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Texas State Board of Education Official Files Ethics Complaint Against Texas Mom

By Danette Clark

Texas mom and activist Alice Linahan responds, “Bring it On!!”.

From VoicesEmpower.com:

“I guess we are being successful at getting the word out about the Federal Take-Over of Education. Those involved are trying to shut down our voices. The voices of parents, teachers and the students they are harming.”

“You see those who are in the Education Establishment do not like parents actually saying…. #CanISee what and how you are teaching my child. I also don’t think he likes that we are asking our school districts #CanISee what you are spending our tax dollars on to train teachers, administrators and school boards members.”

“Parents have every right to question what is being taught to our children and if Thomas Ratliff believes that it is un-ethical for me to do that well all I have to say is….

Bring it on!!

Read the rest and hear audio at SBOE (State Board of Education) Thomas Ratliff Files an Ethics Complaint against A Texas Mom.