Common Core Opt-Out Form for Parents

By Danette Clark

These photos are examples of what kids will be taught to believe is good and normal under the national Common Core Curriculum.

indoc-mothershouse          MAKETHE ROAD

44 States have already signed on to adopt Common Core and it’s almost too late to back out.

Download and print the opt-out form for parents at Truth in American Education.

Then go to and read her Rotten to the Core series. The 4th on data tracking of children is frightening.

The BlazeTV did a show on Common Core last night.

Several articles on my website explain the kind of garbage taught in schools that are part of the Coalition of Essential Schools (CES). CES schools are behind CSCOPE in Texas and the national Common Core Curriculum.

Once states implement Common Core, it will be too late!

Call your legislatures today and tell them to back out of Common Core now!!

Contact your local tea party and ask them to get involved. They are standing with parents in some states and those states are on the verge of rejecting Common Core.

So far, only Alaska, Minnesota, Nebraska, Texas and Virginia have rejected Common Core. The rest are headed for danger.


2 responses to “Common Core Opt-Out Form for Parents

  1. As a parent of Texas students I can tell you that Common Core is already in our schools as well as CSCOPE. Parents who are against it are trying their hardest to get it out of the schools but it is an uphill battle.

  2. Well, it’s worth the fight and they are definitely up for it. The indoctrinators behind CSCOPE had better hold on tight – they are in for an uphill battle as well.

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