Update — Huge Victory for Texas: CSCOPE to be Eliminated!

By Danette Clark

Please call or email Senator Dan Patrick and thank him for preserving parental rights by demanding complete transparency in what children are being taught.

From Donna Garner:


In sudden turn of events the TESCCC Board decides to end CSCOPE lesson plans.

AUSTIN– A letter signed by all 20 members of the Board released this morning stated they will notify their 875 school district clients that all lesson plans will be removed from their website on August 31st, 2013 and that districts cannot use any lessons they currently have beyond that date. The August 31st date corresponds to the notice clause in their contracts with their districts. The letter goes on to say that the Regional Service Centers will not produce lesson plans in the future. The 20 Service Centers will return to their original business plan of providing a management tool for teachers to stay on schedule regarding the teaching of the required TEKS. The official vote will take place at an already scheduled Board meeting on Friday, May 24th.

“I’m pleased that the CSCOPE Board has made the decision to get out of the lesson plan business. This is a positive development for students, parents, teachers, and for the Regional Service Centers,” said Senator Patrick. “I want to thank the members of the Senate Education Committee for their months of work on this issue. I also want to thank Attorney General Abbott and his staff in providing valuable assistance in our review of CSCOPE,” added Patrick.

“We would like to thank Senator Patrick, Senator Duncan, and members of the Senate and House Education Committees. Their leadership has been invaluable and we look forward to a positive relationship in the future. We believe that this is the best decision moving forward; and allows us to continue to provide high quality services to the more than 1,000, school districts and charter schools in Texas,” said Kyle Wargo, Board Member Region 17 Board of Directors and Anne Poplin, Chair, TESCCC.

“We accept the concerns expressed by the leadership of our state regarding segments of the lessons that were perceived as contradictory to the values of our great state. We will therefore eliminate the model lessons offered as examples of what was interpreted as the intent of the standards and focus on moving forward in a positive manner,” said Mary Ann Whiteker, Superintendent, Hudson ISD.

“Once the TESCCC officially approves this measure Friday I will notify the SBOE that they do not need to review the 1600 CSCOPE lesson plans,” said Patrick. “The CSCOPE era is over. However, what the last several months has proven is that the state will have to create a plan to monitor all on line material in the future so that our schools and classroom remain completely transparent to parents and the legislature knows what is being taught in our classrooms across Texas,” added Patrick.”


4 responses to “Update — Huge Victory for Texas: CSCOPE to be Eliminated!

  1. The lesson plan part of CSCOPE goes away. More work for teachers.
    Also, this opens the door for more Common Core State Standards to creep into Texas. Pearson Publishing has already contacted every district in Texas about purchasing their curriculum lesson-planning aids.

    Way to go, Danette! You succeeded in bringing Common Core in to Texas, and you helped transfer money from Texas taxpayers to big corporations, instead of helping Texas Teachers! Another battle you’ve won in your War on Teachers, in the greater War Against Children!

    • Common Core was already in Texas, but under a different name – CSCOPE. Don’t worry. Those great ladies in Texas that led the charge and succeeded in stopping CSCOPE’s online program know that the battle continues (against Common Core). And they will succeed again.

      • Study history: CSCOPE predated Common Core, was designed to avoid Common Core. You didn’t know that? Oh, yeah — you don’t know what was IN CSCOPE, and you don’t know what’s in Common Core.

        You probably oppose all the patriotic stuff in Common Core, too. To you, George Washington was just a liberal terrorist, right?

        Shame on you.

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