Is #OccupyWallStreet a Muslim Brotherhood Pawn?

By Danette Clark    October 24, 2011

This year’s sudden eruption of protests across the Middle East and here at home have left many of us wondering who has been stirring the pot and why.

Thanks to the efforts of Aaron Klein and Brenda Elliott, we now know that George Soros is behind this year’s revolts in Egypt and Tunisia, riots in Morocco, protests at Israel’s borders, and even Occupy Wall Street protests here at home.

In recent days, the Muslim Brotherhood appears to be jumping on the bandwagon of Occupy Wall Street protests already in motion to promote their own platform.

But as more and more information makes it’s way to the surface, it is becoming apparent (at least to me) that this movement doesn’t just involve the Muslim Brotherhood, it may be all about them.

So far, Arab Spring revolutionaries have succeeded in overthrowing the leaders of Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya, and it is the Muslim Brotherhood that is ‘conveniently’ poised to step in and take over.  Despite its violent history and the fact that it was banned for many years in several countries, the Brotherhood is now widely considered the most organized political party in the middle east and most likely to win upcoming elections in all three countries.

Couple that with the fact that George Soros is forging an alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood, and it becomes apparent that we have a serious problem here.

While funding opposition groups in Egypt that succeeded in toppling President Mubarak, Soros’ International Crisis Group was also petitioning for the Egyptian government to normalize ties with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Just days ago, KleinOnline reported that Fenton Communications, a firm closely partnered with dozens of Soros organizations, represented and promoted the recent anti-Wall Street march past the homes of several millionaires in New York City.

According to Ken Timmerman of, Fenton Communications is a public relations firm that recently developed a communications action plan for an 18-month campaign, known as the Al Fakhoora Project.  The campaign aims to delegitimize Israel and manipulate public opinion to generate support for the Hamas-led government and the people of the Gaza strip.

Hamas is an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Al Fakhoora Project also orchestrated the Gaza flotilla raid that took place on May 31st of last year.

Director of the Al Fakhoora Project, Farooq Burney, participated in the Gaza flotilla raid on the Turskish ship, Mavi Marmara. Video footage released by Israeli Defense Forces shows the anti-Israel activists aboard the ship wearing bulletproof vests and assaulting Israeli commandos with metal bars and clubs as they tried to board the ship to prevent it from breaching Israel’s blockade.  Several activists were killed and Farooq Burney was arrested.

The founder of Fenton Communications, David Fenton, has close ties to William Ayers and President Obama. Read about their relationship here.

Fenton Communications is just one of the many organizations working within the Occupy Wall Street movement that has a close relationship with Muslim Brotherhood organizations. Code Pink, for example, often works closely with radical Islamist organizations and has even run banner ads on the Muslim Brotherhood’s English language website inviting them to “join us in cleansing our country.”

Even former World Bank vice president and chief economist, Joseph Stiglitz, who has held teach-ins for Occupy Wall Street protesters, affiliates himself with Muslim Brotherhood organizations and favors a Sharia-based economic system.

Stiglitz, who is funded by and closely associated with George Soros, frequently works with the Muslim Brotherhood-created Muslim Students Association (MSA) teaching the woes of capitalism and promoting a one world economy.

Aaron Klein recently reported that in 2010, Stiglitz “gave a lecture entitled “A New Economic World Order” in which his presentation called for the world to be “no longer dominated by one ‘superpower.’”  He believes the U.S. is failing to come to “terms with its standing in the New Global Order.”

Stiglitz is a member of the World Commission on the Social Dimension of Globalization, an independent body of the International Labour Organization.

The Commission’s goal has been to explore “innovative, sustainable ways of combining economic, social and environmental objectives to make globalization work for all.”

When asked by FrontPage Magazine whether Islamic finance contained any lessons for the Commission to apply in recommending the architecture for a new global economic order, Joseph Stiglitz praised the Sharia-based system for focusing on fundamentals and for its superior ethics in comparison to American lending practices.

Why stir the pot here in America?

In light of all this, it appears the Muslim Brotherhood, at the very least, is positioning itself with the Wall Street protests to push for a global economic system.  One Muslim Brotherhood organization, CAIR, has announced that because many of the demands of Occupy Wall Street parallel those of the New York Muslim Community, it will unite with protesters and begin holding prayer sessions at Occupy Wall Street.

Although many Wall Street occupiers still seem confused as to why they are even there, one main theme has resonated among the majority of protesters — end capitalism.

Wouldn’t that be ‘convenient’ for radical Islamists?

The often-stated dream of the Muslim Brotherhood has always been to establish a global Islamic state. Just this summer, Kamal Al-Helbawy, former Muslim Brotherhood spokesman in the West, called upon the Arab youth to launch a new revolution that would eliminate the borders drawn by imperialist nations and bring about the establishment of a global Islamic state called “The United States of Islam.”

The U.S. financial system has been the target of radical Islamists for decades and now it appears they are using the Occupy Wall Street protesters, the directionless and confused portion of our population, to help cripple our already limping economy.

If the goal is to align the Muslim Brotherhood in a position of power here in the U.S. by forcing us into a global economy, can they succeed?  You would think that America, of all countries, could never fall that way. But with the Obama administration already filled to the brim with Muslim Brotherhood associations and sympathizers, it makes you wonder.

Some believe it can and will happen.  Iranian leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, told supporters on October 13th that the Occupy Wall Street movement would bring down capitalism in America.

An October 9 Occupy Wall Street Report from the group, New York City Labor Against the War, quotes Mohammed Ezzeldin from Egypt:

“I am coming from there – from the Arab Spring From the Arab Spring to the fall of Wall Street From Liberation Square to Washington Square, to the fall of Wall Street and market domination, and capitalist domination.

The group goes on to say that Ezzeldin’s “passionate speech, which even included a reference to Karl Marx, made a startling comparison between what happened in Egypt earlier this year and what is now happening in the United States.”

When Adbusters, one of the first organizations known to have launched the Occupy Wall Street campaign, said they wanted to bring Tahrir Square home to the U.S., they weren’t kidding.

One last thought: I came across a quote several years ago that now springs to mind. It was on the website of an organization filled with radical leftists and anti-semetics who push for the downfall of Israel and America through the removal of borders and a global economy. The quote read, “The End of Capitalism – The Destruction of Everything to Start Something New.”

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