Name Names — The People Behind the Largest Progressive Indoctrination Movement in the U.S.

A Name Names page has been added to highlight some of the people behind the Coalition of Essential Schools.

A new radical will be added each week. Below is a preview.


Cornel West


Cornel West, a Princeton professor and marxist-socialist, participated as a featured speaker at the 2000 Coalition of Essential Schools Fall Forum.

West, who served as an advisor to President Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, has supported and participated in several communist party projects and spoken out against Israel for its “occupation of the Palestinian territories”.

The Coalition of Essential Schools recommends Cornel West’s books on racism to educators.



Reverend Jeremiah Wright


Barack Obama’s former pastor, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, participated as a featured speaker at the 2006 Coalition of Essential Schools Fall Forum in Chicago, IL.

Wright, former pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, made headlines during Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign for his anti-American rantings and racially charged comments.



President Barack Obama

As admitted to in the video above, Obama served as chairman of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, through which $50 million dollars went to school reform efforts. As I’ve written several times in What Are They Learning?, that money went to Theodore Sizer’s Coalition of Essential Schools (CES). The stated purpose of the Annenberg Institute for School Reform, through the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, was to nationally expand the model and principles of CES schools.

Obama still pushes the same progressive education reform movement today through publicized visits to CES schools and CES affiliated schools, and through federal funding and the creation of new education initiatives.

Read more about the Coaltion of Essential Schools at What Are They Learning?.


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