Common Core Data Mining: New Hampshire House Fails the State’s Children

By Danette Clark

The post below contains some important information and good points about the dangers inherent in allowing anyone to mine our children’s personal information. This is why we have (or had) privacy laws to begin with.


Common Core Data Mining: New Hampshire House sells the souls of the states kids to DC

Yesterday when I read Warner Todd Huston’s Breitbart Article New Hampshire Decides to Keep Common Core, I was disappointed but not too surprised at first. While New Hampshire may be the only state in the Northeast with a trace of common sense left, it’s still in the Northeast.. The Administration has been putting a lot of pressure democrats to keep the standards. Jeb Bush and his Chamber of Commerce owned RINO’s have openly declared war against any republican incumbent who puts the will of the people ahead of the demands of the Chamber of Commerce.

What surprised me was the line:

Even the two bills that would have limited or stopped the collection of student data to be gathered and sent to the federal government and state authorities failed.

Read the rest.


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