BESE Board Inches Closer to Making Itself Irrelevent by Joining in Lawsuit Against Governor Jindal Over Common Core

BESE President Chas Roemer (Associated Press)

BESE President Chas Roemer (Associated Press)

By Danette Clark

In a special meeting on Tuesday morning, the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education voted 6 to 4 to sue Governor Bobby Jindal for attempting to remove the state from Common Core and PARCC testing.

BESE will join a lawsuit against the Governor filed last week by seven parents, two teachers, and a New Orleans charter group. The suit currently claims Jindal has overstepped his authority by going over BESE’s head.

Superintendent John White and several members of the BESE board, who support Common Core despite wide spread public opposition, have posed this same question in open meetings in recent weeks — who ultimately holds constitutional authority over state education matters, the Governor or the State Board of Education?

BESE President Chas Roemer says the board is “trying to retain their constitutional authority over education”.

As a Louisiana resident and one of many parents fed up with being either completely ignored or ridiculed by the powers-that-be because we oppose Common Core, I would like to comment and ask this constitutional question of BESE — who the hell do you think you are? And I mean that quite literally. Who are you?

Your very existence was made necessary by the United States Constitution and is defined by the Louisiana State Constitution as a body created to develop, implement, and maintain (in accordance with Louisiana law) educational policy at the local level.

Your reason for being is to manage and maintain education within the state so that the constitutional and God-given rights of Louisiana parents to have a say in their children’s educational future is preserved and protected.

As shown again and again, from state to state to state, the Common Core State Standards Initiative — by definition as a national standard and living document (to be revised), with NCLB waivers attached, and contracted by an MOU that recklessly and boldly acknowledges the federal government’s intent to change education laws as it sees fit — is a gross federal intrusion into the educational lives of Louisiana children and the affairs of local government.

Therefore, BESE and Superintendent White, it seems you have failed miserably in your core constitutional duty to the people of Louisiana by willingly relinquishing your authority to the federal government and outside interests.

To the few BESE members siding with the people — Walter Lee, Lottie Beebe, Carolyn Hill, and Jane Smith — thank you for your brave efforts. They will not be forgotten.

As I stated here and will reiterate (and ask others opposed to this vicious initiative to please do the same), there are thousands of us in Louisiana who have done our homework and remain dedicated to winning this crucial battle for our children. We know the responsibilities and duties of our local officials to the people of this state, and we fully intend to hold them accountable for failing in those duties and failing our children.

Perhaps its time for parents to consider joining in a lawsuit of their own.


9 responses to “BESE Board Inches Closer to Making Itself Irrelevent by Joining in Lawsuit Against Governor Jindal Over Common Core

  1. Dump the BESES Board! Our kids education should be and must be designed by citizens, parents, and educators of the children…. NOT some hand selected / appointed beauactate committee. Common Core is anything BUT ‘rigorous’. CC is a lateral move toward ‘P’rogressivism / Socialism / Communisim …. anyone who is ‘For’ CC is either part of the ‘indoctrination program’ or they are clueless. Please take responsibility and lear about Common Core…. and NOT just the ‘repeated sound-bites’… Watch a few of these ~ ~ ~

    • I agree bureaucracy has no place here, but we certainly don’t need to dump any voter elected board in it’s entirety. We need to be more informed voters next time. Take some of their control away and give it back to the district boards, sure, but we can’t do away with them or we will be answering directly to the federal government. But maybe that’s what you meant?? Thanks for your comment and the video — I was there and enjoyed the wealth of info those speakers gave us.

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  4. We freely admit, Danette, that we took a quick census here in the WOOF cave and not a single one of us has ever lived in Louisiana—thus we make no pretense to a thoroughgoing comprehension of the state’s laws or constitution—but while a dim-witted or subversive BESE can presumably be fixed by reconfiguring its membership at election time, we suspect the quicker fix is to simply declare the obvious, namely that when a constitutionally prescribed body entrusted with making statewide decisions governing educational policy for a sovereign state surrenders that authority to a bizarre consortium of out-of-state radical educationists whose policies were accepted initially because their adoption meant a substantial infusion of federal funds (which mysteriously accompanied this bizarre toxin wherever it spread), the BESE has outsourced its constitutional prerogatives and betrayed its mandate. On this basis alone we think Governor Jindal has ample cause for action…and it only took us ten minutes to figure this out. Imagine what we could come up with if we took our time!

    One point is certain, Danette, and that is that when this invidious assault on the nation’s elementary and secondary educative processes is finally laid to rest in your great state, it will be in no small part because of your tireless, articulate, and intelligent struggle to restore what is best in American education at a time when the Vandals are truly at the gates!

  5. I do wonder what you could come up with given more time! Thanks as always. I just perused your site again and was reminded that it does the heart good to chuckle now and again in the face of all our world is throwing at us these days; so I added you to my blogroll (should have done it long ago).

  6. We agree in all respects! (Actually we are honored, of course, Danette–we hope you noticed you have long been included in “WOOF LINKS” and needless to say,our admiration for your efforts is no joke!) –Your fans in the WOOF cave

  7. Fellow Louisiana Statesmen, Common Core is junk. Vote to oust all of the BESE board members come 2017. They have made a nightmare into a worse nightmare. Stop the madness, and let teachers teach.

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