Urgent — CSCOPE Call to Action

From Colleen Vera via Donna Garner:


Everyone fighting against CSCOPE in Texas schools needs to tell Gov. Perry to VETO HB 1675 or the Educational Service Centers – the people who sneaked CSCOPE into our schools by bypassing the SBOE-will NOT BE REVIEWED by the Sunset Committee in 2014 as scheduled. Instead they will get a reprieve until 2019.

You MUST CALL ASAP or all our hard work may go right down the drain.

Twitter:  @GovernorPerry

Opinion Hotline (512) 463-1782 – Open Tuesday at 8:00 am

Main Switchboard Governor’s Office: (512) 843-5789

Information: (800) 843-5789

All you need to do is give your name and where you live and simply say something like  “Please tell Gov. Perry to VETO House Bill 1675.” If you want to elaborate you can add a sentence or two abut WHY the Education Service Centers MUST be reviewed by the Sunset Commission NOW as scheduled.”

You may also email Gov Perry at:  http://governor.state.tx.us/contact/  – but phone calls are always best.”

From Peggy Venable @ Americans for Prosperity:

“Americans for Propserity-Texas are calling on our activists to ask Governor Rick Perry to veto House Bill 1675.

We believe the Regional Education Service Centers (ESCs) should be reviewed on schedule so that their activities can finally be subjected to public oversight. The Regional Education Service Centers were originally set for Sunset Review in 2015 and that schedule should be maintained.

Click Here to Take Action!

Education reform has been an enormous issue this session and some of that has revolved around the controversial CSCOPE curriculum created by the ESCs.  The ESCs created a non-profit 501c3 shell corporation (TESCCC – the Texas Education Service Center Curriculum Collaborative), which had no employees, address, phone number, or funding.  It appears the TESCCC filed no 990s. This shell corporation was used to shield ESCs from open meetings and open records. The lesson plans were provided with no opportunity for parental review, as is required by law.

While the ESCs have agreed to end the CSCOPE curriculum, they will continue CSCOPE management tools and other aspects, and perhaps even continue TESCCC. ESCs have betrayed the public trust and should be reviewed now, not in 2019.

We appreciate the leadership that the Governor has shown this session and trust that he will continue to demonstrate that common-sense leadership by vetoing H.B. 1675.

AFP-Texas fully supports the veto of HB 1675.

Please ask the Governor to veto HB 1675.

Click Here to Take Action!


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