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More Proof that CES, a Nationwide Progressive Organization Launched in Part by President Obama, is Behind Recent Controversy in Texas Schools


By Danette Clark

As I wrote here, Texas ASCD (Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development) is linked to the Coalition of Essential Schools (CES), a nationwide progressive education reform movement that, as a matter of practice, indoctrinates students in a racist, pro-communist, anti-American environment and curriculum.

In an apparent attempt to fly under the radar in Texas, the Texas ASCD website does not specifically refer to Theodore Sizer’s Coalition of Essential Schools (CES), as does the national ASCD website. In fact, a few pages that did connect Texas ASCD to other progressive organizations are now no longer found on the internet.

Texas ASCD’s website does, however, name many progressive educators that can be directly connected to CES schools.

For example, here are just a few of the keynote speakers to past Texas ASCD conferences and professional developement seminars that are affiliated with CES schools:

Howard Gardner – partner with CES founder, Theodore Sizer, in the creation of Atlas Learning Communities, a CES partner organization.

Heidi Hayes Jacobs – curriculum designer for CES schools.

Pedro Noguera – educator who has partnered with Theodore Sizer and CES on many programs and initiatives.

H. Lynn Erickson – consultant to CES mentor schools and other schools and districts for the implementation of CES reform.

Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe – consultants to schools and districts for the implementation of CES reform.

Robert Marzano – research and consulting to schools and districts regarding the implementation of reform, including the CES reform model.

Interestingly enough, five of the Texas ASCD professional development keynotes listed above (Jacobs, Erickson, Wiggins, Tighe and Marzano) are also developers, along with Linda Darling Hammond, of the Texas CSCOPE curriculum.

Linda Darling Hammond is a board member of the Coalition of Essential Schools Bay Area location in Oakland, CA (now named the National Equity Project).

Each of these people also work for progressive organizations to implement Common Core State Standards.

The largest private funder of CES schools, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, is also the largest private funder of Common Core. Gates also funds several organizations, including ASCD, to support implementation of Common Core standards.

Read about the connection between President Obama, Bill Ayers, and CES schools here and here. Also, see other radicals involved in CES schools at Name Names (where a new radical will be added each week, including state representatives, school superintendents, and school board members).


Texas CSCOPE Part of a Nationwide Progressive Indoctrination Scheme


By Danette Clark

A prime example of the stealth take over by progressives of our public school system is CSCOPE.

Even in a conservative state like Texas that has been under the watch of conservative governors for the last 18 years, an organized cartel of big money backing (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation), slimy lawyers, community organizers disguised as concerned parents, socialist educators, curriculum developers, and teacher-principal coaches, managed to infect over 600 Texas school districts before anyone realized what was happening.

In recent years, concerned parents became aware and started crying out for something to be done to stop the progressive CSCOPE curriculum that is now being used in over 80% of Texas’ public schools.

Janice VanCleave and Ginger Russell have taken the lead in the fight to eliminate CSCOPE and to gain access to the entire curriculum, which is being hidden, even from parents who should have a legal right to see what their children are learning. Go to VanCleave and Russell’s website, txcscopereview.com, for more information on CSCOPE and to see which schools and districts in Texas are using the curriculum. Those schools are also being added to my list of schools and organizations nationwide that are involved in progressive indoctrination. Look for your state here.

CSCOPE is the same as other curriculums I’ve written about in What are They Learning?, except that it has been structured around Texas’ education standards.

In fact, CSCOPE was developed by several ‘educators’ who work closely with and through the Coalition of Essential Schools. Linda Darling-Hammond, education advisor to Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, is a CSCOPE developer.

Hammond, who has worked closely with communist education reformer, Bill Ayers, has worked with the Coalition of Essential Schools for decades as an advisory board member to its bay area location (Bay Area Coalition for Equitable Schools/BayCES). BayCES recently changed it’s name to the National Equity Project and now focuses most of its resources on ‘equity coaching’ in schools nationwide.  This is the same equity coaching that brought us the ‘peanut butter and jelly sandwich is racist’ mentality that made news a few months ago.

The Coalition of Essential Schools (CES) is at the center of a massive network of progressive educators, schools, and organizations working to indoctrinate America’s youth “for a more democratic society”, and its very roots can be traced to President Obama.

Linda Darling-Hammond founded the School Redesign Network, one of the organizations that has been instrumental in infiltrating Texas schools.

For example, parents in the Austin Independent School District (AISD) can thank former Superintendent Pascal Forgione for bringing CSCOPE to Austin. Forgione and AISD’s board of trustees sought out and partnered with Hammond’s School Redesign Network to “better prepare students to
be the thinkers and well-rounded citizens of the 21st Century”.

The problem is, creators of CSCOPE and other CES curriculums do not see America as a leader in the 21st Century, and the progressive definition of a well-rounded citizen is completely contrary to what most Christians, conservatives, and freedom-loving parents want their children to become.

Conservative parents and teachers, Christians, and church and community leaders in every state should take note of the work being done in Texas to take back education for their children.

Find schools in your state here, then go to Take it Back! for more information and a list of resources and suggestions on how to fight back in your area.