New ‘Globally Aware’ Social Justice Charter School in Wisconsin

By Danette Clark

The warning below was written by Frank Gabl, who, using some of the information on this site about the Coalition of Essential Schools (CES), was able to connect the dots and discovered that a new charter school opening in his state is affiliated with the progressive CES Schools.

SOAR (School of Options and Applied Research) Charter School, located within Land O’Lakes Elementary School in the Northland Pines School District of Wisconsin, is a project-based learning school that teaches children ‘social responsibility’ and ‘global awareness’ using biased far-left political indoctrination tactics.

As Frank discovered, SOAR’s professional development training is provided by the Buck Institute for Education, a CES affiliate organization listed at Schools, Districts & Organizations Indoctrinating in Your State.

Understanding the connections (and dangers) outlined on this website between the Coalition of Essential Schools and Common Core, Frank recently wrote the following warning about Winconsin’s implementation of Common Core:

Parents warned about education restructuring

Abraham Lincoln is credited with profound insight when he cautioned: “The philosophy of the classroom today will be the philosophy of government tomorrow.”

So it is quite remarkable when one considers that an estimated 93% of the public knows practically nothing about the massive national education restructuring called Common Core State Standards Initiative (CCSSI).

Common Core curriculum standardization is well on its way to full implementation in 2014, whereby a student’s K-12 academic framework will be predominantly controlled by detached unelected bureaucrats at the federal level, special interests and the agenda of Washington elites.

Never wanting “a serious crisis to go to waste,” the Obama administration slipped a $4.35 billion earmark into the 2009 stimulus package for the Department of Education. In return, the department led by Secretary Arne Duncan, launched Barack Obama’s Race to the Top education competition which shackled Common Core to the state level. The blueprint is a virtual copy of the vision Marc Tucker marketed to the Clintons with his memorable “Dear Hillary” congratulations letter in 1992. Unsurprisingly, Tucker’s National Center for Education and the Economy is a major player in constructing Common Core.

And much like the dynamic beleaguering Obamacare, Common Core is overflowing with unknowns. But one thing is certain in spite of inevitable future surprises; the final structure will bear the fingerprints of radicals the likes of social justice extremist, Linda Darling-Hammond who directed Obama’s 2008 education transition team, as well as the president’s former ally from his UIC days, the unrepentant-domestic terrorist, Prof. Bill Ayers.

To ensure national implementation, the Department of Education dangled a piece of the infamous stimulus pie to lure states into adopting the standardized curriculum of which, former Gov. Doyle was one of 46 governors to grab the handout. Hence, in school districts statewide, Common Core is just months away from stripping Wisconsin of its constitutional authority over education, thereby empowering the federal government with control of school curricula while rendering parents powerless to affect change in their own child’s learning development. And to flex muscles, Common Core imposes a federal tracking-system which includes disciplinary records, health history, family income range and parent’s religious/political affiliation.

Furthermore, if the federal takeover of education is not un-American enough, the Common Core framework will eventually provide unrestricted access of our educational system to the United Nations. A number of textbooks and curricula written by UNESCO’s International Baccalaureate (IB) program (ages 3-19) are already in many public school districts across the country. The IB curriculum teaches values and human rights dictated by the U.N., including radical environmentalism, abortion, social justice, multiculturalism, wealth distribution and a religion alternative, pantheism.

Parents who are troubled by this information because they know it threatens their child’s upbringing will naturally question whether it’s too late? The bad news is yes if people choose denial or decide to remain uninformed and uninvolved. But because average Americans have had enough freedom usurped in recent years to equal a lifetime, 13 states have been forced by their engaged citizens into convening public forums/hearings and advance legislative bills in an all-out effort to keep decision-making up to the trusted servants of their communities where control belongs.

To develop a fuller understanding of how smart people intend to raise our babies and grandbabies the way only they know best, search on line: “Stop the Common Core Video Series,” “States Fighting Back — Truth in American Education,” “Common Core’s Race to the Middle in Colorado” (a must see) and “Think Common Core Standards were a State Initiative — Utah’s Republic.”


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