Common Core Style Education Succeeding: Atheism on the Rise in America


By Danette Clark:

Athiest mega-churches are on the rise in America, according to a recent AP article citing a Pew Forum study that found twenty percent of Americans say they have no religious affiliation, an increase from fifteen percent in the last five years.

Although attacks on Christianity in the classroom have increased exponentially in the last decade, Common Core and CSCOPE now bring anti-God indoctrination to even the most conservative of states.

This is why we should never stop fighting Common Core. The very souls of our children are at stake. From a Christian standpoint, there is NOTHING more important than that.

For more on the secular nature of Common Core, read Common Core In-Sync with American Humanist Association’s 10 Guiding Principles for Teaching Values.



5 responses to “Common Core Style Education Succeeding: Atheism on the Rise in America

  1. Interesting that they refer to their Ten “Commitments”. They really believe in the New World Order with the United Nations in the lead. Wonder how they will deal with the Muslim Extremists and shariah law? I do not see how there will be a peaceful ending to all of this.

  2. “attacks on Christianity in the classroom have increased exponentially in the last decade, Common Core and CSCOPE now bring anti-God indoctrination to even the most conservative of states.”
    (1) What evidence do you have of “attacks on Christianity in the classroom” and that they are increasing? (2) Do you even know what “exponentially” means? It would be interesting to see data that demonstrates anything close to exponential growth over the course of the last decade. I really doubt that there is a shred of truth to what you’re saying. (3) Please, please, please be the one anti common-core blogger to answer this question. I’ve asked it a hundred times in the last few months and none of you will touch it: Can you please provide me with a single CC standard mentions anything remotely anti-God? Don’t waste my time with some example from some worksheet some kid brought home from school. I’m talking about the actual standards themselves that you folks are saying are ruining everything.

    • If you don’t want actual worksheets from school or lesson plans or don’t want me to refer to the standards, what do you want? There are many news reports of kids being sent home from school for wearing clothing with scripture on them or being sent home or told to change for dressing as Jesus on a day when they can wear costumes. But you can google those yourself. So what do you want from me, if not actual lessons or news reports?

    • easy: critical thinking; yes, it’s important, but it has it’s place. It oversteps boundaries when you teach children that EVERYTHING is based on it, Some believe strongly that some things just can’t be proven and captured via data, such as the unconditional love I have for my family. It seems that scientists and atheists have the right to question and want everyone else to question, but do not want the same done to their ideas. It is more disturbing too that the system wants to teach my children “how” to think rather than “what” to think – that to me is certainly brainwashing.

  3. See just a few examples in the links below. As I said, you can easily google and find many reports of an increase in recent years. I don’t know of any organization that does data studies or polls on the increase of indoctrination in schools, do you? I also had in mind the rapid expansion of CES schools and others like them in the last decade when I wrote this post. These specific schools and the curricula used are anti-Christian, and because they have increased to more districts in the last 10 years than since CES began in the 80s, anti-Christian education has therefore increased. It is part of their curricula and agenda – plain and simple. I have a few prime examples here that I will be writing on in the near future, but since you don’t want to see actual lessons, you wouldn’t be interested. Lastly, atheist groups have filed more lawsuits against schools since 2005 than ever before. I have a link confirming that and will post here once I find where I saved it.

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