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President Didn’t Win Single State that Required Full Photo ID

From with Brenda J. Elliott

Did the suppression of voter ID laws aid President Obama’s victory over Mitt Romney?

Obama did not win a single state that fully requires photo IDs, although he did win in four states that require non-photo identification – Washington, Colorado, Ohio and Virginia.  Those states accept as legitimate identification current utility bills, bank statements and paychecks.

Obama won in New Hampshire, which just enacted a new Voter ID law that eventually will require photo identification. That law is not being fully implemented until September 2013.


ACORN Partners Receive Funding Under ‘Deferred Action’, Could Lead to Illegals Voting in 2012 Election

By Danette Clark    August 20, 2012

As a result of President Obama’s June 15 deferred deportation “policy note”, a.k.a. the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, the New York State legislature granted $450,000 to three organizations that will aid illegal immigrants in obtaining temporary legal status and work permits.

The organizations — Make the Road NY, New York Immigration Coalition, and Legal Services NYC — have all been affiliated with the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, the allegedly disbanded organization known as ACORN.

In the past, each one has formed a coalition with ACORN and partnered with it on several projects from education and housing to opposing voter identification laws and Arizona’s immigration law.

The organization FIRM (Fair Immigration Reform Movement) is one example. The New York Immigration Coalition and ACORN are both members of FIRM’s organizing committee.

The registration program began last week, on August 15. The possibility now exists that work permits issued to approximately 1.75 million illegal immigrants could open the door to widespread voter fraud. Volunteers with organizations like ACORN hold voter registration drives all over the country.

Work permits granted to illegals could provide temporary legal status, qualifiying them for a social security number and driver’s license. Currently, many states require only a social security number and/or driver’s license when registering to vote, leaving hundreds of thousands of non-citizens unchecked if they attempt to register.

On a side note, what good does it do for the federal government to de-fund ACORN if states are still funding them and their partners? The New York City Council’s 2011 budget shows $180,000 going to the New York ACORN Housing Company, the same organization busted by hidden cameras providing counseling in support of tax evasion and a proposed under-aged prostitution business.

ACORN was investigated in 2008 for committing massive voter fraud, including registering illegal immigrants to vote. As a result, the organization was de-funded by the federal government.