a vital link for radical activists, often with violent agendas, to coordinate their protests.

Indymedia’s website boasts violent rhetoric such as calls to disband the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Police, referring to them as pigs and making obscene statements like “all police are murderers.”

Indymedia’s fiscal sponsor is Media Alliance.

Media Alliance refers to itself as “… a media resource and advocacy center for media workers, non-profit organizations, and social justice activists.”

Obama’s former green jobs czar, Van Jones, was chairman of the board of Media Alliance in 1998.

Today, Oriana Saportas, an ACORN and SEIU organizer, sits on the board.

Media Alliance and Indymedia work closely with and support the activities of many far-left organizations, including the Van Jones-founded Ella Baker Center and The Data Center, whose founders are closely tied to both Van Jones and communist William Ayers.

Indymedia has also received funding from George Soros’ Open Society Institute.

‘Days of Rage’: Protestors Planning to Occupy Wall Street Hope to Bring Tahrir Square Home to the US

By Danette Clark    August 18, 2011

Just six days after the upcoming 10th Anniversary of September 11 and the opening of the 9/11 memorial, left-wing protestors will march through downtown Manhattan — with tents and sleeping bags in tow — in an effort to “Occupy Wall Street.”

Three radical organizations, Adbusters (also known as Culture Jammers), Occupy Wall Street, and US Day of Rage, have launched a vast campaign to occupy Wall Street for two months or more starting on September 17. The plan behind the occupation is to “find a common voice in one clear, unified demand … that awakens the imagination and, if achieved, would propel us toward the radical democracy of the future.”

Organizers say they are hoping to rally 20,000 people to flood into lower Manhattan where they will set up tents, kitchens, and peaceful barricades. Once there, they will “incessantly repeat one simple demand in a plurality of voices.”

Adbusters/Culture Jammers has also issued a thinly-veiled threat straight from the pen of Chairman Mao:

The London Riots may not be pretty but as the old-lefty adage goes: “Revolution is not a dinner party, nor an essay, nor a painting, nor a piece of embroidery; it cannot be advanced softly, gradually, carefully, considerately, respectfully, politely, plainly, and modestly. A revolution is an insurrection…”1 And the London Riots are, whether we like it or not, what an insurrection might look like if the forces of capitalism do not peacefully, voluntarily relinquish their stranglehold.”

Organizers say they are hoping to rally 20,000 people to flood into lower Manhattan where they will set up tents, kitchens, and peaceful barricades. Once there, they will “incessantly repeat one simple demand in a plurality of voices.”

So, what is the one, clear, unified demand that may forever change the world? They have no clue, yet. But I’m sure it will have something to do with evil capitalism.

By way of Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit, scores of “redeemers, rebels, radicals, and utopian dreamers” are spreading the word and discussing what the one demand should be.

Adbusters’ Occupy Wall Street Facebook page invites followers to vote for their favorite demand. There are 100 to choose from. Several demands on the list are apparently nothing more than tasteless attempts at humor, but received votes nonetheless. For example:

. Make Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman Fight to the Death . Their Heads on Poles . Kill Ruper Murdoch . Free the Unicorns

The top 10 demands based on the number of votes received so far are:

. Revoke Corporate Personhood . Abolish Capitalism . Presidential Commission to Separate Money from Politics . Tax Wall Street . Raise Taxes on the Top 2% . Public Healthcare . Close Half of America’s 1000 Military Bases . End Corporate Welfare . Four-hour Workday . Resource Based Economy

Organizers at Adbusters’ Culture Jammers Headquarters write that the most exciting candidate they have heard so far is to “demand that President Obama ordain a Presidential Commission tasked with ending the influence money has over our representatives in Washington.”

Really? Do they even know who Barack Obama is?

Apparently, this group of radicals views Obama as some sort of deity if they think he can “ordain” anything.

Also, do they not know Obama has taken many, many millions from bundlers and big money corporations?

On July 26, Adbusters ran an ad calling for radicals to join in the occupation of Wall Street and asking the question, “Is America Ripe for a Tahrir Movement?”

Culture Jammers likens their expectations of the upcoming protests to those in Egypt months ago, stating, “It feels much like it did in Tahrir Square, moments before Mubarak caved. You’ve never felt so alive.”

The protests that began in January of this year in Cairo’s Tahrir Square and other cities in Egypt have become known as the 2011 Egyptian Revolution. The first few weeks of protesting led to the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak. The struggle continues today, with at least 846 people dead and 6,000 injured.

Several reporters were assaulted while among the protesters in and around the Square. CBS News reporter, Lara Logan, was sexuallyassaulted and beatenby several men inside Tahrir Square right after it was announced that President Mubarak had stepped down. Fortunately, Logan was rescued by a group of women and an estimated 20 Egyptian soldiers.

Days of Rage proclaims “Let the US Days of Rage Begin … On September 17, 2011, Wall Street belongs to US.”

The phrase “Days of Rage” was originally used by the media to describe a series of direct actions that took place over the course of three days in Chicago in 1969. The “Days of Rage” demonstrations were organized by the Weatherman faction of Students for a Democratic Society.

The Weathermen, later known as the Weather Underground Organization, was founded in part by communist William Ayers. The goal was to create a revolutionary party for the violent overthrow of the U.S. government.

During the 2008 Presidential campaign, Ayers was found to be closely linked to President Obama.

In what would later become typical Weathermen style, the 1969 Days of Rage, and the days leading up to it, consisted of violent demonstrations and blowing things up. A commemorative statue of a murdered police officer in Haymarket Square was destroyed by a dynamite bomb that was placed between the legs of the statue. The blast scattered pieces of the statue onto the Kennedy Expressway below and shattered nearly 100 windows.

Weathermen and fellow demonstrators, dawning motorcycle and football helmets, charged and attacked police officers and smashed windows in automobiles, buildings and homes.

In his 2001 book, Fugitive Days, Ayers reminisced about the Days of Rage when he wrote, “the streets became sparkling and treacherous with the jagged remains of our rampage.” He describes the scene as “crystal chaos,” a term chillingly similar to the term used by the Nazis 30 years ago to describe their sparkling rampage through the streets of Germany. The Nazi regime used the term Kristallnacht, which means “Crystal Night.”

In another strange and chilling “coincidence,” prior to the start of the 2011 Egyptian Revolution in Cairo early this year, opposition leaders organized the protesting to begin on January 25, declaring it a “Day of Rage.”

Not so coincidental is the fact that Adbusters receives funding from the Tides Foundation and partners with several other organizations funded by George Soros’ Open Society Institute.

1 Mao Tse-tung, Report on an Investigation of the Peasant Movement in Hunan, March 1927.

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