Indoctrination in Texas Schools Long Before CSCOPE


By Danette Clark

The technology developer of a controversial computer based curriculum management system for Texas schools has a long history of working with progressive educators.

3rd Learning, the organization chosen by the Texas Education Service Center Curriculum Collaborative to create the online program, CSCOPE, was founded in 2007, but is a wholly owned subsidiary of Performance Learning Systems, which has been around for more than 45 years.

Performance Learning Systems specializes in staff development and teaching strategies, and has partnered with the Coalition of Essential Schools for more than 20 years to structure curriculum material that incorporates ‘essential schools’ pedagogy.

The Coalition of Essential Schools (CES) began as a small progressive education reform model that was promoted and expanded with the help of President Obama years ago and with his continued support today. CES now indoctrinates hundreds of thousands of students in U.S. schools every year. Read more about CES schools here.

The computer based CSCOPE curriculum currently being used in over 800 Texas school districts has come under heavy fire recently for providing lesson plans that many parents, educators, and several state senators have described as anti-American, anti-Christian, and pro-Islamic.

What many people don’t realize, however, is that those offensive lesson plans were in many Texas schools long before CSCOPE was created.

In 1999, the Texas Education Agency, in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Education under Bill Clinton, awarded Comprehensive School Reform grants to 137 campuses in 31 school districts for the implementation of several school reform models, including the Coalition of Essential Schools (CES) model and a few others that have since become affiliated and closely aligned with CES.

Today, several organizations, including Performance Learning Systems, Linda Darling-Hammond’s School Redesign Network, the Industrial Areas Foundation, and CES partner organization, Texas ASCD, are still working to further infect Texas schools until they become full-on indoctrination centers that transform American children into communist revolutionaries.

Click here to view a lesson on race and ‘white privilege’ that was created by Professional Learning Systems. White privilege is the theory that all whites are premanently racist because they enjoy privileges that American law and society make available only to white people. This is often used by educators in conjunction with Derrick Bell’s critical race theory and is being taught in CES affiliated schools across the country.

Students are also exposed to this garbage through the White Privilege Conference that I wrote about 2 years ago in Students Schooled on White Privilege and 5 Million Ways to Kill a CEO.

Please go to Take it Back! for more information and a list of schools indoctrinating in your area.


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