Tennessee Tea Party Group Informing Local Parents About the Dangers of Common Core

By Danette Clark

The radicals behind progressive indoctrination in thousands of public, charter, and even Christian schools across the country, have gotten this far by being highly organized and united.

Please contact your local Tea Party to find out if they are already fighting to reverse your state’s adoption of the Common Core State Standards and get involved. If they aren’t, ask them to join you in the fight.

Most Tea Party groups are versed in the necessary process — dealing with local legislators, organizing, and alerting the media.

Members in several states are working to join all Tea Party groups within their state around this issue.

For example, Dickson County Tea Party/912 Project in Tennessee has teamed up with several local groups to educate parents about the agenda behind Common Core. They will hold an informational meeting this Thursday, April 4th at 7:00 pm at The Renaissance Center on Highway 46 South in Dickson.

In coming weeks, I will try to compose a list of groups across the country (not just Tea Party groups) that are already engaged in this fight and post as a resource for those of you looking for a group in your area.

As I wrote in Out Number and Drown Out Concerned Parents — Admitted Strategy of Liberal Indoctrinators, Theodore Sizer, the founder of the progressive education movement behind Common Core, admitted that even if parents are ’well orchestrated’ and ‘noisy’, it isn’t enough to make a difference.

The power is in numbers and organization.

See some of the faces behind Common Core and CSCOPE at Name Names — The People Behind the Largest Progressive Indoctrination Movement in the U.S.


2 responses to “Tennessee Tea Party Group Informing Local Parents About the Dangers of Common Core

  1. Your work is well appreciated and amazing.Have learned alot from you.Am glad to read the facts and no sliding into the hole of the lost like the lame stream media. Thank you, Danette. Pat

  2. A very sincere thank you to you as well. Please share and let’s pray we aren’t too late to turn things around.

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