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Crayola Common Core Lessons Promote Globalization and Interdependence

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By Danette Clark

Crayola joins the list of big name education companies who have sold out our children and America to the United Nations’ global agenda.

Teaching children ‘to take action as global citizens’ in an ‘interdependent world’ and to ‘think about the world more holistically’ are the focus of Crayola lessons provided in partnership with the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO), one of the two main organizations responsible for the creation of the national Common Core State Standards.

Crayola, Lego Education, Apple, and Disney (among others), as members of P21 — Partnership for 21st Century Skills, entered into a ‘strategic partnership‘ with the Council of Chief State School Officers in 2010.

According to P21’s Executive Chair, Kathy Hurley, CCSSO and P21 work very closely on Common Core, as well as CSSO’s Next Generation Learner program, and the Elementary and Secondary Education Act re-authorization.

Hurley is also Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships for Pearson Education. Pearson, in partnership with CCSSO, has been instrumental in implementing Common Core in many states by providing resources and employing progressive educators, like Coalition of Essential Schools disciple Grant Wiggins, to provide professional development training.

The U.S. Department of Education hosted the launching of P21 and Crayola’s Champion Creatively Alive Children program in 2011.


Crayola lessons, like other Common Core material, are designed to create, in children’s minds, a specific and biased perspective of the world — globalization over national sovereignty, interdependence over self-reliance, and social and economic equity governed by a few over social and economic freedom governed by self.

Crayola-recommended resources promoting social justice, globalization, and the theory of global warming, are listed here along with writings by humanist Linda Darling-Hammond, CSCOPE’s Robert Marzano, and progressive Howard Gardner, also CES disciples.

Read more about CES (Coalition of Essential Schools) and Common Core at Unravelled! The 30 Year Agenda Behind Common Core and at the Common Core / CSCOPE / CES Connection page.

James Rubenstein’s anti-semitic book, The Cultural Landscape, is also listed as a Crayola Arts-Infused Education Resource.

Despite Arne Duncan’s denial that Common Core purposes a political agenda, the curriculum itself proves otherwise — that Common Core has everything to do with the political and global agenda of those who created it, and nothing to do with a sound education for the benefit of those being taught — our children.

Expeditionary Learning Working With Authors of Common Core to Develop Model Curriculum

By Danette Clark

Expeditionary Learning (EL) has been chosen by the State of New York “to create Common Core-aligned English language arts and literacy curriculum for grades 3-5 and deliver Common Core professional development to representatives from districts across the state”.

According to its website, EL is also working with the authors of Common Core to develop model secondary curriculum.

Ironically, I’ve received a few emails from people questioning why I’ve listed EL schools under Schools, Districts and Organizations Indoctrinating in Your State and claiming that EL does not provide curriculum content to its schools for use in the classroom (at least not to every school).

Of course, I can’t say what’s going on in every Expeditionary Learning school. That’s why there is a disclaimer on the Schools, Districts and Organizations Indoctrinating in Your State page that says this:

“…each entity listed here has been identified as being directly involved in the indoctrination of students or participating in indoctrination programs and curriculums, or affiliated with organizations and/or curriculums structured for indoctrination.”

The page also explains what the word ‘indoctrination’ means for the ‘purpose of this website’.

With that being said, for those who agree that the lesson plans used and the manner in which students are taught under the direction of the CSCOPE curriculum in Texas constitutes ‘indoctrination’, then Expeditionary Learning schools are correctly listed on this website and we have more reason to be concerned about Common Core.

Even absent the intent of a particular school to indoctrinate, if it chooses to establish itself as an ‘Expeditionary Learning School’, shouldn’t it be familiar with the principles, beliefs, and pedagogy of Expeditionary Learning, as well as what content is being used in other EL schools?

EL has a long history of partnering with the Coalition of Essential Schools (CES), the education reform model (and people) behind both CSCOPE and Common Core. Read about the connections and find links to several articles on indoctrination in CES schools here.

Like the Coalition of Essential Schools model, Expeditionary Learning is flexible in that it does not dictate a particular curriculum. CES and EL are more method than content, so they can be used in conjunction with or to compliment an existing curriculum.

In CES schools, teachers are given freedom in choosing different instruction models and creating their own lesson plans, as long as there is a commitment to ‘CES principles’ — and according to Expeditionary Learning chief program officer, Ron Berger, “CES and ELS embrace the notion that it’s all about the culture of the school”.

CES has long created a culture in its schools of anti-Americanism and anti-Christianity, with a very clear political and moral agenda.

In a 2007 interview with Theodore Sizer’s publication, Horace, Ron Berger discusses his history of teaching in CES schools, Theodore Sizer’s “great widsom”, and the CES principles he used as an educator.

Many schools actively involved in progressive indoctrination describe themselves as both a CES school and an Expeditionary Learing school.

The introduction to the Horace interview with Ron Berger on CES’ website claims that (as of 2007) Expeditionary Learning was being implemented in more than 140 schools with “a strong representation of CES schools”.

The late Theodore Sizer and three other disciples and promoters of CES schools endorsed a book written by EL’s Ron Berger in 2003.

Expeditionary Learning’s website recommends books written by many CES educators, including the following CES-ers who were responsible for the development of CSCOPE: Jay McTighe, Linda Darling Hammond, Grant Wiggins, and Robert Marzano.

Also from Expeditionary Learning’s Core Practices booklet:

“We are indebted to the following organizations for their influence on
Expeditionary Learning’s core practices:

Asia Society
Assessment Training Institute
Center for Educational Policy Research
Coalition of Essential Schools
Educators for Social Responsibility
Facing History and Ourselves
Harvard Graduate School of Education
Harvard Project Zero
Northeast Foundation for Children
Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory
Outward Bound USA
Partnership for 21st Century Skills
Project Adventure
Public Education and Business Coalition (PEBC)
Technical Education Research Center (TERC)

Every organization listed above works in affiliation with the Coalition of Essential Schools for the promotion and implementation of CES-style education reform.

Further, according to the US Department of Education, the principles of the International Baccalaureate program aid in the development of the core values of Expeditionary Learning’s philosophy.

The International Baccalauareate program has been accused of pushing on students controversial and innapropriate material as well.

These are just a few of the reasons why Expeditionary Learning schools are listed on this website as schools involved in and/or affiliated with organizations and curricula structured for the progressive indoctrination of children.

More Proof that CES, a Nationwide Progressive Organization Launched in Part by President Obama, is Behind Recent Controversy in Texas Schools


By Danette Clark

As I wrote here, Texas ASCD (Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development) is linked to the Coalition of Essential Schools (CES), a nationwide progressive education reform movement that, as a matter of practice, indoctrinates students in a racist, pro-communist, anti-American environment and curriculum.

In an apparent attempt to fly under the radar in Texas, the Texas ASCD website does not specifically refer to Theodore Sizer’s Coalition of Essential Schools (CES), as does the national ASCD website. In fact, a few pages that did connect Texas ASCD to other progressive organizations are now no longer found on the internet.

Texas ASCD’s website does, however, name many progressive educators that can be directly connected to CES schools.

For example, here are just a few of the keynote speakers to past Texas ASCD conferences and professional developement seminars that are affiliated with CES schools:

Howard Gardner – partner with CES founder, Theodore Sizer, in the creation of Atlas Learning Communities, a CES partner organization.

Heidi Hayes Jacobs – curriculum designer for CES schools.

Pedro Noguera – educator who has partnered with Theodore Sizer and CES on many programs and initiatives.

H. Lynn Erickson – consultant to CES mentor schools and other schools and districts for the implementation of CES reform.

Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe – consultants to schools and districts for the implementation of CES reform.

Robert Marzano – research and consulting to schools and districts regarding the implementation of reform, including the CES reform model.

Interestingly enough, five of the Texas ASCD professional development keynotes listed above (Jacobs, Erickson, Wiggins, Tighe and Marzano) are also developers, along with Linda Darling Hammond, of the Texas CSCOPE curriculum.

Linda Darling Hammond is a board member of the Coalition of Essential Schools Bay Area location in Oakland, CA (now named the National Equity Project).

Each of these people also work for progressive organizations to implement Common Core State Standards.

The largest private funder of CES schools, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, is also the largest private funder of Common Core. Gates also funds several organizations, including ASCD, to support implementation of Common Core standards.

Read about the connection between President Obama, Bill Ayers, and CES schools here and here. Also, see other radicals involved in CES schools at Name Names (where a new radical will be added each week, including state representatives, school superintendents, and school board members).