Texas Senators Send Clear Message to Progressive Educators – Don’t Mess With Texas Schools

Senator Dan Patrick

By Danette Clark

Thursday’s Texas State Senate hearing was a huge success for parents and teachers who’ve been fighting to stop CSCOPE, a computer based curriculum source being used in approximately 80% of Texas school districts. CSCOPE is being provided through several Texas Regional Education Service Centers.

In addition to finding CSCOPE to be “troubling” and “a mess”, Education Committee Chairman, Senator Dan Patrick, slammed CSCOPE representatives over a particular lesson provided to educators that refers to our founding fathers as terrorists.

Although this is a big step toward taking back Texas schools, it’s only the beginning.

As I wrote in Texas CSCOPE Part of a Nationwide Progressive Indoctrination Scheme, CSCOPE is just one arm of a nationwide network of organizations that have already infected over 2,000 U.S. schools.

Nonetheless, the women behind the fight against CSCOPE have the right idea — start local and start with what you can prove.

They pressed the education centers that provide CSCOPE to local schools, contacted teachers, and alerted school board members, state legislators, the media, and the public. Now that the agenda has been exposed, it can be stopped — one radical teacher at a time, one school district at a time, one so-called education reform organization at a time.

Please go to Take it Back! to find schools, districts, and organizations indoctrinating in your state and for a list of resources and suggestions on how to protect your children and take back education in your area.


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