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District that Teaches 4th Graders to Give Up Constitutional Rights Led by Annenberg/CES Trained Superintendent


By Danette Clark

TheBlaze.com reported yesterday that the father of a 4th grade student at Cedar Hills Elementary School in Jacksonville, Florida was furious after finding the paper shown above in his son’s backpack.

The boy and one other student told the father, Aaron Harvey, that their teacher dictated the sentence to some of the students to write down — “I am willing to give up some of my constitutional rights in order to be safer or more secure.”

In response, Superintendent of Duval County Public Schools, Nikolai Vitti, told TheBlaze that a local attorney taught a lesson about the Constitution to fourth-grade students, and the sentence was mentioned during the lesson, but that Aaron Harvey’s son wrote it down “on his own free will”.

I’m not buying it.

First of all, Duval County schools participate in various Annenberg Institute programs and partner with radical left-wing organizations such as Teaching Tolerance and DoSomething.org.

Further, Superintendent Vitti has a long history of working in districts led by Annenberg supported progressive reformers and has received training from Annenberg organizations.

As I’ve written several times (here, here, here, and here), the Annenberg Institute and the Coalition of Essential Schools (CES), whose mission it is to indoctrinate for ‘social change’, are behind the radical CSCOPE curriculum in Texas and the nationally proposed Common Core State Standards.

Nikolai Vitti only recently became the Superintendent of Duval County Public Schools. Prior to his selection, Vitti served as Chief Academic Officer of Miami-Dade County Public Schools, a South Florida Annenberg Challenge district.

In addition to the Chicago Annenberg Challenge and the Houston Annenberg Challenge, both of which I’ve recently written about, Miami-Dade received a portion of the Annenberg Challenge grant money awarded to several districts across the nation for the purpose of implementing the Coalition of Essential Schools progressive reform model.

Superintendent Vitti has received leadership training through the Council for Educational Change, an organization established by the Florida Annenberg Challenge.

The Florida Department of Education sponsors and funds many of the programs provided by Council for Educational Change (Annenberg Challenge), including training sessions for educators on the Common Core Standards. This means that, even absent Common Core, the entire State of Florida is at risk of losing its schools, and more importantly, its children, to progressive indoctrinators.


Tennessee Tea Party Group Informing Local Parents About the Dangers of Common Core

By Danette Clark

The radicals behind progressive indoctrination in thousands of public, charter, and even Christian schools across the country, have gotten this far by being highly organized and united.

Please contact your local Tea Party to find out if they are already fighting to reverse your state’s adoption of the Common Core State Standards and get involved. If they aren’t, ask them to join you in the fight.

Most Tea Party groups are versed in the necessary process — dealing with local legislators, organizing, and alerting the media.

Members in several states are working to join all Tea Party groups within their state around this issue.

For example, Dickson County Tea Party/912 Project in Tennessee has teamed up with several local groups to educate parents about the agenda behind Common Core. They will hold an informational meeting this Thursday, April 4th at 7:00 pm at The Renaissance Center on Highway 46 South in Dickson.

In coming weeks, I will try to compose a list of groups across the country (not just Tea Party groups) that are already engaged in this fight and post as a resource for those of you looking for a group in your area.

As I wrote in Out Number and Drown Out Concerned Parents — Admitted Strategy of Liberal Indoctrinators, Theodore Sizer, the founder of the progressive education movement behind Common Core, admitted that even if parents are ’well orchestrated’ and ‘noisy’, it isn’t enough to make a difference.

The power is in numbers and organization.

See some of the faces behind Common Core and CSCOPE at Name Names — The People Behind the Largest Progressive Indoctrination Movement in the U.S.

Utah K-12 Curriculum Material and Teacher Training Provided by Progressive Annenberg Foundation

“Enculturating the Young into a Social and Political Democracy”
Office of Alpine School District, Utah

By Danette Clark

There are some states that seem to have just completely thrown it all away.

It’s not surprising to find a liberal school on every corner in parts of California, Illinois, and New York; but what are Arkansas, Colorado, and Utah doing? Are the people in charge of education in these states just not paying attention, or are they closet progressives who know exactly what they’re doing?

Do our tax dollars not pay for someone to review lessons before they are approved for use in the classroom, or are our education leaders just that ignorant about the history of our country?

Whether ignorant or maniacal, these people have got to go. If conservative legislators in these states don’t get busy pursuing the truth and making the hard decisions that need to be made to reverse course, then they need to go as well.

As far back as 1999, the Coalition of Essential Schools began working in the State of Utah. The Utah Principals Academy trained 43 principals from 17 school districts on “the ten common principles” of CES schools.

CES is the progressive education reform movement behind both CSCOPE in Texas and the nationally proposed Common Core State Standards that President Obama is enticing every state to adopt.

Today, the Utah State Office of Education is in partnership with Utah Education Network (UEN) to provide professional development, lesson plans and curriculum resource material.

UEN’s website reveals that its professional development workshops and UEN-TV course materials are provided by the Annenberg Foundation and Annenberg Media. Curriculum resource material and lesson plans are provided by Annenberg Media and Annenberg learner.org.

Annenberg is the money, ‘political weight‘, and power force behind the Coalition of Essential Schools.

Annenberg’s learner.org provides pro-communist history lessons like those found in CSCOPE and the ones I wrote about in Discovery Channel Communications Company Partners with Radical Progressives to Bring Anti-American Curriculum to the Classroom and ‘Was George Washington Any Different From Palestinian Terrorists…?’.

In addition to the dangerous alliance with Annenberg through UEN, Utah State Office of Education partners with WestEd, Learning Forward, and ASCD in the  development of Utah measurement tools and the implementation of Common Core. All three organizations partner with the Coalition of Essential Schools to advance the radical CES school reform model.

Learning Forward (formerly named National Staff Development Council) recently teamed up with Linda Darling Hammond, one of several radical educators behind CSCOPE and Common Core, on a multi-year study titled, The Status of Professional Development in the United States.

WestEd’s work includes 10 ‘Equity Assistance Centers‘, all funded by the U.S. Department of Education, to provide “assistance and training in the areas of civil rights, equity, and school reform”.

The National Equity Project (formerly BayCES), a regional affiliate of the Coalition of Essential Schools, has partnered with WestEd on several  initiatives.  Linda Darling Hammond is an advisory board member to the National Equity Project.

It appears that parents in Utah, like many other states, are in for quite a battle in their fight against Common Core. Not only has Utah signed onto Common Core and, to date, shows no sign of turning back, the governors office and DOE even participated in the creation of the college and career readiness standards issued by the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) and the National Governors Association (NGA) (leaders in the creation of Common Core).

This Utah Department of Education document from 2009 boasts of the State’s involvement with CCSSO and NGA:

“Staff members of both the Governor’s office and the USOE were involved in the development, providing input, direction and feedback.”

“Members of our Institutions of Higher Education (IHE) partners also served on design committees.”

Please go to whatiscommoncore.wordpress.com and utahnsagainstcommoncore.com and do what you can to support their efforts.

We have to believe it can be done, even if it means completely cleaning house. We only have a year-and-a-half until mid-term elections!

For more on Utah, go here and here to read some of the shocking things currently taking place in their schools.

CSCOPE Curriculum Designer Employed by CCSSO Partner to Aid in Implementing Common Core


By Danette Clark

An update and correction to this post can be found below.

Grant Wiggins, one of eight designers of curriculum, standards and instruction of the pro-communist Texas CSCOPE curriculum, also provides professional development to aid educators in implementing the national Common Core State Standards.

Pearson, the education service company widely known for publishing textbooks, has partnered with the Council of Chief State School Officers in providing training and other resources to states implementing Common Core.

Through the ‘Pearson Common Core Institute’, Wiggins provides instruction via several Pearson Common Core webinar videos.

In one such webinar, Wiggins discusses “how issues of backward transfer relate to the Common Core”.

‘Backward transfer’ (also commonly referred to as ‘backward design’ or  ‘planning backwards’) is part of the Understanding by Design® framework for curriculum, assessment, and learning created by Wiggins and co-author, Jay McTighe, also a designer of CSCOPE.

As explained here and here, the Coalition of Essential Schools (CES) is the Bill Ayers backed progressive education reform movement behind both CSCOPE and Common Core. Linda Darling Hammond, developer of both CSCOPE and Common Core, has worked to implement CES reform for many years.

Grant Wiggins has worked with the Coalition of Essential Schools for many years, studying CES method and pedagogy, and incorporating them into the creation of his own curriculum and instruction design for use in CES schools.

A staple of the CES reform model has long been the use of ‘essential questions’ in identifying desired results of teacher instruction. Stage one of Wiggins and McTighe’s backward design process is identifying essential questions.

In 2011 and 2012, the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) partnered with ASCD (the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development) to hold statewide summits in several states on the implementation of Common Core.

Wiggins and McTighe’s Understanding by Design® was originally published by ASCD. Read about Texas ASCD’s involvement with the Coalition of Essential Schools and CSCOPE here and here.

Also, read more about Wiggins and others behind the Coalition of Essential Schools at Name Names — The People Behind the Largest Progressive Indoctrination Movement in the U.S.

Update / Correction — CSCOPE Curriculum Designer Employed by CCSSO Partner to Aid in Implementing Common Core.

In response to a couple of inquiries and comments as to whether Grant Wiggins is actually a ‘designer’ of CSCOPE, I decided to look further into Wiggins’ involvement to be certain that I’m not misleading or providing false information.

Although the link I provided in the original post names Wiggins and several others under the title “Beginning and Background of CSCOPE”, it does also say “Research Base” directly above the list of ‘designer’ and ‘developer’ names.

Someone pointed out that they believe this means the CSCOPE development team, after researching ‘best practice’ designs and strategies, chose to use those of Wiggins, McTighe, and others listed in the linked document, for the creation of CSCOPE — not that Wiggins directly contributed to CSCOPE by writing curriculum or designing lesson plans.

That makes perfect sense, and I admit that the document I chose to link to doesn’t effectively back up my claim that Wiggins is ‘one of eight designers… of CSCOPE’.

However, in light of information evidencing Wiggins’ involvement in professional development training for Texas educators both before and after CSCOPE was implemented, coupled with the fact that Wiggins and McTighe’s Understanding by Design® framework for curriculum, assessment, and learning was directly incorporated into the design of CSCOPE, I think it would be safe to say that Wiggins had a hand in the design of CSCOPE, and further add that it appears he had a hand in its implementation as well.

With over 1,600 lesson plans at any given time (some conveniently disappearing) and rumors of plagiarism, who can say for certain whose lesson plans or content is being provided through CSCOPE?

If CSCOPE was created using Wiggins’ design framework and he provides professional development to Texas educators that use his design framework, why would it be out of the question for CSCOPE to contain lesson plans created by Wiggins?

The sample lesson below uses ‘questions as curriculum’ and was created by Wiggins and McTighe. Compare this to the CSCOPE lesson that referred to the Boston Tea Party as an act of terrorism.


This lesson plan looks like something that could have been used to teach students at Flour Bluff Intermediate School in Texas that the U.S. may have been a target for terrorism on 9/11 because we hurt other countries by making bad decisions.


More ‘essential questions‘ from Wiggins and McTighe:

• Was George Washington any different from Palestinian terrorists trying to protect their country?

• Was Jefferson a hypocrite? Did he really think of a slave as a sub-human while writing the Declaration of Independence?

Here’s an essential question — With Wiggins acting on behalf of the CCSSO and Pearson to aid educators in implementing Common Core, how can we not expect lessons like these to become the national standard?

More Proof that CES, a Nationwide Progressive Organization Launched in Part by President Obama, is Behind Recent Controversy in Texas Schools


By Danette Clark

As I wrote here, Texas ASCD (Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development) is linked to the Coalition of Essential Schools (CES), a nationwide progressive education reform movement that, as a matter of practice, indoctrinates students in a racist, pro-communist, anti-American environment and curriculum.

In an apparent attempt to fly under the radar in Texas, the Texas ASCD website does not specifically refer to Theodore Sizer’s Coalition of Essential Schools (CES), as does the national ASCD website. In fact, a few pages that did connect Texas ASCD to other progressive organizations are now no longer found on the internet.

Texas ASCD’s website does, however, name many progressive educators that can be directly connected to CES schools.

For example, here are just a few of the keynote speakers to past Texas ASCD conferences and professional developement seminars that are affiliated with CES schools:

Howard Gardner – partner with CES founder, Theodore Sizer, in the creation of Atlas Learning Communities, a CES partner organization.

Heidi Hayes Jacobs – curriculum designer for CES schools.

Pedro Noguera – educator who has partnered with Theodore Sizer and CES on many programs and initiatives.

H. Lynn Erickson – consultant to CES mentor schools and other schools and districts for the implementation of CES reform.

Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe – consultants to schools and districts for the implementation of CES reform.

Robert Marzano – research and consulting to schools and districts regarding the implementation of reform, including the CES reform model.

Interestingly enough, five of the Texas ASCD professional development keynotes listed above (Jacobs, Erickson, Wiggins, Tighe and Marzano) are also developers, along with Linda Darling Hammond, of the Texas CSCOPE curriculum.

Linda Darling Hammond is a board member of the Coalition of Essential Schools Bay Area location in Oakland, CA (now named the National Equity Project).

Each of these people also work for progressive organizations to implement Common Core State Standards.

The largest private funder of CES schools, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, is also the largest private funder of Common Core. Gates also funds several organizations, including ASCD, to support implementation of Common Core standards.

Read about the connection between President Obama, Bill Ayers, and CES schools here and here. Also, see other radicals involved in CES schools at Name Names (where a new radical will be added each week, including state representatives, school superintendents, and school board members).

Texas Educators Direct Progressive Education Organization

Last week, I named several Texas educators that are closely affiliated with Texas ASCD, a progressive education organization that works to place radical educators and curricula into public schools.

Below is a list of more Texas educators involved with Texas ASCD, but these individuals make up the board of directors.

Texas ASCD Board of Directors

President, Al Hambrick – Sherman ISD
President Elect, Carl Key – New Diana ISD
Vice President, Suzanne McWilliams – Forney ISD
Vice President Elect, Susanne Carroll, Victoria ISD
Influence Liaison, Gena Gardiner – Highland Park ISD
Past President, Janis Jordan – Corpus Chrisi ISD


Patti Birney – Assistant Superintendent, East Central ISD
Lane Ledbetter – Superintendent, Graham ISD
Darla Pollard – Assistant Superintendent, Terrell ISD
Glenda Heil – Mesquite ISD
Sharon Hogue – Cypress-Fairbanks ISD
Barbara Gideon – Houston ISD
Maria Luisa Guerra – Assistant Superintendant, Edinburg CISD


Tasha Barker – Lindale ISD
Bill Bechtol – Eanes ISD
Juneria Berges – Assistant Superintendent, Huntsville, ISD
Michael Waldrip- Frisco ISD
David Young – Midway ISD
Lisa Young – Southlake Carroll ISD

When searching ASCD’s national website, it’s easy to see that this organization promotes progressive education. The site proudly boasts of conference speakers like Paulo Freire, touts reform efforts of Bill Ayers and his maoist friend and fellow Weather Underground member, Mike Klonsky, through their Small Schools Workshop, and reports ad nauseam on the ‘successes’ of Theodore Sizer’s Coalition of Essential Schools.

However, the Texas ASCD website isn’t quite that obvious. Regardless, Texas educators have a responsibility to students, parents, and the laws of the State of Texas.

While it might be possible to believe that educators who are newly affiliated with Texas ASCD may not yet realize what this organization is really about, the superintendents and assistant superintendents who make up the board of directors certainly should know and they should be held accountable for directing an organization whose national affiliates promote progressive education and communist revolutionaries who call themselves educators.

Go to Name Names to see some of the radicals involved in the Coalition of Essential Schools (more added each week).

These Texas Educators Should Have Some Explaining To Do

By Danette Clark

Now that CSCOPE has been exposed, thanks in large part to the ladies at txcscopereview.com and redhotconservative.com, Texans can start taking out the trash and turning their schools around.

In an attempt to lend a hand to my neighbor state, I’m posting some background information that might help and the names of a few Texas educators who should be made to answer for their involvement in the progressive takeover of Texas schools.

As I wrote in Indoctrination in Texas Schools Long Before CSCOPE, radical educators infiltrated several Texas school districts many years ago.

One of the state’s largest threats is Texas ASCD (Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development), which opened in 1947. Today, Texas ASCD partners with many liberal education organizations, including the Houston Annenberg Challenge, CES Small Schools Project, and Communities in Schools of Texas.

Working in partnership with the University of Texas, Texas A&M, and other universities, ASCD helps recruit and train new liberal educators for placement in K-12 schools.

ASCD promotes curriculum that is designed around “essential questions”, a teaching strategy created by Theodore Sizer.

Sizer’s Coalition of Essential Schools (CES), which started out with only twelve schools in 1984, is now a national hub for thousands of progressive educators and hundreds of organizations.

ASCD is one of the largest and most powerful of those organizations.  An ASCD office can be found in 49 states in the U.S.

Below is a list of Texas educators that have been working directly with Texas ASCD, whose mission it is to place radical educators and pro-communist curricula into classroom.

Texas ASCD Regional Affiliates:

•Rio Grande Valley (Region 1) – Arminda Lozano (Edinburg CISD)
•Coastal Bend (Region 2) –  Abigayle Barton (Corpus Christi ISD)
•Crossroads Area (Region 3 ) – Gayle Parenica (Region 3)
•Houston Suburban (Region 4) – Mary Jadloski (Cypress-Fairbanks ISD)
•Sabine – Neches (Region 5) – D’Lana Barbay (Vidor ISD)
•Piney Woods (Region 7) – Tasha Barker (Lindale ISD)
•North Central (Region 10) – Katie Kordel (Frisco ISD)
•Les Evans (Region 11) – Lisa Young (Carroll ISD)
•Central Texas (Region 12) – Vickie Dean (Connally ISD)
•Capital Area (Region 13) – Diana Sustaita (Pflugerville ISD)
•West Central Texas (Region 14) – Paula Kinslow (Clyde ISD)
•Panhandle (Region 16) – Brenda Foster (Region 16)
•West Texas (Region 17) – Shawn Bearden (Abernathy ISD)
•Paso del Norte (Region 19) – Blanca Lopez
•Alamo Area (Region 20) – Frank Alfaro (Alamo Heights ISD)

Texas ASCD Regional Contacts:

•Region 6 – Sandy Szako
•Region 8 – Lori Ables (Texarkana ISD)
•Region 9 – Ashley Stewart (Graham ISD)
•Region 15 – Ann Ligon Moore (Brady ISD)
•Region 18 – Carolyn Gonzalez (Ector County ISD)

Read more about Texas ASCD and the Coalition of Essential Schools at What Are They Learning? and go to Schools, Districts & Organizations Indoctrinating in Your State to see what’s going on in your area.