Common Core Lessons Akin to ‘Community Organizing 101’

By Danette Clark

The video above, created by Oak Norton of Utahns Against Common Core, shows Utah State approved ELA Common Core resources that revolve around a general theme of social activism.

Voices: Literature and Writing, published by Zaner-Bloser, teaches elementary-aged children to “advocate solutions to social problems” by using “emotional words” to manipulate the reader so that they “want to do what is being asked of them”.


As evidenced by the screen shot below, Voices also undermines parental authority by implying that a mother is ‘nagging’ if she tells her child to clean his or her room.


None of this is surprising when you consider that the movement behind the creation and implementation of Common Core was created by and has been driven by far-left social activists for decades.

Read more at Common Core / CSCOPE / CES Connection.


One response to “Common Core Lessons Akin to ‘Community Organizing 101’

  1. The use of emotional words to gain a desired response dates back to Aristotle’s Rhetoric. I think it is important to teach children to see when language is being used to elicit a desired response so they can resist the . Using language in a manipulative way is not used solely by the left–carefully read the neocon’s justifications for bombing innocents (including children) in other countries.

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