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New Initiative Seeks to End JROTC Programs to ‘Counter the Dangerous Nature of Conservatism and Militarism in Public Schools’


By Danette Clark

In an effort to remove anything and everything resembling patriotism and military-style discipline and teamwork from public schools, a new initiative has been launched that specifically targets JROTC, Starbase, Young Marines, and several other voluntary school programs.

“A National Call: Save Civilian Public Education”, launched late last year, is the effort of several progressive organizations to “confront the conservative, corporate, and military influences in our educational system” and to counter their “dangerous nature.”

From the website, SaveCivilianEducation.org:

The signers of this statement believe it is urgent for all advocates of social justice, peace and the environment to recognize the dangerous nature of this problem and confront it with deliberate action.

The most aggressive outside effort to use the school system to teach an ideology with ominous long-term implications for society comes from the military establishment.

On the site’s “Where Do We Go From Here?” page, a call is made to others to join their efforts:

Progressive individuals, organizations, foundations and media all have important roles to play in confronting the conservative, corporate and military influences in our educational system.

To that end, the initiative provides a list of “ideas for action,” which includes speakers pools to address youth groups, classrooms and youth conferences, and the support of outreach and educational initiatives that “teach progressive values to young people.”

“Organizations supporting efforts to introduce history and civics lessons from a progressive perspective” are also recommended. Among those are Communist Howard Zinn’s Zinn Education Project and Rethinking Schools, an organization whose curriculum editor, Bill Bigelow, admits that he wants to “tell students that they shouldn’t necessarily trust the ‘authorities,’” and says that he sees “teaching as a political action… to equip students to build a truly democratic society.”

Bigelow, an endorser of the Save Civilian Education initiative, also teaches that George Washington was not a hero, but a war criminal.

One particular Rethinking Schools resource, Rethinking Columbus: The Next 500 Years, was banned from Tucson, Arizona classrooms because it was found to be extremely hostile toward whites and depicted America, in general, as a racist and oppressive nation.

Other endorsers of the initiative are Iraq Veterans Against the War, Code Pink co-founder Madea Benjamin, former California Senator and former Weather Underground Organization leader Tom Hayden, and far left MIT professor Noam Chomsky, all of whom have partnered for years in their anti-U.S. military efforts.

Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) is a Communist-led anti-war organization that continually works to increase its presence in public school classrooms.

Both IVAW and Code Pink partner with some of the most radical anti-Israel organizations in the world, like Al-Awda, for example, an organization that denies Israel’s right to exist.

IVAW speakers have been known to show graphic war images to students while blaming U.S. soldiers for murdering innocent civilians.

For example, as recently reported, U.S. military veteran and IVAW member Ethan McCord can be seen in a video telling high school students that U.S. soldiers are trained from day one to dehumanize the enemy and also “to dehumanize civilians here at home”. Later in the video, McCord refers to military recruiters as pimps and the army as their whore.

In a 2011 resolution on Palestine, IVAW described the United States’ military support of Israel as a “coordinated strategy to dominate the Middle East.”

Another endorser of the initiative, Countering the Militarisation of Youth, says they oppose any U.S. military presence and influence in education as well as in social media, entertainment, fashion, and even public events such as parades and memorials.

The group says their work is “breaking the cycle of teaching violence to young people”, yet ironically, they partner with groups like the Muslim Students Association, an organization founded by the jihadi terrorist group, the Muslim Brotherhood.

Save Civilian Education claims that some military programs sneak into schools under the cloak of STEM education, and therefore, calls for an end to those as well.

Also a ‘threat’, they say, are lesson plans and coloring books created by tea party groups that “teach a conservative interpretation of the Constitution, where the federal government is a creeping and unwelcome presence in the lives of freedom-loving Americans.”

According to the group, the problem with this kind of curriculum and with programs like JROTC, Young Marines, and Starbase, is that they have the “effect of popularizing military values, soldiering and, ultimately, war.”

JROTC is a voluntary program that says it exists to teach students character education, student achievement, wellness, leadership, and diversity, while preparing them for college and to be leaders in a diverse workforce.

The JROTC curriculum includes “education in citizenship, leadership, social and communication skills, physical fitness and wellness, geography, and civics.”

Starbase, also a voluntary program, says its mission is to expose the nation’s youth to the “technological environments and positive civilian and military role models found on Active, Guard, and Reserve military bases and installations, nurture a winning network of collaborators, and build mutual loyalty within communities…”

Through the Starbase program, students can “study Newton’s Laws and Bernoulli’s principle; explore nanotechnology, navigation and mapping” and “use the computer to design space stations, all-terrain vehicles, and submersibles.”

The Starbase website says the program seeks to “motivate students to explore Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)” and “serves students that are historically under-represented in STEM, such as those who live in inner cities or rural locations, are socio-economically disadvantaged, low in academic performance or have a disability.”


‘Tens of Thousands of Students’ Expected to Join Communists and Socialists for Climate March this Weekend

Peoples Climate March

My EAGnews.org exclusive:

Tens of thousands of students from more than 300 school campuses are expected to join the People’s Climate March this Sunday, September 21st in New York City.

The Green Schools Alliance, a coalition of hundreds of schools throughout the U.S. and more than 4,000 schools nationwide, is a coordinating partner for the event.

According to the global climate change organization, 305.org:

In response to the United Nations’ Emergency Climate Summit, an unprecedented surge of tens of thousands of students from more than 300 campuses will join the People’s Climate March, which is anticipated to be the largest demonstration on climate change in history. Students have built a movement on hundreds of campuses to demand fossil fuel divestment and local solutions, and they’re joining the movement to demand bold climate action and an end to extractive industries as President Obama and world leaders meet at the United Nations.

President Obama, several world leaders, and as many as 120 heads-of-state are slated to gather Tuesday, September 23rd for the 2014 United Nations Climate Summit. The People’s Climate March is intended to preclude the summit to draw attention and support.

Not unlike most climate change events, Sunday’s march through the streets of Manhattan will be attended by a slew of anti-war activists and Israel haters — indicating once again that, at least for many of those in the lead, the save the planet movement is not really about saving the planet.

For example, according to Peoplesclimate.org, partnering organizations in coordinating the march include Code Pink, International Socialist Organization, Freedom Socialist Party, SEIU, AFL-CIO, and the Communist Party USA.

Frightening to think, isn’t it, that thousands of students will be marching alongside organizations like these?

Code Pink, an extreme anti-Israel organization shown to have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, has announced that there will be a Peace, Justice and Climate rally before the march. Speakers at the rally will include Code Pink founder, Medea Benjamin, and Tom Hayden, former California senator and former member of the 1960s domestic terrorist group, the Weather Underground.

Also a coordinating partner is the BlueGreen Alliance (formerly known as the Apollo Alliance), an organization whose New York office is led by yet another former member of the Weather Underground organization, Jeff Jones.

Van Jones, the former Obama “green jobs czar” who once proclaimed himself a communist, is also with BlueGreen Alliance.

According to its website, People’s Climate plans to have a “Free Palestine Block” at the march to highlight the “genocide” and “grave injustices committed by Israel against the Palestinian people.”

The organization claims the reason they decided to include the Free Palestine Block is because it came to their attention that the march is “being endorsed by several Zionist organizations that support the occupation and destruction of Palestine.”

Peoplesclimate.org goes on to say:

…given the current massacre of the Palestinian people at the behest of a US/Israeli military-industrial complex that is one of the largest consumers of fossil fuels in the world— having Zionists at a climate justice march doesn’t seem to make sense.

Does any of this even make sense?

Regardless of anyone’s stance on global warming or man-made climate change, it doesn’t make sense that schools and even entire school districts are partnering with organizations that would coordinate with and march along side communists and terrorists in the name of climate change.

Parents be warned about this march. It promises to be a very radical event.

Students Schooled on White Privilege and ‘5 Million Ways to Kill a CEO’

By Danette Clark

The 15th annual White Privilege Conference kicked off this week in Madison, Wisconsin.

The conference was founded in 1999 by Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr. to examine “challenging concepts of privilege and oppression and offer solutions… to work toward a more equitable world”, and is attended annually by more than 1,500 students, educators, and activists.

Built on the premise that “the U.S. was started by white people, for white people”, the conference boasts a long list of radical partner organizations, including Code Pink, The Social Justice Training Institute, and Hip Hop Congress, whose co-founder, Shamako Noble, has collaborated on projects with Public Allies, an organization whose Chicago branch was first led by Michelle Obama.

But what exactly is ‘white privilege’?

According to some of the speakers and conference goers in this video, ‘white privilege’ is a “transparent preference for whiteness that saturates our society,” and if you are white, it means “there is a whole part of you that you are not naming and you’re not understanding because whiteness is just normalized and it’s just there…”.

One poor woman in the video says she has to work really hard to keep it in her consciousness that she is white. Perhaps I’m missing the point, but wouldn’t it be more beneficial for people to keep in their consciousness a constant effort to show kindness and compassion to everyone, regardless of race or class?

How can we blur the lines of race and see all men as created equal while focusing on color, differences, and our own ‘whiteness’?

Educators in social justice schools and universities talk to students about race regularly, even incorporating it into their daily curriculum, regardless of course subject. Now, thanks to radical teacher training programs and Common Core recommended texts and other aligned resources, the white privilege guilt-trip is rapidly spreading.

In 2007, Seattle Public Schools came under scrutiny for using federal grant money to escort twenty high school students to Colorado to attend a White Privilege Conference. Seattle is just one of many school districts, funded by your tax dollars, promoting the conference to its students and teachers.

The State of Wisconsin is footing a large chunk of the bill for this year’s conference.

Unfortunately, Wisconsinites, this is the kind of garbage you’re paying for:

The 2007 White Privilege Conference invited The Coup to perform for attending youth on the last day of the conference.

The Coup is a radical hip hop group whose lyrics incite violence with songs like 5 Million Ways to Kill a CEO and Kill My Landlord.

Lyrics taken in part from The Coup’s 20,000 Gun Salute:

20,000 gun salute, get rowdy like you got a substitute
This slug’s for Newt – shut your mouth don’t pollute…

…. just how we gonna overthrow they bitch asses, give
whiplashes from the force as we make it tight, and ignite
the flames of takin over daily life, make it a right to have
food, threads and homestead.

Regarding their 2006 album, Pick a Bigger Weapon, Rolling Stone Magazine called it “the rare record that makes revolution sound like hot fun on a Saturday night.”

The Coup has released several award winning albums including Kill My Landlord, Steal this Album, and Genocide and Juice.

Steal this Album is a tribute to Abbie Hoffman’s book, Steal this Book. Abbie Hoffman, a radical 60s activist, was one of the “Chicago Seven” tried for conspiracy, inciting riot, and other crimes related to protests in Chicago during the 1968 Democratic National Convention.

Co-founder of The Coup, Boots Riley, is a social justice activist from Oakland, California, who speaks publically about his admiration for the Black Panthers, the Chinese Revolution, and Saul Alinsky’s “radical organizing” techniques.

As covered by Michelle Malkin after the 9/11 attacks, Riley released an “album cover depicting himself partying in front of a doctored image of the World Trade Center being blown up”.

Boots Riley performed at Fresh Fest 2010, which was produced in collaboration with two organizations founded by Obama’s former green jobs czar, Van Jones.

Past speakers at White Privilege Conferences include Obama’s Department of Education appointee, Kevin Jennings, founder of the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network, and Tim Wise, a white ‘anti-racism expert’ whom Rush Limbaugh says is ignorant about the founding of this country.

Lisa Arrastia — who recently co-edited with Bill Ayers, White Before We Got Here: Youth and the Hidden Curriculum of Whiteness — spoke at the 2011 conference, as did Rosa González, the Education Director of the Van Jones organization, Green for All.

Hundreds of youth are likely attending this year’s White Privilege Conference at the Monona Terrace Conference Center in Madison, WI, and I wonder how many parents really know what their kids are learning, and who they’re learning it from.

Is #OccupyWallStreet a Muslim Brotherhood Pawn?

By Danette Clark    October 24, 2011

This year’s sudden eruption of protests across the Middle East and here at home have left many of us wondering who has been stirring the pot and why.

Thanks to the efforts of Aaron Klein and Brenda Elliott, we now know that George Soros is behind this year’s revolts in Egypt and Tunisia, riots in Morocco, protests at Israel’s borders, and even Occupy Wall Street protests here at home.

In recent days, the Muslim Brotherhood appears to be jumping on the bandwagon of Occupy Wall Street protests already in motion to promote their own platform.

But as more and more information makes it’s way to the surface, it is becoming apparent (at least to me) that this movement doesn’t just involve the Muslim Brotherhood, it may be all about them.

So far, Arab Spring revolutionaries have succeeded in overthrowing the leaders of Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya, and it is the Muslim Brotherhood that is ‘conveniently’ poised to step in and take over.  Despite its violent history and the fact that it was banned for many years in several countries, the Brotherhood is now widely considered the most organized political party in the middle east and most likely to win upcoming elections in all three countries.

Couple that with the fact that George Soros is forging an alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood, and it becomes apparent that we have a serious problem here.

While funding opposition groups in Egypt that succeeded in toppling President Mubarak, Soros’ International Crisis Group was also petitioning for the Egyptian government to normalize ties with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Just days ago, KleinOnline reported that Fenton Communications, a firm closely partnered with dozens of Soros organizations, represented and promoted the recent anti-Wall Street march past the homes of several millionaires in New York City.

According to Ken Timmerman of Newsmax.com, Fenton Communications is a public relations firm that recently developed a communications action plan for an 18-month campaign, known as the Al Fakhoora Project.  The campaign aims to delegitimize Israel and manipulate public opinion to generate support for the Hamas-led government and the people of the Gaza strip.

Hamas is an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Al Fakhoora Project also orchestrated the Gaza flotilla raid that took place on May 31st of last year.

Director of the Al Fakhoora Project, Farooq Burney, participated in the Gaza flotilla raid on the Turskish ship, Mavi Marmara. Video footage released by Israeli Defense Forces shows the anti-Israel activists aboard the ship wearing bulletproof vests and assaulting Israeli commandos with metal bars and clubs as they tried to board the ship to prevent it from breaching Israel’s blockade.  Several activists were killed and Farooq Burney was arrested.

The founder of Fenton Communications, David Fenton, has close ties to William Ayers and President Obama. Read about their relationship here.

Fenton Communications is just one of the many organizations working within the Occupy Wall Street movement that has a close relationship with Muslim Brotherhood organizations. Code Pink, for example, often works closely with radical Islamist organizations and has even run banner ads on the Muslim Brotherhood’s English language website inviting them to “join us in cleansing our country.”

Even former World Bank vice president and chief economist, Joseph Stiglitz, who has held teach-ins for Occupy Wall Street protesters, affiliates himself with Muslim Brotherhood organizations and favors a Sharia-based economic system.

Stiglitz, who is funded by and closely associated with George Soros, frequently works with the Muslim Brotherhood-created Muslim Students Association (MSA) teaching the woes of capitalism and promoting a one world economy.

Aaron Klein recently reported that in 2010, Stiglitz “gave a lecture entitled “A New Economic World Order” in which his presentation called for the world to be “no longer dominated by one ‘superpower.’”  He believes the U.S. is failing to come to “terms with its standing in the New Global Order.”

Stiglitz is a member of the World Commission on the Social Dimension of Globalization, an independent body of the International Labour Organization.

The Commission’s goal has been to explore “innovative, sustainable ways of combining economic, social and environmental objectives to make globalization work for all.”

When asked by FrontPage Magazine whether Islamic finance contained any lessons for the Commission to apply in recommending the architecture for a new global economic order, Joseph Stiglitz praised the Sharia-based system for focusing on fundamentals and for its superior ethics in comparison to American lending practices.

Why stir the pot here in America?

In light of all this, it appears the Muslim Brotherhood, at the very least, is positioning itself with the Wall Street protests to push for a global economic system.  One Muslim Brotherhood organization, CAIR, has announced that because many of the demands of Occupy Wall Street parallel those of the New York Muslim Community, it will unite with protesters and begin holding prayer sessions at Occupy Wall Street.

Although many Wall Street occupiers still seem confused as to why they are even there, one main theme has resonated among the majority of protesters — end capitalism.

Wouldn’t that be ‘convenient’ for radical Islamists?

The often-stated dream of the Muslim Brotherhood has always been to establish a global Islamic state. Just this summer, Kamal Al-Helbawy, former Muslim Brotherhood spokesman in the West, called upon the Arab youth to launch a new revolution that would eliminate the borders drawn by imperialist nations and bring about the establishment of a global Islamic state called “The United States of Islam.”

The U.S. financial system has been the target of radical Islamists for decades and now it appears they are using the Occupy Wall Street protesters, the directionless and confused portion of our population, to help cripple our already limping economy.

If the goal is to align the Muslim Brotherhood in a position of power here in the U.S. by forcing us into a global economy, can they succeed?  You would think that America, of all countries, could never fall that way. But with the Obama administration already filled to the brim with Muslim Brotherhood associations and sympathizers, it makes you wonder.

Some believe it can and will happen.  Iranian leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, told supporters on October 13th that the Occupy Wall Street movement would bring down capitalism in America.

An October 9 Occupy Wall Street Report from the group, New York City Labor Against the War, quotes Mohammed Ezzeldin from Egypt:

“I am coming from there – from the Arab Spring From the Arab Spring to the fall of Wall Street From Liberation Square to Washington Square, to the fall of Wall Street and market domination, and capitalist domination.

The group goes on to say that Ezzeldin’s “passionate speech, which even included a reference to Karl Marx, made a startling comparison between what happened in Egypt earlier this year and what is now happening in the United States.”

When Adbusters, one of the first organizations known to have launched the Occupy Wall Street campaign, said they wanted to bring Tahrir Square home to the U.S., they weren’t kidding.

One last thought: I came across a quote several years ago that now springs to mind. It was on the website of an organization filled with radical leftists and anti-semetics who push for the downfall of Israel and America through the removal of borders and a global economy. The quote read, “The End of Capitalism – The Destruction of Everything to Start Something New.”

This article can also be found at kleinonline.wnd.com

Anti-war Organization Sets Its Sights on Israel

By Danette Clark    August 22, 2011

Last week, Aaron Klein reported that the anti-war organization, Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW), recently aided in the petition for conscientious objector status of Pfc. Naser Abdo, the Muslim solder who was arrested earlier this month when he was found with explosives that he admits were to be used in an attack on Fort Hood soldiers.

IVAW was founded in 2004 and has since partnered with a slew of radical organizations like CODEPINK, Courage to Resist, and Students for a Democratic Society. All are known for spreading anti-war propaganda and for being cracker-jack agitators.

Apparently, the current Iraq and Afghanistan wars aren’t enough to keep the IVAW busy. Earlier this month, the 2011 IVAW Conference took place whereby a “Resolution on Palestine” was voted on and passed by board members.

The resolution decries Israel’s “brutal, apartheid occupation on the Palestinian people” and calls for an end to U.S. aid to Israel and to “the colonial occupation of Palestine as well as Iraq and Afghanistan…”.

IVAW has a long history of blaming the United States (and the rich) for anything and everything, so it should be no surprise that their newly-adopted resolution describes U.S. military support of Israel as part of a coordinated strategy to dominate the Middle East.

IVAW has endorsed and participated in protests along side anti-Israel organizations such as the A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition and Al-Awda: The Palestine Right to Return Coalition.

A.N.S.W.E.R. works closely with the Muslim American Society on several campaigns.

According to Steven Emerson, director of the Investigative Project on Terrorism, the Muslim American Society is a “de facto arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in the U.S.,” whose agenda is to impose Islamic law in America and to undermine our counter-terrorism policies.

Al-Awda denies Israel’s right to exist as evidenced by protest signs printed and distributed in their name that read “FREE PALESTINE FROM THE RIVER TO THE SEA”.

This language obviously supports a long-standing threat and desire of some to drive Israel into the sea.

Former Hamas leader, Mahmoud Zahar, said in a 2006 interview, “Palestine means Palestine in it’s entirety – from the [Mediterranean] sea to the [Jordan] river… We cannot give up a single inch of it… Why should we recognize…. Israel’s right to exist?”