Demand a Full Investigation into the IRS’s Illegal Practice of Targeting Specific Groups

From FreedomWorks:

“The Internal Revenue Service has been discriminating and harassing liberty groups for years. Officials in the Obama administration knew of these practices but did nothing to punish those involved.

According to an Inspector General report, only one IRS agent was assigned to review all tax-exempt applications by tea party, 9/12, and pro-freedom groups for the express purposes of delaying approval. Meanwhile progressive groups were given a free ride.

This isn’t just outrageous – it’s unconstitutional and a violation of free speech. Our government used its tax authority to punish people who disagreed with them. We don’t live in a “Banana Republic,” this is the United States of America. And we must defend our Constitutional Rights.

The American people deserve an explanation. Perpetrators must be held accountable for their crimes. The time to stand up for the constitution and the rule of law is NOW.”

Go here to sign the petition demanding a FULL investigation into IRS’s illegal and discriminatory practices.


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