Livestream of Today’s ‘Global Revolution’ Provided by Van Jones-Affiliated Social Justice Media?

By Danette Clark    September 17, 2011’s Global Revolution channel will provide live feed of today’s “Occupy Wall Street” protests.,,, and other anti-capitalism organizations with hopes of creating “an American Tahrir Square” will descend on downtown Manhattan to show that they blame Wall Street for its “financial capture of the US political system”.

From’s global revolution channel:

This channel will feature live streams from global non violent revolution spreading across the globe”, with the first broadcasts from Wall Street Occupation in NYC. The channel will also feature live stream from solidarity protests and events in Spain, Greece, France, Belgium, Iceland and other places around the globe.

Leading up to the protests at Wall Street, which are scheduled to begin today at 3:00 pm, the global revolution channel is running video after video of far left propaganda (including questionable history lessons) and footage of recent protests in Spain, Greece, and the Gaza Strip.

The channel banner for the global revolution channel on depicts a logo that I recognize as the same logo used by Indymedia in Oakland, California.

Indymedia is funded by the Tides Foundation, which supports a slew of radical leftist organizations, and which has received millions in donations from George Soros’ Open Society Institute.

According to, Indymedia is an enormous news and events bulletin board with local pages in most of the world’s major cities, which provides a vital link for radical activists, often with violent agendas, to coordinate their protests.

Indymedia’s website boasts violent rhetoric such as calls to disband the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Police, referring to them as pigs and making obscene statements like “all police are murderers.”

Indymedia’s fiscal sponsor is Media Alliance.

Media Alliance refers to itself as “… a media resource and advocacy center for media workers, non-profit organizations, and social justice activists.”

Obama’s former green jobs czar, Van Jones, was chairman of the board of Media Alliance in 1998.

Today, Oriana Saportas, an ACORN and SEIU organizer, sits on the board.

Media Alliance and Indymedia work closely with and support the activities of many far-left organizations, including the Van Jones-founded Ella Baker Center and The Data Center, whose founders are closely tied to both Van Jones and communist William Ayers.

Indymedia has also received funding from George Soros’ Open Society Institute.


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