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Utah K-12 Curriculum Material and Teacher Training Provided by Progressive Annenberg Foundation

“Enculturating the Young into a Social and Political Democracy”
Office of Alpine School District, Utah

By Danette Clark

There are some states that seem to have just completely thrown it all away.

It’s not surprising to find a liberal school on every corner in parts of California, Illinois, and New York; but what are Arkansas, Colorado, and Utah doing? Are the people in charge of education in these states just not paying attention, or are they closet progressives who know exactly what they’re doing?

Do our tax dollars not pay for someone to review lessons before they are approved for use in the classroom, or are our education leaders just that ignorant about the history of our country?

Whether ignorant or maniacal, these people have got to go. If conservative legislators in these states don’t get busy pursuing the truth and making the hard decisions that need to be made to reverse course, then they need to go as well.

As far back as 1999, the Coalition of Essential Schools began working in the State of Utah. The Utah Principals Academy trained 43 principals from 17 school districts on “the ten common principles” of CES schools.

CES is the progressive education reform movement behind both CSCOPE in Texas and the nationally proposed Common Core State Standards that President Obama is enticing every state to adopt.

Today, the Utah State Office of Education is in partnership with Utah Education Network (UEN) to provide professional development, lesson plans and curriculum resource material.

UEN’s website reveals that its professional development workshops and UEN-TV course materials are provided by the Annenberg Foundation and Annenberg Media. Curriculum resource material and lesson plans are provided by Annenberg Media and Annenberg learner.org.

Annenberg is the money, ‘political weight‘, and power force behind the Coalition of Essential Schools.

Annenberg’s learner.org provides pro-communist history lessons like those found in CSCOPE and the ones I wrote about in Discovery Channel Communications Company Partners with Radical Progressives to Bring Anti-American Curriculum to the Classroom and ‘Was George Washington Any Different From Palestinian Terrorists…?’.

In addition to the dangerous alliance with Annenberg through UEN, Utah State Office of Education partners with WestEd, Learning Forward, and ASCD in the  development of Utah measurement tools and the implementation of Common Core. All three organizations partner with the Coalition of Essential Schools to advance the radical CES school reform model.

Learning Forward (formerly named National Staff Development Council) recently teamed up with Linda Darling Hammond, one of several radical educators behind CSCOPE and Common Core, on a multi-year study titled, The Status of Professional Development in the United States.

WestEd’s work includes 10 ‘Equity Assistance Centers‘, all funded by the U.S. Department of Education, to provide “assistance and training in the areas of civil rights, equity, and school reform”.

The National Equity Project (formerly BayCES), a regional affiliate of the Coalition of Essential Schools, has partnered with WestEd on several  initiatives.  Linda Darling Hammond is an advisory board member to the National Equity Project.

It appears that parents in Utah, like many other states, are in for quite a battle in their fight against Common Core. Not only has Utah signed onto Common Core and, to date, shows no sign of turning back, the governors office and DOE even participated in the creation of the college and career readiness standards issued by the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) and the National Governors Association (NGA) (leaders in the creation of Common Core).

This Utah Department of Education document from 2009 boasts of the State’s involvement with CCSSO and NGA:

“Staff members of both the Governor’s office and the USOE were involved in the development, providing input, direction and feedback.”

“Members of our Institutions of Higher Education (IHE) partners also served on design committees.”

Please go to whatiscommoncore.wordpress.com and utahnsagainstcommoncore.com and do what you can to support their efforts.

We have to believe it can be done, even if it means completely cleaning house. We only have a year-and-a-half until mid-term elections!

For more on Utah, go here and here to read some of the shocking things currently taking place in their schools.


Name Names — Radical of the Week



Tim Wise


A self-proclaimed anti-racism expert, Tim Wise has no qualms about expressing his disgust for conservatives and traditional American values.

Just before the 2008 presidential election, Wise wrote a piece claiming that people attending McCain/Palin rallies were shouting demands to kill Barack Obama. The article warned that if fascism comes, it will come from “men and women…with baseball caps and What Would Jesus Do? wristbands… from the soil of middle America, from people known as values voters but whose values are toxic…by tailgaters at the big football game, by Joe Six Pack…a hockey mom or a NASCAR dad.”

Wise was a featured speaker at the 2009 Coalition of Essential Schools Fall Forum and has been invited to speak to students at several CES schools.

Wise was also a featured speaker at the 2010 White Privilege Conference. The conference has been attended by many Coalition of Essential Schools teachers and students.

Go to Students Schooled on White Privilege and ’5 Million Ways to Kill a CEO’ to read more about the White Privilege Conference and to learn which CES school district used tax payer dollars to transport students across 3 states to attend the conference.

In response to the Republican Party’s broad victory in the 2010 midterm elections, Wise wrote an ‘open letter to the white right’. In his seething rant, he  warns ‘rich folks’ that their time is limited. Wise then goes on to say:

“…conservative old white people have pretty much always been the bad guys…the folks unwilling to share the category of American with others on equal terms. Fine, keep it up. It doesn’t matter. Because you’re on the endangered list… you are not worth saving.”

“In forty years or so, maybe fewer, there won’t be any more white people around who actually remember that Leave it to Beaver, Father Knows Best, Opie-Taylor-Down-at-the-Fishing Hole cornpone bullshit that you hold so near and dear to your heart…there won’t be any more white folks around who think the 1950s were the good old days…so therefore, we’ll be able to teach about them accurately and honestly…”

“It’s OK. Because in about forty years, half the country will be black or brown. And there is nothing you can do about it…”

“Do you hear it? The sound of your empire dying? Your nation, as you knew it, ending, permanently? Because I do, and the sound of its demise is beautiful.”

See other radicals behind the Coalition of Essential Schools at Name Names.

Howard Machtinger on the Religious Right — “Contemptuous and Mean-Spirited Toward the Poor, Especially…People of Color”

This week’s ‘Radical of the Week’ being added to the Name Names page:

Howard Machtinger


Former member of the Students for a Democratic Society and co-founder of the Weather Underground Organization alongside Bill Ayers, Howard Machtinger recently served several years as director of the North Carolina Teaching Fellows program at UNC’s School of Education.

The program hand-picked high school students for recruitment into the field of teaching by offering fully paid education and training. Under Machtinger’s direction, many NC Teaching Fellows were then sent to teach in schools belonging to the Coalition of Essential Schools network.

The Fellows program also promoted and partnered with several progressive organizations to promote their social justice infused curricula for use in public and charter schools.

President Obama’s education plan specifically references NC Teaching Fellows as a model of best practice in teacher recruitment.

To his credit, Machtinger has, in recent years, denounced the violence that he and other members of the Weather Underground Organization participated in during the 1960s. However, as an educator and as director of NC’s Teaching Fellows program, Machtinger continued to promote radical SDS style prejudice against whites, America and capitalism.

Machtinger wrote the following just 3 months ago:

“…today the right, including the religious right, is contemptuous and mean-spirited toward the poor, especially if they are people of color. They are losers, who are not fully citizens, whose voting rights need to be curtailed and whose culture needs a makeover. Even some of the Black mega-churches preach an updated version of the ‘gospel of wealth.’”

And with regard to the Tea Party, Machtinger wrote this:

“The question is whether there is any limit to popular toleration and submission to the Tea Party’s articulated individualism and its implicit white supremacy and macho strutting.”

Go to Name Names to see other radicals behind the largest progressive indoctrination movement in the U.S., the Coalition of Essential Schools (CES).

Also, see how CES schools are behind CSCOPE in Texas and the Common Core national standards at What Are They Learning?.

These Texas Educators Should Have Some Explaining To Do

By Danette Clark

Now that CSCOPE has been exposed, thanks in large part to the ladies at txcscopereview.com and redhotconservative.com, Texans can start taking out the trash and turning their schools around.

In an attempt to lend a hand to my neighbor state, I’m posting some background information that might help and the names of a few Texas educators who should be made to answer for their involvement in the progressive takeover of Texas schools.

As I wrote in Indoctrination in Texas Schools Long Before CSCOPE, radical educators infiltrated several Texas school districts many years ago.

One of the state’s largest threats is Texas ASCD (Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development), which opened in 1947. Today, Texas ASCD partners with many liberal education organizations, including the Houston Annenberg Challenge, CES Small Schools Project, and Communities in Schools of Texas.

Working in partnership with the University of Texas, Texas A&M, and other universities, ASCD helps recruit and train new liberal educators for placement in K-12 schools.

ASCD promotes curriculum that is designed around “essential questions”, a teaching strategy created by Theodore Sizer.

Sizer’s Coalition of Essential Schools (CES), which started out with only twelve schools in 1984, is now a national hub for thousands of progressive educators and hundreds of organizations.

ASCD is one of the largest and most powerful of those organizations.  An ASCD office can be found in 49 states in the U.S.

Below is a list of Texas educators that have been working directly with Texas ASCD, whose mission it is to place radical educators and pro-communist curricula into classroom.

Texas ASCD Regional Affiliates:

•Rio Grande Valley (Region 1) – Arminda Lozano (Edinburg CISD)
•Coastal Bend (Region 2) –  Abigayle Barton (Corpus Christi ISD)
•Crossroads Area (Region 3 ) – Gayle Parenica (Region 3)
•Houston Suburban (Region 4) – Mary Jadloski (Cypress-Fairbanks ISD)
•Sabine – Neches (Region 5) – D’Lana Barbay (Vidor ISD)
•Piney Woods (Region 7) – Tasha Barker (Lindale ISD)
•North Central (Region 10) – Katie Kordel (Frisco ISD)
•Les Evans (Region 11) – Lisa Young (Carroll ISD)
•Central Texas (Region 12) – Vickie Dean (Connally ISD)
•Capital Area (Region 13) – Diana Sustaita (Pflugerville ISD)
•West Central Texas (Region 14) – Paula Kinslow (Clyde ISD)
•Panhandle (Region 16) – Brenda Foster (Region 16)
•West Texas (Region 17) – Shawn Bearden (Abernathy ISD)
•Paso del Norte (Region 19) – Blanca Lopez
•Alamo Area (Region 20) – Frank Alfaro (Alamo Heights ISD)

Texas ASCD Regional Contacts:

•Region 6 – Sandy Szako
•Region 8 – Lori Ables (Texarkana ISD)
•Region 9 – Ashley Stewart (Graham ISD)
•Region 15 – Ann Ligon Moore (Brady ISD)
•Region 18 – Carolyn Gonzalez (Ector County ISD)

Read more about Texas ASCD and the Coalition of Essential Schools at What Are They Learning? and go to Schools, Districts & Organizations Indoctrinating in Your State to see what’s going on in your area.

Secularists in Today’s American Classroom

By Danette Clark    November 24, 2012 (originally posted April, 2011)

One might think the real push to remove God from the classrooms of America began in 1963 with the lawsuit to remove prayer from schools filed by Madalyn Murray O’Hair against the school board of Baltimore. Not even close.

In 1837, Horace Mann became the first secretary of the Massachusetts Board of Education, which was the first board of education established in the United States. This was the first major step in removing schools from the influence and control of families, parents, churches, and local communities and placing them in the control of state government. Although state-run schools allowed children from all classes and backgrounds to receive an education and provided needed funds for learning materials, Mann immediately began pushing for the removal of religious sectarian instruction in class.

Once considered brilliant education reformers of their time, men like Horace Mann, John Dewey and G. Stanley Hall are still considered brilliant education reformers — among progressives, that is. They believed they could bring about social change and a democratic society through education. Dewey claimed that democracy is the frame of reference for education.

G. Stanley Hall based his studies of childhood development on the theory of evolution and so began the segregation of children in the classroom based on their position on the evolutionary scale. Hall believed children should be indoctrinated to save them from the individualism that he believed was damaging to the progress of American culture.

In a video interview with Doug Phillips on education in America, John Dewey is described as a radical secular humanist, a bonafied God hater, and an atheist.

Humanism continues to be a foundation of progressive education today. The work of removing God from schools continues in thousands of schools across America under the model and ideas of Dewey and other radical progressive educators and psychologists.

Bill Ayers has this to say about John Dewey:

“But John Dewey was one of the brilliant, brilliant writers about what democratic education would look like and was himself an independent socialist. But he never resolved a central contradiction in our work, the contradiction between trying to change the school and being embedded in a society that has the exact opposite values culturally and politically and socially from the values you’re trying to build in a classroom.”

John Dewey aided in drafting the first Humanist Manifesto in 1933, which was written with the purpose of creating a new religion, humanism. The manifesto states that “… man’s larger understanding of the universe… requires a new statement of the means and purposes of religion”.

The drafters and signers lay out fifteen theses, or affirmations, reflecting their beliefs and the foundation of this new “religion.” The first affirmation is that “Religious humanists regard the universe as self-existing and not created.”

The goals of humanists, according to the 1933 manifesto, included the evaluation, transformation and control of all associations and institutions, including the reconstitution of “religious institutions, their ritualistic forms, ecclesiastical methods, and communal activities”.

Humanists are progressive socialists. The fourteenth affirmation of the first Humanist Manifesto states, in part, that “a socialized and cooperative economic order must be established to the end that the equitable distribution of the means of life be possible. The goal of humanism is a free and universal society in which people voluntarily and intelligently cooperate for the common good. Humanists demand a shared life in a shared world.”

Maxine Greene, mentor and close associate of Bill Ayers at Columbia University, aided in drafting the second Humanist Manifesto in 1973, which declares:

“As in 1933, humanists still believe that traditional theism, especially faith in the prayer-hearing God, assumed to live and care for persons, to hear and understand their prayers, and to be able to do something about them, is an unproved and outmoded faith. Salvationism, based on mere affirmation, still appears as harmful, diverting people with false hopes of heaven hereafter. Reasonable minds look to other means for survival.”

Sol Stern wrote in the Summer 2006 City Journal about Bill Ayers’ relationship with Maxine Green:

“But he experienced an epiphany in a course taught by Maxine Greene, a leading light of the “critical pedagogy” movement. It hadn’t occurred to Ayers that an ed-school professor could speak or write as an authentic American radical. … Her vision was a far cry from the democratic optimism of the Founding Fathers… Maxine Greene urged teachers not to mince words with children about the evils of the existing social order. They should portray ‘homelessness as a consequence of the private dealings of landlords, an arms buildup as a consequence of corporate decisions, racial exclusion as a consequence of a private property-holder’s choice.’ In other words, they should turn the little ones into young socialists and critical theorists.”

President Obama and Bill Ayers have a much more extensive relationship, especially with regard to education, than most people realize. They share the same humanistic view of education and social order.

Read here about President Obama’s deep involvement, even today, with a secular humanist education reform movement that now operates in thousands of schools nationwide.