Out Number and Drown Out Concerned Parents — Admitted Strategy of Liberal Indoctrinators

Communist, Bill Ayers, speaking at 2001 Coalition of Essential Schools Fall Forum

By Danette Clark

The late Theodore Sizer, founder of the Coalition of Essential Schools (CES), the largest liberal indoctrination movement in the U.S., once revealed a strategy used in the take over of public schools.

In a 1995 interview, when asked if CES reform had received push back from parents or communities through public protest, Sizer said this:

“The Coalition schools that have faced… protests have handled it by being ahead of the curve. That is, superintendents, principals, and, in particular, school board members, have given thought to who in their communities might have a different kind of agenda, who in their communities might find certain expressions of school policy offensive. And they have made sure that the committees of parents, teachers, and students at the high schools are strong. And, you know, they make sure that the superintendent goes to Rotary, the Chamber of Commerce, and so on.

So…when questions arose, the school committee actually held a communitywide referendum on the changes the schools were undertaking. What happened was that the very noisy, well-orchestrated criticism of a very few people was buried.”

Even if parents are ‘well orchestrated’ and ‘noisy’, it isn’t enough, and liberal, communist indoctrinators know it isn’t enough. It’s all about the numbers — or in liberal speak, ‘community organizing’.

This is why taking back education for your kids, in your state, must be a group effort. Concerned parents must rally others and increase their  numbers as much as possible to make a difference.

Please go to Take It Back! to find a list of schools indoctrinating in your area, and suggestions and resources for taking back education in your state.

Also, for more about the Coalition of Essential Schools network, go to What Are They Learning?,


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