Communist Bill Ayers Holds Teach-in at #OccupyChicago

By Danette Clark    October 27, 2011

Bill Ayers graced the un-bathed hippy wannabes with his presence at the Occupy Wall Street protests in Chicago last week.

Although Ayers spoke to protesters about non-violent direct action, he reminisced about his time meeting with the North Vietnamese to discuss fomenting revolution in America.

Ayers has a close relationship with David Fenton, founder of Fenton Communications, a firm helping to promote the Occupy Wall Street movement.

David Fenton served as a photographer for Bill Ayers’ domestic Weather Underground terror group.

As recently reported, Fenton Communications launched an 18-month campaign to delegitimize Israel and orchestrated the Gaza Flotilla raid wherein activists engaged in deadly clashes with Israeli commandos.

Ayers and wife, Bernardine Dohrn, also backed the Gaza Flotilla raid and have led several Free Gaza movement initiatives, along with their and Obama friend, Jodi Evans, of Code Pink.


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