Encouraging News — Parents in Texas are Making a Difference

Brazosport ISD Parents Against CSCOPE Meeting on April 15th -- Approximately 700 parents in attendance

Brazosport ISD Parents Against CSCOPE Meeting on April 15th — Approximately 700 parents in attendance

Check out the success stories below and go to WomenontheWall.org for information on how to get involved in your district.

Success Stories ~ Women On The Wall Mom of the Week~


Argyle ISD Administration recommended and the School Board agreed to not fund CSCOPE any longer! Victory!

14 responses to “Encouraging News — Parents in Texas are Making a Difference

  1. I am not sure why common core is so horrible. National Standards was something formulated by the National Council on Economic Education, and the one of the motivators behind NCLB. It was born out of Texas. There is nothing wrong with having standards that are balanced across this nation. Why are people so afraid of teaching a balanced approach to education? Look into the truth behind the history of Texas. I am stunned by the level of shortsightedness of people who have never spent one day in the educational system weighing in. The very fact that you can write freely a blog, where you call out people as “radical of the week” and such is hysterical. You are a product of freedom of thought. You are a “radical” a “revolutionary” and “reactionary.” If you do not think we need change in our education systems, then you must be living in a cave in the middle of suburbia free from the realities plaguing this nation. Just as there is a fight to have a common language, we need a common academic standards. Let’s hope a common core will be the motivation to limit or bring to an end standardized testing.

    • Some districts may need change because they have 5 to 1 adminstrators to teachers ration, RIDICULOUS! Teachers are hired to TEACH, imagine that, what a concept. If they arent teaching and being lazy than fire them and hire someone who will. THAT IS THE KIND OF CHANGE WE NEED! Inject a little fair market competition into this union kabal and you will see the purging of the bad and the implementing of the effective

      • Some districts may need change because they have 5 to 1 adminstrators to teachers ratio, RIDICULOUS!

        Must be an awfully tiny school district. Can you name it?

  2. If you have read more than this post on this site, you know I have a problem with indoctrination, a far cry from having a problem with ‘balanced standards’ across the nation. The people listed as radicals here are indoctrinators. The manner in which they indoctrinate is ILLEGAL. By radical, I mean ‘wanting extreme political change’ and violating others’ constitutional and parental rights to bring about that change. I don’t need even 1 second of experience in the educational system to know when my children are being violated and my rights are being trampled. Another right I have is expressing myself, whether in person or through this blog, so if you find that ‘hysterical’, laugh it up. I, for one, find the truth not at all funny, and that is what is written here.

    • There is nothing in the common core that indoctrinates children any more than any other standards. The indoctrination of bigoted, false information embedded in Texas standards is more frightening than any supposed McCarthyism paranoia that is being espoused here. I also fear a take over of the dark side, the extremists from other countries, through our current president, however, the issues are much larger and your focusing people away from the big problem by attacking an attempt to make education fair, equitable and balanced from state to state is not the answer. Rather, you are playing into the same hype, hysteria and misinformation as our mainstream media, ignorant rants of the likes of Limbaugh, and shortsighted narrow minded whining of Hannity. Wake up and smell the coffee, the koolaid that you are sipping whilst spending time on the internet is as dangerous as the koolaid that those who voted our current president in for a second term. It borders on kookaid!

  3. I’m focused on real people who are infecting our children, real people – the ones actually perpetrating crimes — that I don’t want within 1,000 feet of my kids, not to mention in the same classroom. You want to focus on the larger picture — ‘the system’ — as Deborah Meier and others refer to in order to divert blame, go right ahead. There are plenty other sites on the web that will cater to your one-world eutopia, only Christians are terrorists bull crap.

    • On the contrary, there is no one world utopia, and I am not one of those that is steeped in one way thought. I am a professional educator and have spent many years learning from all perspectives. I am also a very balanced student of theology, history, education, curriculum and instruction and the one thing I can tell you is this. We are failing our kids. I took Texas’ standardized testing in 2003 and it was an abomination. It was the very reason why our president at the time aligned himself with the NCEE, the NAEP and committed to investing more money over the past 10 years then all the years from 1965 to 2000. Let me ask you this, are you also against desegregation in schools? Do you clearly understand what is happening in our schools across this nation? Does it bother you that the majority of children in this country do not have the tools they need to elevate academically so as to compete with the rest of the world? Are you aware of the reality facing this nation as a result of the head in the sand phenomena of both sides of the aisle? Does it bother you that while more and more money is going into the hands of the few, women and children still continue to be pushed deeper into poverty? Do you understand the real impetus behind NCLB, Race To the Top, Common, nationalized standards? I get the impression that you have only done half of your homework. Ignorance is defeating whether a liberal far left fanatic, or a reactionary far right. Both end up with the same sorry outcome. The very people who pushed for the voucher system are totally unaware that the very person who initiated the voucher system was also responsible for the charter system. Guess what? I worked for him, and he was also the father of the medical savings account system, the same man who made his millions in health insurance, and keen supporter of the Republican conservative party. We are in trouble in this nation, but, it is not in the way that you think it is. I will never be a person who only reads what they want to hear. Balance and historical research, not mere name dropping, pseudo science. Remember, many warned Columbus that the earth was flat and until recently it was a sin to believe otherwise.

  4. But thanks for stopping by, and for your opinion.

    • Danette, I am happy that you are being bold and taking a stand! Seriously, I respect you tenacity! May the Lord Bless you, all of us, with wisdom, discernment and a voice to make the changes that are necessary to protect our children and society!

  5. Mary finally gives up and tosses in the usual Far Left Bomb throwing lines…. “Let me ask you this, are you also against desegregation in schools?” Mary, are you really this low? A type of person that goes around smearing people simply because you fail at debating the actual substantive issues? Your bomb throwing tactic is a question the “Al Sharpton’s and Chris “tingle legs” Matthews ask on the Propaganda Network MSNBC. GE’s little Darling that got their CEO Immelt front row seats as Jobs Czar. Then, they both LAUGHED at the nation as “shovel ready” jobs were no where to be seen. Then, GE sends America jobs to China right after that. Do you think Chris Matthews and MSNBC reported on that Scandal and Corruption of our President by their CEO???

    Why Mary, do you hate the concerns of citizens and parents fighting for their rights? Why do you charge racism via Saul Alinsky tactics? Do you regularly demonize and spew hatred? To anyone who dare question our government failures? Did you graduate from the Saul Alinsky school? Where campaign lies are OK as long as you win? Any means to an end camp? Or, are you merely parroting the lines you hear? Regurgitating the far left lines? As if they’re your false gospel to enlighten the masses?

    Obama trained in Alinsky lies at Chicago. When in doubt, smear, smear and smear again by attempting to label your opposition as racist, dumb, ignorant, mean, nasty, etc., etc. Mary, you’re exposed now for all to see. You took a very difficult issue and vomited up extreme leftist tactics.

    You’re not here in concern, or even for the truth. You’re here to sling mud. How absolutely disgusting and dishonorable for someone who claims to represent children, to toss hyperbolic attacks on this page. You only show that you are a political hack for the left. Our children need less of your mud slinging and far less Government intervention in our lives. Government is the most corrupt influence in our lives today, along with most big Corporate owned Media, like GE’s MSNBC and NBC.

    Your feeble attempts to copy-cat MSNBC tactics fail here. And soon, that station will fail as few watch it. And GE will regret ever having used it as their personal propaganda tool to enrich their Billion-dollar coffers. But you keep on drinking the Government is Good koolaid.

    • this is so typical and absolutely hysterical! My leftist friends call me a right wing head in the sand hate monger. The bottom line is this; you are mixing education reform which is necessary with jargon that will in fact halt the change necessary to allow our children to be educated enough to compete in the global market. I am anti-government, anti-Obama. This is the ugliest attack I have ever seen, and you Joel, are an absolute hate spewing, ignorant, rant tosser, and sir, you are clueless! Someday read my thesis that I posted against Obama. When all of you right wingers, (I lean in that direction by the way) were so worried about getting a woman in office and did everything you could to discredit Hillary, I was warning my far right wing boss that he needed to be looking at the Senator from Illinois. I warned him, and yes, the Newt one day when he called in to chat with my boss. I was laughed at. As a staunch supporter of Mitt, and yes, a donor to his election, I know all too well. As a student of history, I know far more than I will bother to go into. You see Joel, there are some of us who can carefully disseminate the news, the law, history, and from it garner an opinion that is free from all the regurgitation you have just spewed upon me. It is hardly feeble, as it got your ire up. You keep on drinking the koolaid that you are drinking and while you are so busy worrying about a nationalized standard that was first initiated by the right, all of our rights and freedoms have already been sold out in the name of capitalism. Typical, for a bully to take my comment about desegregation out of context. Again, we are halted as a result of ignorance and a refusal to understand what education in America really is all about. If you want to know about medicine, you go to a medical professional, if you want to know about computers, you go to a computer specialist, in this country if you want to know about education, you go to the big mouth on the internet. God forbid you ask an education professional who has been on all sides of the fence. Read and tell me how close I was in 2008. http://artseesdiner.com/thesiselelction2008.pdf

  6. Yep, I don’t have time to get drawn into debates about segegration and a million other issues she assumes she knows my stance on. I have 2 RADICALS to name this week cause I’m behind.

  7. Name yourself as you are a radical, just of a different type. Good for you!

  8. Mary, it’s more bizarre than that.

    CSCOPE is anti-Common Core. It was designed to be Texas born, Texas bred, and Texas proud. You have to wonder why anyone would complain so much about local school rule. The only think I can figure is a lot of the CSCOPE critics have stock in Pearson and the testing monopoly.

    There’s no rational explanation other than that I can find.

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