Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal Vetoes Controversial Common Core Bill

By Danette Clark

Louisiana is finally making progress on Common Core thanks to Louisiana State Reps. Brett Geymann, Cameron Henry, John Schroder, and several others who are actually listening to parents, have the insight to see what Common Core really is, and are working to defeat it.

Thanks also to Susan Berry at Breitbart.com for giving us parents a voice far beyond our little blogs and facebook pages.

From Breitbart.com:

“Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal vetoed Friday a controversial bill that many critics of the Common Core standards said would bind the state further both to the nationalized standards and the PARCC tests aligned to them.

According to The Advocate, the measure, House Bill 953, which was sponsored by state Rep. Walt Leger (D), would give students, teachers, and schools one more year to prepare for the Common Core standards.

“Given the widespread opposition and the gravity of any decision that affects our children, I have vetoed House Bill 953 and hereby return it to the House of Representatives,” Jindal wrote.

The governor added that the measure “would significantly impair parents’ ability to have clear information about the performance of their child’s school and teachers’ ability to have meaningful feedback.”

“I am pleased that the Governor has vetoed HB953, and this veto has encouraged me in thinking that an exit from Common Core and PARCC are very close,” Louisiana state Rep. Brett Geymann (R), who has opposed the standards, told Breitbart News. “He has made strong statements about his concern for both, and parents from around the state are strongly urging him to get us out.””


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