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Common Core Goes Global: CCSS Conference Kicks Off this Weekend — in Dubai



DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – The 2nd Annual MENA Common Core Conference kicks off today in Dubai, proving that Common Core – the national standards initiative championed by the Obama administration – is going global.

According to a report today from Grumpy Opinions, the conference is being sponsored by Middle East North Africa Common Core and Know.Do.Serve.Learn (KDSL), whose website states:

On October 24th and 25th hundreds of education professionals and scholars from the Middle East, North Africa and America will gather in Dubai for a symposium on implementing Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in regional American curriculum schools. The goal of this annual conference is to inform education professionals about implementing the CCSS in English Language Arts and Mathematics in their schools. The conference also seeks to empower teachers to increase the academic success of their students, showcase exceptional CCSS aligned classroom resources and connect CCSS educators across the Middle East and North Africa. Last years conference, the first of its kind, attracted over 300 attendees from 7 countries and 23 speakers. This year’s conference will exceed those numbers.

Conference partners include Oxford University, Pearson Education, Arab Gulf Education, Teach United Arab Emirates, National Geographic, and Amideast, an organization who proudly states that one of its staff was formerly associated with the radical Islamic terrorist organization, the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. Amideast also deceptively describes the Muslim Brotherhood as simply “the oldest religiously-founded group of its kind in the Middle East.”

Conference organizer KDSL recently released a white paper highlighting American curriculum schools in Dubai and recommending the Common Core State Standards.

The white paper, Three Things Every Parent Should Know About American Curriculum Schools In Dubai, goes through the usual Common Core spiel — that it’s state led, defines what students should know and be able to do at each grade level, does not dictate curriculum, etc.

Additionally, KDSL’s white paper, which claims to have elicited responses from “stakeholders in the US and UAE,” says that US educational administrators describe ‘American curriculum’ as follows:

An American curriculum should be one that emphasizes the ideas of the quest of  freedom, the need of justice, the struggle to imagine and believe in something deeper and fitting for all of humanity, and the desire to innovate systems for a greater good. Of course, this appears to bend heavily on the humanities, but I think all disciplines, when taught and
explored in its most intuitive sense, are based on these underpinnings of an American curriculum.

The document then states that what UAE parents want from an American curriculum is a “whole child curriculum” where “character education, pastoral care, and development of unique individual interests counts just as much as what goes on in the classrooms…”

KDSL then goes on to recommend Common Core and several resources for implementation.

MENA Common Core says this weekend’s conference is the perfect place for educational organizations and companies to showcase what they have to offer to the greater community.

As stated by Grumpy Opinions:

Bill Gates/Microsoft and some of the corporations that make up the Chamber of Commerce stand to generate billions of dollars a year just from the implementation of Common Core in the United States.  We only account for 5% of the worlds total population, imagine how much they could make from globalization of the scheme.

Of course, as global education activists promote the Common Core State Standards in Dubai this weekend, there will likely be no mention of the fact that more than a dozen US states are fighting to dump the standards.


Radical Elements of Common Core Curriculum Rapidly Emerging in Louisiana

By Danette Clark

In Louisiana, the new Common Core State Standards for Math and English are just ramping up with the recent start of the new school year, and already many parents are outraged and speaking out about what their children are learning.

A group of parents in St. Tammany Parish voiced their concerns last week at a local school board meeting over lessons they describe as “left-wing” and “anti-American”.

Parents of several high school students and a few teachers have expressed their disgust to me over innapropriate books being used in the classrooms of their local schools.

In Ascension Parish, 5th grade ELA students are already delving into a “close reading” of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

That particular lesson was originally created for New York City Public Schools by Expeditionary Learning, an organization I wrote about here to explain their close and long-time partnership with the Coalition of Essential Schools (CES). CES is the progressive indoctrination movement whose roots can be traced to President Obama.

The Expeditionary Learning/Common Core lesson refers to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as an “informational text”, which confirms the fears of many — that the increase of informational texts at the expense of quality fictional literature would open the door to more political indoctrination.

As shown in the screen shot below, at least one Ascension Parish teacher is adhering to the lesson’s intended social justice/redistribution of wealth theme by teaching students that under Article 2 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a person’s rights are violated (‘the promise is broken’) when the wealthy own more land than they do.


As more and more information like this surfaces, Arne Duncan’s recent condescending response to Common Core opposition — “It’s not a black helicopter ploy and we’re not trying to get inside people’s minds and brains.” — becomes all the more laughable and insulting.

To see an overview of the human rights lessons being taught in at least one Ascension Parish School (specifically referenced as Module 1) click here. A more detailed lesson within Module 1 can be viewed here.

With the first few weeks of the new school year in Louisiana already causing a Common Core uproar, many are concerned what the coming months will have in store.

According to this Grade 5 Year-at-a-Glance ELA Curriculum Sample from the Louisiana Department of Education, it appears that students in this largely conservative state can look forward to a false history of Christopher Columbus, a lesson on pluralism from Eboo Patel, a former Obama ‘faith’ advisor who recently compared Christians to Al Qaeda, and the video below titled, A Declaration of INTERdependence.

Still think Common Core is not a globalized curriculum influenced by the federal government?

Much of my previous research on Eboo Patel is no longer on the web, but I would encourage you to at least read this. The people involved in our children’s education are just as important as the content of the curriculum.

Thanks to Kathleen for alerting me to the Grade 5 Year-at-a-Glance sample and Declaration of Interdependence video.