Divestment Activists Claim Climate Change is Fueled by Racism, Classism and Imperialism


EAGnews.org exclusive:

Despite mounting evidence repudiating the existence of man-made global warming, environmentalist groups persist in their recruiting of students to join the fossil fuel divestment movement.

According to the youth-led climate change group, We Are Power Shift, more than 300 college campuses, cities, faith-based institutions, foundations, and pension funds have committed to divesting from fossil fuels.

We Are Power Shift declares:

It’s wrong to wreck the planet and it’s even worse to profit from that wreckage. The fossil fuel divestment movement is calling on mission-driven institutions to divest from the dirty, dangerous fossil fuel companies that have caused climate catastrophe in their ruthless pursuit of profit. We hold our universities to a higher standard and are demanding they divest from this human rights violating rogue industry.

In the Divest Now! video on their website, We Are Power Shift says, “by fighting fossil fuel industries, we’re not only fighting climate change, but the racism, classism, and imperialism that they perpetuate.”

In the wake of the People’s Climate March that took place last month in New York City, several more colleges, churches, and individual investors, including the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, have pledged to divesting from fossil fuel companies.

According to Time, those recent commitments amount to $50 billion in assets.

When speaking to Time about the Rockefeller Brothers commitment, a recent University of California Berkeley graduate said, “the idea that heirs of an oil tycoon would reroute billions of dollars away from fossil fuel companies was laughable when she began advocating that her school divest…”

What seems even more laughable is the fact that We Are Power Shift is funded in part by Rockefeller Brothers Fund (RBF).

According to RBF’s website, “the Fund’s immediate focus will be on limiting its exposure to coal and tar sands, two of the most intensive sources of carbon emissions, with the goal to reduce its investments to less than one percent of the total portfolio by the end of 2014.”

As public school systems become increasingly more progressive — teaching global warming as fact and opening classroom doors to radical outside organizations — the number of youth joining the divestment movement will likely continue to increase exponentially.

For example, last month in New York, several teacher and parent associations partnered with the NYC Department of Education’s Sustainability Department to provide curriculum and back to school materials in an effort to engage more students in the climate change conversation.

They even went so far as to encourage students to participate in a competition whereby the student who submitted “the most #SelfiesToSaveTheWorld at the People’s Climate March” would win a $5,000 sustainability grant for their school.

According to 350.org, it was a group of local high school students who convinced the mayor of Ithaca, NY last year to commit the city to divesting from fossil fuels.

As recently reported, tens of thousands of students from more than 300 school campuses were expected to participate in the People’s Climate March that took place on September 21st. Although not possible for anyone to determine the number of youth that actually attended, one thing is certain — they left piles andpiles of non-biodegradable trash behind.

To see a list of the cities, universities, and other institutions that have already made commitments to divest from our most needed energy sources, go to GoFossilFree.org.


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