Howard Machtinger on the Religious Right — “Contemptuous and Mean-Spirited Toward the Poor, Especially…People of Color”

This week’s ‘Radical of the Week’ being added to the Name Names page:

Howard Machtinger


Former member of the Students for a Democratic Society and co-founder of the Weather Underground Organization alongside Bill Ayers, Howard Machtinger recently served several years as director of the North Carolina Teaching Fellows program at UNC’s School of Education.

The program hand-picked high school students for recruitment into the field of teaching by offering fully paid education and training. Under Machtinger’s direction, many NC Teaching Fellows were then sent to teach in schools belonging to the Coalition of Essential Schools network.

The Fellows program also promoted and partnered with several progressive organizations to promote their social justice infused curricula for use in public and charter schools.

President Obama’s education plan specifically references NC Teaching Fellows as a model of best practice in teacher recruitment.

To his credit, Machtinger has, in recent years, denounced the violence that he and other members of the Weather Underground Organization participated in during the 1960s. However, as an educator and as director of NC’s Teaching Fellows program, Machtinger continued to promote radical SDS style prejudice against whites, America and capitalism.

Machtinger wrote the following just 3 months ago:

“…today the right, including the religious right, is contemptuous and mean-spirited toward the poor, especially if they are people of color. They are losers, who are not fully citizens, whose voting rights need to be curtailed and whose culture needs a makeover. Even some of the Black mega-churches preach an updated version of the ‘gospel of wealth.’”

And with regard to the Tea Party, Machtinger wrote this:

“The question is whether there is any limit to popular toleration and submission to the Tea Party’s articulated individualism and its implicit white supremacy and macho strutting.”

Go to Name Names to see other radicals behind the largest progressive indoctrination movement in the U.S., the Coalition of Essential Schools (CES).

Also, see how CES schools are behind CSCOPE in Texas and the Common Core national standards at What Are They Learning?.


2 responses to “Howard Machtinger on the Religious Right — “Contemptuous and Mean-Spirited Toward the Poor, Especially…People of Color”

  1. I think you’re misunderstanding the antecedent of “They”. Machtinger appears to be speaking about the poor (or, more precisely, the way the poor are viewed by the religious right). “They” does not refer–as your title suggests–to members of the religious right.

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