Teach for America Pushes Bill Ayers’ ‘Culturally Responsive Teaching’

bill ayers on flag

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Now that the word is out about what “social justice” education really is, progressive ed organizations have taken to altering their speak in an apparent attempt to avoid further scrutiny.

‘Culturally responsive teaching’ is a phrase now widely used among the teach-for-a-revolution crowd, and unfortunately, Teach for America is all about it.

While supporters of culturally responsive teaching would likely argue that the definition is not the same as that of “social justice education,” the result is the same — socialist, anti-white, anti-American indoctrination.

In recent years, TFA groups across the country have been pushing for culturally responsive teaching by hosting workshops, providing classroom resources and lessons, and by partnering with organizations and native tribes to recruit culturally responsive educators.

For example, in Los Angeles, TFA alumni are gearing up for a workshop later this month that aims to “define… what culturally and linguistically responsive teaching is and why it is necessary in our failing schools…”, and to “build knowledge and create the context for addressing the needs of underserved students in terms of their sociopolitical and sociolinguistic relativity in the American educational system.”

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2 responses to “Teach for America Pushes Bill Ayers’ ‘Culturally Responsive Teaching’

  1. Great! Can you get this to Meghan Kelly on Fox? She has torn Ayers to shreds several times recently. And she does it like a LADY.

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