11 Things You Can Do

1. Go here and print the list of schools and organizations in your state involved in progressive indoctrination. Then share that list with everyone you know.  If your child’s school is not listed here, that doesn’t mean it’s not infected. The list is still being updated.  Also, progressive indoctrinators started this work decades ago and are working in every state to try to penetrate every school.  There very well could be thousands more schools that need to be added to this list.

2. Understand your rights. Teachers and schools break the law when they violate a student’s right to freedom of religion or freedom of speech. In many states, schools violate state law when they deny a parent access to curriculum, when false information is presented as fact, or when inappropriate or explicit material is taught without parental consent. Read more about your rights at the American Center for Law and Justice’s Curriculum Matters page.

3. Research the curricula and organizations involved in your area or contact me if you would like for me to provide you with specific information about your school or district. Print and keep everything you find.

4. Gather other parents or concerned educators to help you. The impact will be greater in numbers.

5. Contact your local schools and ask what curricula is being taught. Request a copy of or access to the FULL curriculum for every course subject, including sex education programs, teacher resources, text books, recommended and required reading lists, and any online or outside educational resources being used by the teachers or recommended to the students. Also, request a list of speakers/contributors that visit the class or school or engage the students in any way and a list of organizations that contribute in any way to the curriculum and outside or afterschool activities. If needed, a sample request form can be found here.

6. Contact the organizations listed below and see if they can help you. These are legal organizations, many of whom represent students and parents whose constitutional rights have been violated by a school or teacher.

7. If you are a lawyer, please consider donating a few hours of your time each week to representing parents and students in your area in a lawsuit against these schools, districts, and organizations. Also, some of the resources below are looking for pro bono lawyers in several states to help with pending or upcoming claims.

8. Parents – look for lawyers in your area who would be willing to volunteer some of their time to represent you and others in a lawsuit against the school and district.

9. Contact your education superintendent, school board members, legislators, and governor and demand they terminate this kind of curriculum  and terminate their relationship with any organizations they’ve partnered with to teach or provide questionable content (such as Planned Parenthood).  Be specific. Provide names of schools and details about questionable curriculum material and organizations.

10. Contact your local Tea Party or other conservative activist organizations and ask them to take up this cause with you. The more exposure and attention that can be brought to this matter, the more likely it can be fixed.

11. Clean house. Find out who let the snakes into your local schools and vote them out! Find and back conservative candidates for school board, senate, etc., who are opposed to liberal indoctrination and will work to stop it.


Alliance Defending Freedom
American Center for Law and Justice
American Life League
Liberty Counsel
STOPP – Stop Planned Parenthood
Thomas More Law Center

More resources coming soon.   Read articles about indoctrination currently taking place at What Are They Learning?


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