Important Update to Crayola Common Core Lessons Promote Globalization and Interdependence

By  Danette Clark

In addition to globalization, a glowing report on Maoism and evidence of the promotion of Marxism can also be found in Crayola recommended curriculum resources.

Shortly after posting an article recently on Crayola and Common Core’s promotion of globalization, the link to Crayola’s list of recommended resources disappeared. Fortunately, I saved a few screen shots and was able to use that information to locate it again. In looking again at these resources, I found a lot more that parents need to know, so please share.

See some of Crayola’s recommended curriculum resources below along with a few notes.  The original post, Crayola Common Core Lessons Promote Globalization and Interdependence, can be found below as well.


From Robert Hanvey’s An Attainable Global Perspective (listed in the screen shot above):

“The most effective use of labor and capital, and the availability of resources, will have to be assessed on a global, long-term basis. Such a system cannot be left to the mercy of narrow national interests, but must rely on long-range world economic arrangements.”

“Note the prime condition for saving South Asia. Not the erratic provision of aid at the discretion of individual nations but a massive, concerted program in the context of a coordinated world economy.”

Hanvey on Maoism over capitalism:

“Maoists believe that while a principal aim of nations should be to raise the level of material welfare of the population, this should be done only within the context of the development of human beings, encouraging them to realize fully their manifold creative powers. And it should be done only on a egalitarian basis—that is, on the basis that development is not worth much unless everyone rises together; no one is to be left behind, either economically or culturally. Indeed, Maoists believe that rapid economic development’s not likely to occur unless everyone rises together . . .”


From James Rubenstein’s A Cultural Landscape…:

“If a Palestinian suicide bomber kills several dozen Israeli teenagers in a Jerusalem restaurant, is that an act of terrorism or wartime retaliation against Israeli government policies and army actions?”

The screen shot below shows several resources on ‘Collaboration’. These resources and others like them are used by progressive educators to promote collaboration over individualism — collaboration being a necessary step on the path to collectivism/Marxism.


Original post from June 7, 2013:

Crayola Common Core Lessons Promote Globalization and Interdependence

By Danette Clark

Crayola joins the list of big name education companies who have sold out our children and America to the United Nations’ global agenda.

Teaching children ‘to take action as global citizens’ in an ‘interdependent world’ and to ‘think about the world more holistically’ are the focus of Crayola lessons provided in partnership with the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO), one of the two main organizations responsible for the creation of the national Common Core State Standards.

Crayola, Lego Education, Apple, and Disney (among others), as members of P21 — Partnership for 21st Century Skills, entered into a ‘strategic partnership‘ with the Council of Chief State School Officers in 2010.

According to P21′s Executive Chair, Kathy Hurley, CCSSO and P21 work very closely on Common Core, as well as CSSO’s Next Generation Learner program, and the Elementary and Secondary Education Act re-authorization.

Hurley is also Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships for Pearson Education. Pearson, in partnership with CCSSO, has been instrumental in implementing Common Core in many states by providing resources and employing progressive educators, like Coalition of Essential Schools disciple Grant Wiggins, to provide professional development training.

The U.S. Department of Education hosted the launching of P21 and Crayola’s Champion Creatively Alive Children program in 2011.


Crayola lessons, like other Common Core material, are designed to create, in children’s minds, a specific and biased perspective of the world — globalization over national sovereignty, interdependence over self-reliance, and social and economic equity governed by a few over social and economic freedom governed by self.

Crayola-recommended resources promoting social justice, globalization, and the theory of global warming, are listed here along with writings by humanist Linda Darling-Hammond, CSCOPE’s Robert Marzano, and progressive Howard Gardner, also CES disciples.

Read more about CES (Coalition of Essential Schools) and Common Core at Unravelled! The 30 Year Agenda Behind Common Core and at the Common Core / CSCOPE / CES Connection page.

James Rubenstein’s anti-semitic book, The Cultural Landscape, is also listed as a Crayola Arts-Infused Education Resource.

Despite Arne Duncan’s denial that Common Core purposes a political agenda, the curriculum itself proves otherwise — that Common Core has everything to do with the political and global agenda of those who created it, and nothing to do with a sound education for the benefit of those being taught — our children.


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