Take it Back!

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To read articles about indoctrination currently taking place in public schools, go to What Are They Learning?.

To read articles about indoctrination specific to Common Core, go to Common Core/CSCOPE – General.

Liberal indoctrination of students that was once only found in a handful of universities now takes place in thousands of K-12 schools across the country.

Indoctrination doesn’t just happen because there are a few bad educators mixed in with the good. Many schools have literally been created or re-structured to be indoctrination centers, from top to bottom — from the principal and teachers, to the curriculum, history books, and even after school activities and field trips.

Hundreds of thousands of students are immersed in an anti-American
environment and curriculum that is detrimental to the child as well as to the survival of America’s morals, traditions, and freedoms.

Our country desperately needs a movement of conservatives and Christians dedicated to taking back control of what their children learn and what they are exposed to by taking back education in their own cities and states.

Find schools, districts, and organizations indoctrinating in your state, then go to 11 Things You Can Do for suggestions and resources.


4 responses to “Take it Back!

  1. I would like more info on the schools you have listed in my state. like curriculum or lessons used.

  2. Sure. Please go to my Contact page and leave your email. Your email address will be kept private. I will get back with you shortly and we can work together to gather everything you need.

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